How Rise Works

Rise triggers sustained behaviour change with automated data storytelling

A powerful new tool for any manager

Turn data into scores, turn scores into stories and trigger behaviour change.

Turn data into scores

  • Rise brings data and people together into a single tracking program - the “scorebook”.

  • Each scorebook has a single score algorithm for all people being tracked - “players”.

"Data is one of the most powerful mechanisms for telling stories" - Steven Levitt, Freakonomics

"Scores are at the heart of every important story we tell ourselves" - Toby Beresford, Infinite Gamification

Turn scores into stories

  • Each scorebook has a single score period - (daily, weekly, monthly etc).

  • Each score period scores are calculated and reported to players - "bulletins"

  • Every player gets their own score story of progress over the period.

Stories trigger behaviour change

  • Whatever the result, scores spur people on.

  • A summary of all scores shows how people compare to colleagues. e.g. as an all team progress bar, a team v team or a head to head leaderboard

  • Rise gives users control over how and whether they are compared to others - this builds program trust.

"People hear statistics but they feel stories" - Brent Dykes, Domo

What Rise does

Rise accelerates an otherwise manually intensive report creation process by automating some or all of the sub-processes for you:

  • Automatic data collection

  • User name, photo and bio collection

  • Sophisticated single score generation

  • Report (aka ‘bulletin’) generation

  • Report slicing (e.g. by team, region, department etc)

  • Report display in different formats in different places - web, mobile, TV, social media

  • Report rendering from each players perspective

  • Story notification via different channels

Key Benefits:

Trigger behaviour change, week in, week out

Affordable, software as a service solution.

Save time producing a report and sending out personalised stories each week.

Digital formats to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere

It's already working for:

ISA Realty and 1000s of other customers have already seen the benefit of Rise.

Optime Realty used multiple leaderboards for their sales staff:

"We are tracking buyer ratified contracts board, seller ratified contracts board, an Inside Sales appointment total board, and a greatness tracker board that combines a few different activities we feel contribute to success.."

It has created healthy competition and provides each seller with a personal scorecard feeding back how they are doing against their personal targets and versus others.

Monthly price plans (per scorebook):


From £7.99

Automated monthly, weekly or on-demand bulletin generation

Enter data via the web or import from a spreadsheet


From £15.99

Slice the scorebook into divisions and teams

Automate data collection from Google spreadsheets or Wufoo forms


From £43.99

Daily / Instant Bulletin Generation

Data Collection from 000's of apps via zapier


The service is paid for on a monthly basis and Scorebook prices vary according to the number of users ("players") on your Scorebook. You can stop whenever you like.

We have customers from around the world, all payments are in UK Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices do not include VAT which may be payable by UK and EU individuals and companies.

Happy Customers:

Carrie Jones

MTV Australia

The competition element of the leaderboard was used to encourage people to keep tweeting. The hashtag ‘#vmablogfast’ was trending top in Australia, and even trended in the top ten internationally on the day! This was very exciting for us

Ben Martin

Automation Squared

The Rise platform, provided complete flexibility, from defining algorithms and the ability to flex and adjust according to the users needs.

Kevin Welch

Inside Sales Manager, Optime Realty

Rise has created healthy competition because the agents don’t want to be at the bottom and they are all striving for the top of the list..

Player Reactions:

Rise's score stories create a reaction! Here's a sample of how people react: