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Chief Strategy Officer of @InfiniteRetina: a #SpatialComputing Agency, helping entrepreneurs get to market with their AR/VR-based businesses.

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1. Robert Scoble


Marathoner! Gamer, Entreprenur, Investor,Sportsman, Fitness Geek B.C 2016, TEDster CEO @GOQii #betheforce founder @indiagames (now Disney)RT≠Views

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2. Vishalgondal


Dent, ding, paint and clear coat scratch removal. For a free estimate, text pics your cars damage to 910-233-6228

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3. Tim TimMoore


Senior Maverick at Wired, author of new bestseller book, The Inevitable. Also cool tool maven, Asiaholic, and True Film buff.

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4. Kevin Kelly


Founder @bornjustright, social strategist @AARP, @campnolimits board, #BaileyDood's mom. past @komunews/#Mizzou. 2016 #DisneyMP'er. Views = my own. #BLM

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5. Jen Lee Reeves


Co-Founder of https://t.co/8KbQoQvaNC, https://t.co/9Stt2jGLmf, advisory board of https://t.co/ivA0BYqLA1, a web developer, AI lover.

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6. Siavash Mahmoudian


Chairman of ReadWrite: Lover of all things IoT, government policy, and the connected world.

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7. Redgsnodgrass


[Pop Culture + Lifestyle] #Blogger & #Foodie; Publicist & Digital x @Fleishman @FHHispania; Adweek PR 30-Under-30; Tumblr, YouTube & Instagram: TheJoseResendez

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8. Jose Resendez™


@Foothillnews @Cal

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9. Sarah Slocum


Shiny beacon of Internet intelligence. Co-Founder, https://t.co/dElk1gu7ki Aspiring race-car driver. #Auto #AI #SaaS #SemanticWeb #VR #MPOP #autooutletsusa

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10. Eric Miltsch


Founder & CEO @ProactiveTalent | Co-Founder @TalentBrandOrg | Husband & Father | Formerly @Twilio @Glassdoor @SAP @VMware

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11. Will Staney


Caffeinated #Photographer. Insatiable #Wanderluster. #GoogleGlass Explorer. Passionate #Coffee Ninja. #Stolichnaya Scholar. #Educator. Incurable #Music Junkie.

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12. David Esquire ?


doing cool things for the ☁️. software engineer @Uber/@UberEng. self taught, @MDCollege/@UCSC dropout. prev @google, @quickenloans, @flyinstyleapp, @sfefcu

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13. Ana Medina


7x emmy winner ✈ world #travel • photographer • adventurer • videographer • writer • speaker & dad • 97 countries - 7 continents • Instagram: earthXplorer

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14. JD Andrews


Trying to figure things out. Writing my first book. Experienced speaker. Topics: life-lessons, personal development, digital and technological trends.

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15. Michael Kazarnowicz


#1 ranked global digital health influencer shaping the future of tech, medicine & health. https://t.co/sSQY1n0Z64 Google Health Board @Forbes @PsychToday

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CEO & Chief Storyteller @StoryUpStudios ●VR/Mixed Reality ● @Journalism_360 ●Honor Everywhere 360● #VR4Good #humanmedia

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17. Sarah Hill


Pay it forward global VP of Transformation Communications with @ADP who values family, friends, fitness and fun

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18. Jenny DeVaughn


Innovation, PR & Advertising @space150, Advisor @22Words, early adopter, father of 3 awesome kids. Always turning up the music. Snapchat: greg.swan

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19. Greg Swan


Ent/Partnerships @MediaTemple | Co-founder COO @inspiredplanit  Startups Travel Rosé Champagne Oysters Yoga Tech NinjaMom

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20. ∞ Nicole Forbes ∞


Digital Engagement Strategist, Trainer | Dir of Comms @GLSEN, Founder @TuttleCo, @AntiViolence Board. LEGO lover & Kermit impersonator. #nptech #sm4sg #lgbtq

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21. Chris Tuttle


Philomath, dad, husband, believer. Have a thing for #languages #hardtech #brands.

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22. Sonny Vu


Glasswork Media Arts GlassExplorer Not a public speaker, ninja or wizard. I am a doer, I don't tell people what I do, I just do it...

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23. Gerry Michaels


Watch “Using #VR, #AR, #MR, #AI, #360Video, #LiveVideo, and Sensory Devices in the Courtroom” via the #ClioCloud Conference 2017 https://t.co/ltk0o7G5g5

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24. Mitch Jackson


Biohacker. Wrote the NYT Bestseller #BulletproofDiet. Created #BulletproofCoffee. CEO @BPNutrition. Butter is food. Bacon love. Resilience.

