Haslemere Digital Analytics

Published by: toby beresford


The monthly leaderboard shows who are the people and businesses in Haslemere leading the way online. Why not follow them or connect with them to learn what they're doing that works?


Collective goal

Haslemere Digital Analytics is a free online analytics service specifically for Haslemere residents and businesses.

You can use the service to track your progress in key metrics, mainly on Twitter and other social media, updated once a month.

Together we can build a digitally enabled, inclusive, 21st century town.

Log In

By logging in you'll see your personal dashboard tracking your score in the key metrics over the past year.


You can also see a "leaderboard" to see who are the leading people and businesses in Haslemere.


"Join" the leaderboard with your Twitter account and see where you stand. 


"Follow" the leaderboard to receive an email update every time the board releases with new results (about monthly)

Messaging via the board

The Haslemere Digital Analytics board reaches a select group of online Haslemerians each month who use the board to track their online stats. To message your services or events on the board please contact me directly @tobyberesford

Joining us

Are you based in Haslemere? Get a free monthly score to see how you're doing digitally. Benchmark yourself against other businesses and public figures in Haslemere.

About the haslescore

Your score is a composite of tweets with #Haslemere included and your Klout score.

Why not set yourself a SMART goal so you can see progress toward it each month?

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Read the tweets using the hashtag #haslemere