Power 100 List

Super sticky content for your web site

Publish a list of top influencers in your sector

A Power 100 list brings targeted influencers and their followers to your site regularly.

How it all works

  1. Create or find a Twitter List of key people or organisations in your sector.

  2. Automatically collect a Kred influence score for each person.

  3. Generate a ranking

  4. Embed the Power List on your website

  5. Start Twitter conversations with them, telling them their rank.

  6. As they retweet & share, so word spreads and others join.

  7. Repeat weekly or monthly for evergreen impact.

Key Benefits:

Get a relevant audience visiting your site regularly.

Become a recognised authority among your community.

Create relationships with influencers.

Improve your own reputation, authority and SEO standings

It's already working for:

Zoopla and CV library have seen the benefits of running a Power 100 leaderboard in their respective industries.

Zoopla have been running their immense #ZPP100 - the Zoopla Property Power 100 of UK estate agents for over 5 years. Their hashtag is now well known and the uptake from the property industry has been so vast that their list has grown 700%!

Pride in their rank and increased participation have meant that the board self propagates, as the players advertise and talk about getting better at what they do.

The agents on the board tune in every Monday, excited to see if their past week’s online performance has helped them climb the leaderboard. And if it has, they are quick to cheer about it.


That all equates to SEO gold dust for Zoopla who described its impact as having ‘blown us away.’

Other online marketplaces have successfully followed in their footsteps.

In December 2014, CV library launched a Power 100 list for UK recruitment agencies. A quick search of the web shows just how effective it was. Many of the agencies proudly share their Power 100 badge (with the accompanying backlink to CV library) on their blogs.

The key to success, believes Simon Schneiders, head of SEO at CV Library, is “the ease of implementation, administration and relatively low costs of Rise coupled with our own market position as being agnostic in accepting all qualified players, a critical factor.”

The benefits seen by CV library include “SEO signals, social media impact of a well managed leaderboard, brand visibility and brand positioning (as an authority), referral factor, and the feel good factor that hosting something like this has for our high valued players, many of whom are also advertisers on our site.”

In 2016 the list was taken over and is now run by Agency Central.

Monthly price plans:

100 Users
250 Users
500 Users
1,000 Users

The service is paid for on a monthly basis according to the total number of included users on your Power 100 List. You can stop whenever you like.

All payments are in Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices above do not include VAT which is payable by UK and EU individuals and companies.

You get a free 14 day trial with each new power 100 ScoreBook you create

What you get for your subscription fee:

  • Embeddable Power 100 leaderboard widget for your site
  • Automatic weekly collection of the latest Kred scores for your players
  • ‘Tweet mail merge’ tool to tweet out to all your users a unique and personalised message after each
    weekly bulletin of the Power 100 list
  • Personalised email for subscribing users, letting them know their score and latest changes
  • Reporting, analytics and management tools for maintaining and growing your list of players
  • A dedicated rise.global ScoreBook on www.rise.global
  • 9-5 email helpdesk and knowledge base

Designers and Developers
You can create a custom theme so you can make your leaderboard look exactly as you want it when embedded on your own site.

Note that there is a requirement to show Data Sources (we use Kred) and the app that powers the ScoreBook (rise.global) - everything else is up to you.

Happy Customers:

Chris Walkey

Co-founder, Glass of Bubbly

The leaderboard has put us on the radar, if we didn’t have Rise we’d never be this effective in engaging global champagne labels.

Simon Schnieders

Head of SEO, CV Library

ROI positive and still raising both eyebrows. Each week we see fresh evidence of success in terms of a blog post from a recruitment agency, a RT or Tweet to thousands of followers and importantly we are haloing feelings of success, achievement and fun from our brand.

Carly Wilkie Steven

Audience Development Manager, City AM

Rise has been integral to our efforts to engage with specific communities. Every week the leaderboards reach more people, generate fresh interest and spark conversations on social media. Rise has helped us build relationships with an audience we might otherwise never have had access to.

Player Reactions:

You can expect to delight your Power 100 members, here's a few examples of the engagements you can expect when you run your rise.global Power 100 list