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#EAUK500 rules

To qualify for entry on the list you must be a UK based Estate Agent. By popular demand, this leaderboard is now open to both independent and national agencies, not forgetting online estate agencies too.

The scoring system is calculated by taking into consideration a number of factors from Twitter and Facebook on a weekly basis and then run through our own algorithm.

Included in our measuring system are the number and quality of Tweets, the amount of new followers, amount of engagement and retweets and your Klout score.

Joining the #EAUK is free to join and enjoy. Simply email us with your Twitter ID and #EAUK500 in the email title and we will add you - admin@marketme.co.uk


If you joined recently, please note that it may take a week for you to appear. If after a week you haven’t appeared, it looks like you did not manage to arrive into our list but do not lose your heart, continue the job you are doing, and the results will come!