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This Rise board lists Law Firms from all around the world that have a presence on Twitter and ranks them on their social media influence.

We use Klout scores as a measure of social media influence.

The board will update weekly on Thursdays.

Click on "Join" if you wish to be included in the list and "Follow" if you wish to get a weekly update on how the firms score every week, the risers and fallers and relevant news about the community.

Collective goal


Top Social Law Firms is a free online success tracking service specifically for law firms all over the world.

You can use the service to track your firm's social influence score as measured by Klout, updated once a week. 

Why? So that you can see if you are improving your influence on social media then you are demonstrating your readiness for law in the digital 21st century.

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By logging in you'll see your personal dashboard tracking your score over the past year.


You can also see a "leaderboard" to see who are the the other leaders in your community.


"Join" the list (link on the leaderboard page) with your Twitter account.  If you are a bona fide law firm,  you will be included in the list and your score will be published in the next release.


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Total Score: 17,796.0

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If you are a bona fide law firm, you will be included in this list and your scores will appear in the next weekly release after you've joined.