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Yves Sassenrath

Representative UNFPA Haïti , working joyfully to deliver a world in which everyone counts. All tweets are mine.

Our players are UN staff around the world. Using Klout scores, we track 'who is the most influential on social media'.  

To join, all you need is a Twitter account and click on our join button.

To follow the board and get a regular update on who's hot and who's not, click on the follow button. 

For each player, the UN Social 500 will inspire you to get better at social media by comparing progress with your peers on a monthly basis.

September Results score breakdown:

Metric Actual Previous Weighted Score
Index 25

Followers Count

142 (119) 4


9 (8) 7


5 (3) 0


5 (7) 0


9 (20) 0

Engagement Index

15 (32) 14

Rank movement:

Rank went down 446 to 509