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25. ʎǝɹdsɐ ǝʌɐP


#lessismore #questionsfirst Geek, speaker, tech evangelist, passion for AI, innovation, wearables, AR. Currently at @metaglasses. Views are my own.

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26. Cecilia Abadie


Management Consultant ⋅ Author ⋅ Speaker ⋅ Technologist ⋅ Social Entrepreneur ⋅ Founder, 60,000+ member Digital Health LinkedIn group

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27. Paul Sonnier


Professional illustrator. Life-long geek. Inspired by science. Guided by reason. Zombie fit. // Pin-up, sci-fi, fantasy, horror + comics art // San Francisco

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28. Justin Chung


HJMT's CEO, #triathlon #blogger, #WearableTech blogger, #music lover, Lifestyle blogger, Adjunct Prof, and just fun to be around!

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29. Hilary Hilary25


Marketing, Video & Social Media Strategist #BrandConcierge-On my own time #Rebel4SocialJustice #NastyWoman #BlackGirlNerd #Travel #Photography #Wine #ImwithHer

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30. Marla Schulman


On a perpetual knowledge quest, early adopter, technophile, overachiever, digital innovator, anthropologist, consultant, kayaker & adventurer

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31. Fred Steube


Video Producer @EpicGames Professional Online Shopper, Amateur Chef, Enabler, Art Hoarder, Batfan, N7 Operative, Collector of Things, Future Cyborg

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32. Jeremy Hoffmann


MoDaCo founder, snowboarder, Arsenal & McLaren fan, mobile and wearables expert. Striving to bridge the gap between tech & humans. Team @android and @ukhonor.

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33. Paul O'Brien


Art + Technology Boss Lady

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34. Virginia Poltrack


Suffers from agency PTSD / YouTube & content, audience growth / Constantly throwing shade / Rock boats at @boatrocker.

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35. Carlos Pacheco


Multimania, Caramail, Lycos, @dailymotion, @netvibes, @mixTheWeb, co-founder @aaaliens and @owni, #apidays @fabernovel, #makery, outernet designer

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36. Aurélien Fache


CEO at @devacademyla. Passionate about software development, education and entrepreneurship.

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37. Lshimokawa


Owner, President - Capriotti's Sandwich Shop | futurist, speaker, franchise executive, future author, family man, UNLV Rebels Fan/Alum, crohn's, cancer survivor

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38. Jason Smylie, CFE


DC native; black/Filipino; arts, LGBT, nonprofit. @DCAYA Comm/Dev Mngr. DC Burner. Involved w/ @DancePlace @dogandponydc @StoryDistrict & @SyneticTheater too

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39. AWayofLife0


- Connector of Dots - #FlipTheClinic - Space Geek - Comments are my own

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40. MsWZ


Founder & Editor-in-Chief @FoneArena https://t.co/8tuBN7gJzx - Entrepreneur, Traveler, Technology Advisor, Always looking for new gadgets, SIM cards

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41. Varun Varun


Economist, liberty promoter, and Web/Data Engineer, Glass Explorer

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42. Rand's Glasshole


Founder Dreamer & Doer @ sFBI President Infinity Augmented Reality Chief Commercial Marketing SpaceIL. Founder Publicis E-dologic, Israel.

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43. Enon Landenberg


VP of Product Strategy at Veeam Software. #TeamAndroid #FloridaLife

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44. Doug Hazelman


Co-author Rebels at Work, Collaboration, Creativity, Curiosity, Conversation, Cognition, Critical Thinking, Cosmology, Kindness

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45. Milouness


Tweets A Lot. Mom who loses arguments to a teen. @lovetheatreday @AskaCurator #MuseumSelfie @CultureThemes @TeensInMuseums #WearableTech @52museums

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46. Mar


Microsoft Innovative Educator, Skype Master Teacher, Teacher of Year Finalist, PBS Digital Innovator, LEGO LEAP, Pitsco TAG, Robots & Coffee Loving Nerd

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47. Coffeechugbooks


Associate Creative Director @hookandloopnyc @Infor Tweets are my own. #digitalhealth #wearabletech

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48. Martino Chiaviello


I'm an engineer & mom. Ruby Slippers & Enchanted Glass Sneakers are in my bag of tricks. #GlassExplorers #AMDRTP

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49. Janettwokay


Just launched a Growth Marketing Agency! | Talk to me about #growthhacking #data #inbound #marketingautomation #barcelona and bring #cava

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50. Eveline Smet ⚡


entrepreneur. Technology evangelist in the Start-Up Nation. Advising large companies and startups around the globe.

