Blockchain Top 100

Published by: Rise Social Media

A list of the top companies in the Blockchain universe, ranked by their social media influence score:  scoring metrics from Kred (20%) and Twitter (80%) on #blockchain topic.

The list will be updated weekly on Thursdays.  Follow the scorecard to get a weekly email update.

If your company is on this list, ask your social media manager to login to your account and authenticate your blog identity as we intend to add blog metrics to the score.

Rise Social Media Blockchain Top 100 Bulletins elliptic


Elliptic enables financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses to manage risk on the blockchain through technology-enabled #crypto #AML compliance.

Rank + 21


Blockchain Power + 12.1


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Blockchain Power Calculation

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Metric Raw Score Weighted Score Raw Score Weighted Score
Blockchain Power 10.8 22.9

Kred Influence

741 3 733 3

Kred Outreach

5 4 4 2


1 0 2 2


0 0 2 8


2 4 4 8