Track stats for any social media plaform

Monthly social data reports using human clerks to count public social media stats

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Employ our social data counting clerks

Contact our sales team to get a quote for your needs. Prices from $15 per social media presence per month e.g. LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook per month.
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Do it yourself

Use your own counting skills to track social media stats, upload them each month to a rise scorebook and share as a leaderboard of social presences.
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Create a new Scorebook

Start an online scorebook by adding your players and their scores or import your players and scores from a spreadsheet. 

Display Leaderboard

Display your leaderboard on the web, on TV, embed as a leaderboard on your website or generate as an image to share on social media.

Leaderboard as displayed on mobile device and on desktop

Notify Players

Every time you publish a score bulletin, send out a notification email to each of your players giving them their personal Scorecard

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"The principles of gamification, including feedback and contemporaneous scorekeeping have been a way of life for me since 1973. brings those elements to life for the benefit of all who choose to use them"
Chuck Coonradt, Author of the Game of Work, and grandfather of gamification, according to Forbes.

From the author of "Infinite Gamification"

" offers the perfect software package to automate your workplace or home bulletin and keep you players engaged and wanting to continuously improve"
Toby Beresford, Author of Infinite Gamification