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51. Nir Kouris


Human behavior aficionado, crowd dynamics specialist, data hound, cyclist, and percussionist. President at global social media agency https://t.co/BF7UJNVrrD

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52. Gavin McGarry


Social Media Specialist | GQ Insider | 22 | LU | Design | Co-Founder of @gallantandco

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Real Estate Broker in South Florida. Born in the boom, raised in the crash. https://t.co/qqE9RwlK1a

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54. Jorge Guerra Jr.


SuperVilain, Host of the Asian MMA Podcast, and some other stuff... #Entrepreneur #SuccessMindset

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55. Dana Blouin


Seeker of Happiness. Interests: Business, Ecommerce, Social Media, Pickup Trucks, Coffee, Racing #SemaShow #IRCE #GlassExplorer & CEO of @RealTruck

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Total Score: 94

56. Scott Bintz ?


Market Researcher,Early Adopter,twin mom,Google Glass Explorer,adoption advocate, Junior League of Portland ME President 2016-2017 focus: helping youth at risk

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Total Score: 94

57. InsightsGal


Educator & EdLeader in #HISD, Learner, @edcamphouston, Advocate 4 #Arts, #EdTech, & #Innovation in #education, Founder @edu_gig, & Mom of 3 #Montessori Lrnrs.

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58. Ssandifer


Chief Strategy Officer

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59. Amir Zonozi


☆ Local musings on #Calistoga & #NapaValley Life ☆ 5th generation from St Helena

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60. Peter Stetson


|| Life Lover || Dream Chaser || Adventure Hunter || Airush Prorider || Travel Addict || Mischief Maker ||

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61. Cecilia Johnson


#mom #paleo #truth #data #jiujitsu #quantifiedself #wearables #futurist #free #god #umich #INTJ #slo #growthhacking #love #blockchain #SF #longnow #perennial

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62. Jennifer Fader


We give people the tools to live healthier lives. Have questions? @WithingsSupport has answers.

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Total Score: 94

63. Withings


Strategy & Insights, Advertising. E-commerce. Content. Data. Helping brands tell their stories in digital ways. Newcomer helper. Tweets all my fault

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64. Laurie Dillon-Schalk


I love my family, BJJ, Skateboarding, snowboarding, Technology. I am the E-Commerce Director for the Colonial Automotive Group.

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Total Score: 93

65. Daniel Fontaine


I am a Digital Strategist at IBM Watson Health, @Columbia Alum, #TeamAndroid, @Mashable Alum, Posts to @IBMWatsonHealth. Tweets are my own.

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Total Score: 93

66. Keith Kaplan


British expat #socialmedia #strategist #geekmarketer #speaker Director of Social Care & Self-Service for Avast Software, driving #socialbusiness

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Total Score: 93

67. Jas Dhaliwal


Founder & Tinkerer @Hackerloop. Previously worked @OWNI and founded @Tactilize & @Kanavape

Rank: 68 New (new)
Total Score: 93

68. Valentin Squirelo


Amateur stargazer. Professional naysayer. Accomplished time traveler. Marketing Technologist. Strategist for Rethink Homelessness, Tweets for @CTSocializer

Rank: 69 New (new)
Total Score: 93

69. Greg Trujillo


explorer. futurist. augmented & virtual reality pioneer … i see different ...

Rank: 70 New (new)
Total Score: 93

70. Jeris JC Miller


Proud mother, PhD student, Karolinska Institutet. Selfcare expert fighting #Parkinson. #QuantifiedSelf #epatient

Rank: 71 New (new)
Total Score: 93

71. Sara Riggare


Las Vegas foodie via MPLS & NY. I love trying new food and documenting my adventures. Director of Communications & Digital Strategy for @Culinary226.

Rank: 72 New (new)
Total Score: 93

72. Bethany Khan


REALTOR, former senior level ad exec, Stage III Colon Cancer Survivor, MINI owner, world traveler.

Rank: 73 New (new)
Total Score: 93

73. Kristopher Saim


Usually wearing stripes and using social media. Tweets are my own.

Rank: 74 New (new)
Total Score: 93

74. Christianna Giordano


Maker at @growthconcierge

Rank: 75 New (new)
Total Score: 92

75. Guillaume Dumortier


maximalist ⏃ product, code, design, science, streetwear, games, AI // Available for freelance, Previously: @Square, @Apple, @Delve // ig: https://t.co/PRaAlPQi9F

Rank: 76 New (new)
Total Score: 92

76. Aaron Y. Ng


On a mission to ignite a love of learning in kids and enhance the World through Outreach, @best_keynote Speaker, Outreach Manager at @DAQRI Thoughts are my own

Rank: 77 New (new)
Total Score: 92

77. TechMinock


Head of Product @SpiritedMediaCo: @Billy_Penn/@TheInclinePGH | Technical Project Manager @HearstCorp: @RealRatedRed & @OfficialSrslyTV ....Squirrel Enthusiast.

