#GreatLakes500 6:00am, 07th Jun 2022

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Ranking of Top 500 influencers and players active on Twitter in connection with the #GreatLakes community. Weekly update day: Tuesday.

The #GreatLakes500 SustMeme Twitter influencer list has been built to promote a positive dialogue and increase engagement across the largest freshwater system in the world.

When conceptualised as a region including the US and Canada, the #GreatLakes represent the third largest economy in the world. The Great Lakes Basin is home to more than 30 million people — roughly 10% of the population of the US and 30% of that of Canada. It also contributes nearly 25% of Canadian agricultural production and 7% American farm output.

The #GreatLakes are, however, at risk. Climate change, emerging contaminants, pollution, biodiversity loss, harmful algal blooms, and other stressors threaten both the ecosystem and regional economy — impacting everything and everyone, from livelihoods to wildlife.

Therefore, it is hoped that this #GreatLakes500 ranking will lead to knowledge exchanges and improvements in stewardship of this amazing freshwater resource.

Curated and Managed by Jim McClelland @SustMeme, the data is published by McClelland Media Ltd, in association with the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation.

The Leaderboard ranks Players on the basis of scores that measure interactions and influence across social media, in general, plus usage of the #GreatLakes hashtag, in particular.

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To nominate a person or organisation for potential inclusion on this ranking, please simply Tweet the Twitter Username of the nominee to @SustMemeTop500, using the hashtag #GreatLakes500.

For all news of Top 500 releases, updates and peer group notifications, please Follow dedicated Twitter feed: @SustMemeTop500.

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501. Detroit River Coalition Profile Image Detroit River Coalition
502. Marie Orttenburger Profile Image Marie Orttenburger
503. Friends Of LSR Profile Image Friends Of LSR
504. Sara Guiher Profile Image Sara Guiher
505. Twin Ports Profile Image Twin Ports
506. Mariam Ageli Profile Image Mariam Ageli
507. Leanne Chadwick Profile Image Leanne Chadwick
508. Greatlakesway Profile Image Greatlakesway