Weekly Scorecard

Nudge your team to continuous improvement with a personal score

Consolidate multiple activity metrics into a single score for each team member and encourage them to analyse and then optimise their behaviour

Deliver the score with impact via email and a personal online dashboard.

Give badges to recognise major achievements and serve tips when encouraging words are needed.

Optionally show comparison with other team members on a leaderboard.

How it works

  1. Decide the metrics you want to track

  2. Weight them in your own score algorithm.

  3. Import your users and their stats from a spreadsheet.

  4. Produce a scorecard bulletin and send it out to your team via email.

  5. Each team member gets an online personal dashboard so they can check out their weekly stats.


Our video provides a quick intro.

Benefits for you and your team:

Everyone uses the same simple dashboard optimised to your business goals.

Weekly email newsletter drives higher dashboard usage.

As administrator, you can see the full leaderboard, so you can spot who needs more coaching.

Bring your staff together in one tool to learn new behaviours.

Monthly price plans:



25 team members

2 sub-teams

5 metrics

5 stories

5 badges



50 team members

5 sub-teams

5 metrics

5 stories

5 badges



100 team members

5 sub-teams

5 metrics

5 stories

5 badges



Unlimited users

Automatic data


Custom theme

Premium support


The service is paid for on a monthly basis according to the number of players on your Scorecard. You can stop whenever you like.

We have customers from around the world, all payments are in UK Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices do not include VAT which is payable by UK and EU customers.

Included with your monthly subscription:

Available from other providers:

  • Success Tracking dashboard for each team member
  • Personalised email for each team member, letting them know their score and latest changes
  • Private leaderboard
  • Embeddable widgets for your intranet
  • Add scores and players via the web
  • Management tool for maintaining and growing your Rise program
  • 9-5 email helpdesk and knowledge base
  • Distribute Badges via Credly...
  • Embed a Content Library from Juicer, Cronycle, Scoop.it and more...
  • Embed Learning Resources from a wiki, blog or LMS