Rank: 78 New (new)
Total Score: 92

78. Jaynawallace


I make things look cool

Rank: 79 New (new)
Total Score: 92

79. Michael Baker


Director of Communications and spokesman for MI Gov. Rick Snyder (@onetoughnerd)

Rank: 80 New (new)
Total Score: 92

80. Ari B. Adler


Husband, Geek, Sales Specialist @MarriottIntl, Wanna-be Chef, & Traveler; Fond of Good Spirits, Great Food and Memorable Experiences. Tweets are my own.

Rank: 81 New (new)
Total Score: 92

81. Peter G McDermott


Blogger and Youtuber :) Foodie and Author. Cat Owner.

Rank: 82 New (new)
Total Score: 92

82. Budget Savvy Diva


Digital Nomad. Programmer, Entrepreneur. Academic, Philosopher, Spiritualist. Gamer, VR/AR, IoT & Wearables. CTO @esotech.com @tldcrm.com. Miami, FL Native.

Rank: 83 New (new)
Total Score: 92

83. Alexander Conroy


Entrepreneur. Working on bridging the digital divide. Technology on Radio: Tuesdays - 91.3fm (9am) and Thursdays - 95.7FM (2pm).

Rank: 84 New (new)
Total Score: 91

84. Arturo López Valerio


Connector & polymath. First U.S. Death Cafe host, writer, card designer, thanatologist, hospice SW & eternal optimist. #hpm

Rank: 85 New (new)
Total Score: 91

85. Lizzy Miles, MA, MSW


Former Mascot of the @BrooklynNets.

Rank: 86 New (new)
Total Score: 91

86. David Trahan


Solutions Architect at @InteranaCorp, Tech Nerd, #BigData and #nptech Cheerleader. All of these words are my own.

Rank: 87 New (new)
Total Score: 91

87. Jackie


OFFICIAL Tony Lee profile

Rank: 88 New (new)
Total Score: 91

88. Tony Lee


Founder @Structure3c: #OnlineCommunity & #Crowd Architect focused on helping clients build thriving community ecosystems & #innovation networks

Rank: 89 New (new)
Total Score: 91

89. Bill Johnston


Entrepreneur inspired to use technology to help us live longer, healthier, happier and more productive lives. #mindfulness #quantifiedself #peakperformance

Rank: 90 New (new)
Total Score: 91

90. Glen Lubbert


Co-founder @BioCuriousLab. @IFTF biofuturist.

Rank: 92 New (new)
Total Score: 91

92. Eri Gentry


Award winning #Tech entrepreneur, #STEM Engineer, ⚦, Arts & Culture advocate. Chief Connector https://t.co/YEY7Egbusr & Director https://t.co/wRdcxGZO95

Rank: 93 New (new)
Total Score: 91

93. Eva Smith™


Bill McBain: i♥nyc. Work @hugeinc . Biztech geek. Diabetic. News fanatic. Fan of preppy pants, & craft beer.

Rank: 94 New (new)
Total Score: 90

94. Bill McBain


President, Parks Marketing and Corporate Planners Unlimited, Inc., - Producer of Al Bernstein's Boxing Hangouts and MMA Hangouts

Rank: 95 New (new)
Total Score: 90

95. Dan Parks


Running @thePermaTree NGO #TropicalPermaculture fruit farm, regenerative lifestyle research nature reserve. #sustainable Ex #DigitalNomad Ex #BlueCollar

Rank: 96 New (new)
Total Score: 90

96. Yago Veith


R&D for @fitabase. Making data awesome for research.

Rank: 97 New (new)
Total Score: 90

97. Eramirez


Co-founder & COO @SingularityuNL | Digital Health Strategy @Nexthealth | Public Speaker | Co-founder @qsams | Permanent Beta

Rank: 98 New (new)
Total Score: 90

98. Maarten Den Braber


#Madrid #London now #SoCal. Looking for the real creativity. #webdeveloper Ambassador N.America

Rank: 99 New (new)
Total Score: 90

99. Carlos Allende


Celebrating the cyborgs among us--augmentation, enhancement, prosthetics, wearable tech, dietary supplements, transhumanism, singularity, body mod

Rank: 100 New (new)
Total Score: 90

100. BorgFest

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