LB Developer Zone

The LB Developer Zone provides documentation and tools for working with our API which provides you a round trip leaderboard API.

  • Send scores and player profile data to Rise
  • Bulletin the board
  • Retrieve the ScoreBook rankings in JSON, XML, HTML format

Rise saves you development and maintenance time by providing:

  • Administrator interface to tweak scores, weightings, bulletins
  • Multi channel output formats including CSV, HTML, Large Screen, Social media and CRM integration
  • Ready made connectors for popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google
  • Player profile management and notification settings
  • Storage of unstructured score data (up to 90 days)
  • Storage of structured bulletin data
  • Player social profile unification (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn et al.)
  • Advanced ScoreBook features - relative ranking algorithms, player tagging, aggregate ScoreBooks and streaming ScoreBooks

  1. REST API Documentation
  2. DOC: Technical Integration Guide
  3. DOC: How to create a theme on leaderboarded
  4. Default Rise theme file Download

LB API is currently in beta. Get your API Key by going by going to the API Key page.