Sales Leaderboard

Motivate sales staff with a professional online leaderboard

Real time updates

Add your list of sellers and their scores (or upload from a spreadsheet). Show on the web, your website, mobile or on a big screen TV.

How it all works

  1. Create your Scorebook.

  2. Add reps or team names.

  3. Add the scores

  4. Display the leaderboard on a TV screen or share it via email or do both!


Get started! Watch our demo video to see how easy it all is..

Key Benefits:

Saves the cost of producing your own leaderboard display.

Give instant, visual feedback to your reps

Save time setting up and displaying a leaderboard.

Impress your colleagues with your digital savvy

It's already working for:

ISA Realty and 100s of other customers have already seen the benefit of running a sales leaderboard.

Optime Realty used multiple leaderboards for their sales staff:

"We are tracking buyer ratified contracts board, seller ratified contracts board, an Inside Sales appointment total board, and a greatness tracker board that combines a few different activities we feel contribute to success.."

It has created healthy competition and provides each seller with a personal scorecard feeding back how they are doing against their personal targets and versus others.

100s of sales teams use to store, share and display internal scores.

Some customers use rise for a short term push, others have been with us for years.

You can protect your leaderboard with a secret web link or password protect by giving each seller a free login.

Monthly price plans:

Free Plan


Up to 100 sellers

With ads

Bronze - 100


Up to 100 sellers

No ads

Bronze - 250


Up to 250 sellers

No ads


The service is paid for on a monthly basis according to the number of sellers ("players") on your Scorebook. You can stop whenever you like.

We have customers from around the world, all payments are in UK Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices below do not include VAT which is payable by UK and EU individuals and companies.

What you get for your subscription fee:

  • Big screen TV view
  • Personal scorecard for every seller
  • Add scores and sellers via the web
  • Add scores and sellers by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Add scores and sellers by connecting a Google spreadsheet
  • A secure leaderboard on
  • Embeddable widgets for your intranet
  • 9-5 email helpdesk and knowledge base

Happy Customers:

Carrie Jones

MTV Australia

The competition element of the leaderboard was used to encourage people to keep tweeting. The hashtag ‘#vmablogfast’ was trending top in Australia, and even trended in the top ten internationally on the day! This was very exciting for us

Ben Martin

Automation Squared

The Rise platform, provided complete flexibility, from defining algorithms and the ability to flex and adjust according to the users needs.

Kevin Welch

Inside Sales Manager, Optime Realty

Rise has created healthy competition because the agents don’t want to be at the bottom and they are all striving for the top of the list..

Seller Reactions:

You can expect to delight your sellers, here's a few examples of the reactions we've seen to Rise leaderboards