The Accounting Top 100 11 May 2022

Avalara The Accounting Top 100 Bulletins 11 May 2022 (Latest)

The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard ranks accounting professionals based on their overall presence, influence, and engagement on social media platforms. Each user’s rank is determined by that user’s Kred Influence and Outreach scores in addition to a list of custom metrics, and all updated rankings are displayed in new leaderboards generated every two weeks.

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Avalara’s Accounting Top 100 leaderboard (the “Leaderboard”) is assembled using a list of accounting professional users that’s curated by manual entry as well as by Rise.Global's internal Twitter search functionality. We reserve the right to change scoring metrics used for ranking and to exclude anyone from the list, in our sole discretion. The Leaderboard is not an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any of the accounting professionals on the Leaderboard, and we do not make any representation or guarantee of their ability or reliability. Assessments by different methods or based on different information may yield different results. The Leaderboard is only a starting point to gather information about accounting professionals, and you should not rely on it to decide whether to hire an accounting professional.

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Rank Player Power Score
1. Kim Bryant CPA 99
2. profile image Kelly Phillips Erb 98
3. profile image Rick Telberg 97
4. profile image Kylie Parker 97
5. profile image Jeff Levine CPA CFP® 96
6. profile image Jean-Yves Gonin 96
7. profile image Brian Streig, CPA 96
8. profile image Aynsley Damery 95
9. profile image Kay Bell 95
10. profile image Megan Genest Tarnow 95
11. profile image Dean T.Carson II CPA 94
12. profile image Heather Smith 94
13. profile image Della Hudson 93
14. profile image Gene Marks 93
15. profile image Paul Caron 92
16. profile image Lorilyn Wilson 92
17. profile image Deborah Fox, CPA 91
18. profile image Wayne Schmidt 90
19. profile image Blake Oliver 90
20. profile image George Papadopoulos 89
21. profile image Logan Graf 89
22. profile image Sean Stein Smith CPA 89
23. profile image Davidleary 88
24. profile image Jeremy Wells, EA 88
25. profile image Karen Reyburn 87
26. profile image Steven Briginshaw 87
27. profile image Kelly Gonsalves 86
28. profile image Rachel Fisch 86
29. profile image Carl Reader 86
30. profile image Edkless 86
31. profile image Scott Ingram CPA, CA 85
32. profile image Sanjay K Sah 85
33. profile image Amanda C. Watts 85
34. profile image Travis Raml, CPA 85
35. profile image Nicole Davis 85
36. profile image Justin Miller 84
37. profile image Nayo Carter-Gray, EA 83
38. profile image Alison Ball 83
39. profile image Dawn Brolin 83
40. profile image TaxMama® 83
41. profile image Caleb L. Jenkins, EA, CQP 83
42. profile image HEATHER SATTERLEY 83
43. profile image Marnie Stretch 82
44. profile image Andrew Wall 81
45. profile image Bill Sheridan 81
46. profile image Ed Zollars, CPA 80
47. profile image Sherrell T. 80
48. profile image Ron Baker 80
49. profile image Matt Metras 80
50. profile image Jennifer Wilson 78
51. profile image Ashleigh Cox CPA! 78
52. profile image Shayna Chapman 78
53. profile image Lielette Calleja 78
54. profile image David Boyar 77
55. profile image Clayton Oates 76
56. profile image Jina Etienne CPA CGMA 76
57. profile image Rhondalynn Korolak 76
58. profile image Greg Kyte, CPA 76
59. profile image Brian Tankersley 75
60. profile image Jan Haugo 75
61. profile image Alan FitzGerald 75
62. profile image Nerd Enterprises Inc 75
63. profile image Robert Collings 74
64. profile image Richard Chambers 74
65. profile image Nittiaj 74
66. profile image Alex Falcon FCCA 74
67. profile image Jacob Schroeder 74
68. profile image Garry Carter 74
69. profile image Mike Piper 73
70. profile image Jeremy Stephens 73
71. profile image Hitendra Patil 73
72. profile image Nick Sinclair 73
73. profile image Jody Padar 72
74. profile image Brad Garland, CPA 72
75. profile image Mark Lee 71
76. profile image Trent Mclaren 71
77. profile image Natalie Lennon 71
78. profile image Kathy Grosskurth 71
79. profile image Jeff Breeden 71
80. profile image Jason M. Blumer, CPA 70
81. profile image Amit Chandel 70
82. profile image Chris Macksey 69
83. profile image Tamera Loerzel 69
84. profile image Samantha Mansfield 69
85. profile image Sylvia F. Dion 69
86. profile image Lynette Patterson 69
87. profile image Matt Paff 69
88. profile image April Walker 69
89. profile image Shay 68
90. profile image Amanda Wilkie 68
91. profile image Eric Pierre, 68
92. profile image JimBourke 68
93. profile image Stacykildal 68
94. profile image Tracy Shannon Levey 67
95. profile image Sandra Wiley 67
96. profile image Tom Hood 67
97. profile image Geni Whitehouse 67
98. profile image Davidbergstein 67
99. profile image Shane Sullivan 66
100. profile image Byron Patrick, CPA 66
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    11 May 2022
  • Bulletin published at:
    7:31am - 11th May 2022
  • Score Period:
    27th Apr - 11th May 2022
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    7:31am - 27th Apr 2022
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