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To celebrate the start of summer holiday season for the northern hemisphere, this week's Rise Report ranks the most popular tourist boards on Twitter.

In this exclusive Rise Report for 2015, we've used the Twitter accounts of over 1000 tourist boards and ranked them on their follower numbers.  Further insights are covered in this press release.

The greater the number of followers for a tourist board, the more popular the destination and the higher it ranks - find out which destinations people on Twitter most want to travel to.

If you'd like to follow the board to keep track of how these boards' popularities wax and wane over the years, sign up with your email address via the Follow button.

If you're a tourist board and you've been missed off this year's list, you can join the board with just your Twitter account via the Join button.

Are you or your business on social media?

Why not track your own follower reach on Twitter and compare with others? To do so, join for free the Twitter Followers Club by signing up with your Twitter account and you'll get a weekly email letting you know your score and how you rank versus others on the board.

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