Social Media Tracking

Combine social data to create index scores for individuals and organisations

Drive social media adoption and performance among key execs

A weekly head to head social media scorecard encourages staff to grow their social media presence.

Turn your social tracking data into scores

  • Rise brings social data, managers and users together into a single tracking program - we call it a “scorebook”.

  • Each scorebook has a single, agreed, transparent, score algorithm for all participants - we call them “players”.

  • Weekly scores can come from Kred, Twitter or be uploaded from partner social data providers.

Turn social scores into stories

  • Scores are reported to individuals and teams at the same time each week - this is published as a media ready “story” about ranks and score change up or down from the previous period.

  • Rise formats the stories for pushing out as notification across multiple media - ensuring the news gets heard - we call these "bulletins"

  • Rise outputs the leaderboard of scores for display on the web, email and as images for sharing on internal or external social media channels.

Stories trigger social media adoption

  • A personal scorecard for each person analyses progress over time from their point of view. This encourages them to “play the game” and try to improve their score by using social media more.

  • The scorebook provides comparison. The comparison may be single person (just against themselves over time), towards a collective goal (a progress bar for everyone to complete together), head to head ( a competition against other people playing the same game) or team vs team (where each individual scores contribute to a team score).

  • Rise gives users control over how they are displayed to others and granular opt-in to the scorebook’s way of comparing. This control ensures “buy in”: the ownership of their personal score that is critical to sustainble behaviour change.


What Rise does

Rise accelerates an otherwise manually intensive report creation process by automating some or all of the sub-processes for you:

  • Automatic data collection

  • User name, photo and bio collection

  • Sophisticated single score generation

  • Report (aka ‘bulletin’) generation

  • Report slicing (e.g. by team, region, department etc)

  • Report display in different formats in different places - web, mobile, TV, social media

  • Report rendering from each players perspective

  • Story notification via different channels

Key Benefits:

Trigger employee advocacy, week in, week out

Affordable, software as a service solution.

Save time producing a report and sending out personalised stories each week.

Digital formats to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere

It's already working for:

Zoopla and CV library have seen the benefits of running a social media tracking leaderboard in their respective industries.

Zoopla ran the Zoopla Property Power 100 based on UK estate agents social media profiles for over 5 years.

Pride in their rank increased participation and encouraged them to get better at using social media.

There was excitement online every Monday morning as each agent looked to see if their past week’s online performance has helped them climb the leaderboard.


Zoopla described its impact as having ‘blown us away.’

In December 2014, CV library launched a Power 100 list for UK recruitment agencies.

The key to success, believes Simon Schneiders, head of SEO at CV Library at the time, is “the ease of implementation, administration and relatively low costs of Rise coupled with our own market position as being agnostic in accepting all qualified players, a critical factor.”

The benefits seen by CV library include “SEO signals, social media impact of a well managed leaderboard, brand visibility and brand positioning (as an authority), referral factor, and the feel good factor that hosting something like this has for our high valued players, many of whom are also advertisers on our site.”

Monthly price plans (per scorebook):


From £7.99

Kred scores & Twitter Follower Counts

Import social data from any listening or influencer tracking app

Recommended Plan

From £15.99

Slice the scorebook into divisions and teams

Pull data from a Google spreadsheet


From £43.99

Original Tweets Data Collection

Automate data import via API or Zapier


The service is paid for on a monthly basis and Scorebook prices vary according to the number of users ("players") on your Scorebook. You can stop whenever you like.

We have customers from around the world, all payments are in UK Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices do not include VAT which may be payable by UK and EU individuals and companies.

Happy Customers:

Chris Walkey

Co-founder, Glass of Bubbly

The leaderboard has put us on the radar, if we didn’t have Rise we’d never be this effective in engaging global champagne labels.

Simon Schnieders

Head of SEO, CV Library

ROI positive and still raising both eyebrows. Each week we see fresh evidence of success in terms of a blog post from a recruitment agency, a RT or Tweet to thousands of followers and importantly we are haloing feelings of success, achievement and fun from our brand.

Carly Wilkie Steven

Audience Development Manager, City AM

Rise has been integral to our efforts to engage with specific communities. Every week the leaderboards reach more people, generate fresh interest and spark conversations on social media. Rise has helped us build relationships with an audience we might otherwise never have had access to.

Player Reactions:

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