Create a board

Bring the world to your door. Develop a targeted audience by creating a power 100 leaderboard of the top 100 influencers in your sector.

Share the results on your website or blog, update the leaderboard weekly and tell the influencers where they stand each week via Twitter.

You’ll soon have everyone talking.

Add users one by one, import a Twitter List or simply use ‘Twitter Bio Search’ and we'll get Twitter to search for influencers for you.

Players Monthly Fee
25 £2.99
100 £6.99
250 £15.99
500 £25.99
750 £36.99
1,000 £47.99
1,500 £67.99
2,000 £92.99
5,000 £177.99
Encourage social selling and employee advocacy by equipping staff with a personal social analytics dashboard

Create a leaderboard that instantly updates and can be shown on a web page, or up on a big TV monitor.

Add your players or teams, enter their latest scores and see the leaderboard update instantly. You can even upload a photo for each player to make it really visually appealing.

Players Monthly Fee
25 £7.99
100 £14.99
300 £29.99
500 £49.99
750 £67.50
1,000 £75.00
1,500 £90.00
2,000 £120.00
Consolidate multiple metrics for your players and keep a weekly record of each player's score over time. Send out emails to your players each week and encourage them to check their progress.
Players Monthly Fee
25 £7.99
100 £12.99
250 £18.99
500 £29.99
1,000 £44.99
2,000 £79.99
Design your own success tracking board with any metrics from multiple sources. Suitable for enterprise customers and developers. Let us know what you're trying to achieve, request access via support and we'll make sure you get a head start.

Looking for a custom solution?

Contact us with your needs and the Rise Customer Success team can get your board up and running for you.