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Week 03

Published: 7:00 AM - 21 Jan 2019

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 02

Published: 7:00 AM - 14 Jan 2019

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 01

Published: 7:00 AM - 7 Jan 2019

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 52

Published: 7:00 AM - 31 Dec 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 51

Published: 7:00 AM - 24 Dec 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 50

Published: 7:00 AM - 17 Dec 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 49

Published: 7:00 AM - 10 Dec 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 48

Published: 7:00 AM - 3 Dec 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 47

Published: 7:00 AM - 26 Nov 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 46

Published: 11:52 PM - 19 Nov 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Week 45

Published: 11:52 PM - 12 Nov 2018

Top Platform: YouTube

Meetup creeps up the rankings

Published: 9:05 AM - 26 Oct 2018

This week we saw big climbs from Meetup (up 1 place to 49th), and SoundCloud (up 1 place to 8th). I'd like to single out a couple of platforms who are going to need some extra encouragement after falls this week. Mail.Ru Group (down 1 to 50th), and Pinterest (down 1 to 9th).

Pinterest apps, IGTV and Wikipedia in hot water.

Published: 3:04 PM - 16 Oct 2018

Pinterest went up from 9th place to 8th this week. I tried a Pinterest app for the first time last week too which was interesting - a Chase campaign where they were trying to sell kitchen improvement loans. The idea is Chase would create you a pinterest board with your style of kitchen and include pins on how to fund it. The execution was weak but the idea was great.  Chase using Pinterest to sell loans [Digiday]

Sometimes brands don't care at all about earned media on social media and are happy just to buy ads on their own. That's what Apple did when advertising the XS on Twitter

Instagram's IGTV - long form video - got a little more traction this week. 

There are still lots of authentication problems on social and even the crowd can be wrong: Wikipedia found itself in the spotlight when its editors stopped a social media page for someone who became a Nobel Prize Winner for "not being famous enough"....


Have a good week, happy socialising.

This week we add Go Jauntly  - a social media platform for walks and Fishbowl - the go to app for adworld gossip. Welcome to the index.

Also of note, we saw Shapr  the tinder for business networking up a place. I used this app for a while and met a few nice professionals. It's a fair old hassle to use as it is focused on real world meetings so it ends up being a rather slow business networking tool but I'd love to hear what others have found.

Useful news to have read this week...


  • New audio social network "Dialog" launched last week.
  • After appearing in BBC News I've now spotted Kik and added to the scorecard - 300m users - who knew?
  • Weight Watchers adds social features
  • the Fishbowl app keeps agency HR on their toes  (I'll add Fishbowl next week)
  • Zuck's looking to VR for growth
  • You can now join a FB group as a page - key for B2B marketers I should think

After a fab Twitter conversation with Dave Nattriss I've dropped the messenging apps off the scorecard. Now to be a social media platform you need a news feed.

Have a great week! 


Kialo added to the Social Media Platforms Scorecard

Published: 8:57 AM - 25 Sep 2018

Its one of those exciting weeks when there are new platforms to check out!

  • (which is old but I'd forgotten to add it)
  • (yours truly - a social media platform for scorecards) and...
  • Kialo (a social network for considered debate)

I suggest you check out Kialo - it's got a surprising level of stickiness and is sufficiently different to hopefully stick around.  I've published a hypothesis already - Coke tastes better than Pepsi...

Platform news

Don't miss these social media tech news tidbits from the past week

Path closes next month

Pinterest chases the influencer marketing budget

On the move

Using our algorithm we'd spotted some platforms on the move. This may augur something good happening at these platforms. If you know what it is, let me know.

  • Scribd went up 8 places from 40th to 32nd.
  • went up 5 places from 54th to 49th.
  • GitHub went up 4 places from 19th to 15th.
  • Yammer went up 2 places from 42nd to 40th.
  • Flipboard went up 2 places from 4th to 2nd.
  • Meetup went up 1 place from 30th to 29th.

Some small changes to the scorecard this week as Signal went up the rankings. It's a popular network, perhaps its on the Rise! It's Xing who gives up a place to make way for Signal. 

What the social platforms are thinking about this week

If you're a social platform with more than 50 employees then you need to filter the content on the platform to make sure IP is protected. This can cost as much as $60m to set up so I suspect there will be plenty of social platforms that think very carefully about that 51st employee. 

Classic example of regulation that will cause an unwanted side effect if you ask me!

Have a good week.

The battle for groups

Published: 4:43 PM - 10 Sep 2018

So Slack is top of this current scorecard. The index is very much a work in progress so we shouldn't draw too much from it, however we can identify one trend -

the social media industry is very interested in groups

Comms software for groups is quite separate from comms for individuals where social media began.

For one there tends to be some sort of organisation that runs the group and moderates membership and content.

That's perhaps why Slack, clearly the hands down winner in the business chat client space, is so influential among other social media platforms - everyone wants to get a piece of groups.

Thinking About This Week

  • LinkedIn announced new features for its Groups product - as it chases Slack's lunch. (I've now lost the link to the video with the project manager for this but it's just interesting to know they're evolving the product).
  • Reddit unveiled a new look - there's life in this news curation community yet.
  • India threatens its own Great Indian Firewall to match China's. (and Uganda's if you count their social media tax) and so threatens the fragmentation of the internet. I like the global internet, as a committed internationalist it makes sense to me to organise and connect, but nationalists, it seems, beg to differ.
  • Twitter is courting journalists with new features as it doubles down on its strength among media professionals. 


That's all for the week.

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Welcome to the first bulletin of my weekly Industrial Social Media scorecard.

With this Scorecard, I will be tracking the rise and fall of social media platforms and highlighting important stories from the world of social media. It's going to be tailored to an industry audience - so if you work for one of the platforms you'll want to "follow" to this scorecard.

What have the platforms been up to this week?

Advertisers need to split test so more pixels are available.

The online fundraising market is lucrative, and video content is great for pitching with:

Finally, decluttering can lead to a better user experience:

Movers and Shakers

With the first bulletin everybody is new! This isn't the order you perhaps might have expected - my  ranking algorithm is based on a formula which tracks influence within the community as well as outside it.

Slack tops the list (someone has to be first) possibly because it's more akin to a business tool so influences the other platforms.

As its the first list there are undoubtedly plenty of platforms not on it. Please feel free to suggest new (and old) platforms that should be on the list.

I use the Wikipedia definition of Social Media which allows for a fairly broad church of communications platforms.

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That's all for this week folks