SustMeme Building Services 5:00am, 30th Nov 2022

Global ranking of Top 500 influencers and players active on Twitter in Building Services - those who are involved with services and facilities, RACHP, ventilation, heating, plumbing and pipework. Players listed on the leaderboard range from contractors, sub-contractors and specialist contractors, via government and campaigning organisations, to market-leading engineers; from those concerned with policy and best practice, business strategies and design solutions; to innovators in technology and materials. Weekly update day: Wednesday.

Curated and Managed by Jim McClelland @SustMeme, the data is published by McClelland Media Ltd, in association with Elementalan online community for professionals focused on heat, water, air and energy, looking at how we effectively manage these vital elements within the built environment, now and in the future@elementalexpoUK 

The Leaderboard ranks Players on the basis of scores that measure interactions and influence across social media.

The full menu of sectors and topics for which SustMeme Top 500 rankings are published, including impending launches, can be viewed here.

To nominate a person or organisation for potential inclusion on this ranking, please simply Tweet the Twitter Username of the nominee to @SustMemeTop500, using the hashtag #Top500ADDBuildingServices.

For all news of Top 500 releases, updates and peer group notifications, please Follow dedicated Twitter feed: @SustMemeTop500.

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Rank Player Index
500. Q-zeta Profile Image Q-zeta
502. FairHeat Profile Image FairHeat
503. Spectrum Engineers Profile Image Spectrum Engineers
504. Iain McCaskey Profile Image Iain McCaskey
505. HASTINGS Air Energy Profile Image HASTINGS Air Energy
506. BVH Profile Image BVH
507. Thompson Building Services Engineers Profile Image Thompson Building Services Engineers
508. Alison Parmar Profile Image Alison Parmar
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