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A bit of fun and a bit very serious. The INsurgents Power 250 is a way of bringing together as many of the voices working to keep the UK in the EU.

The idea is - by way of a leaderboard - to create a list where people can follow the most articulate, incisive, informed debate (spoiler alert: we love experts here)- as well as the best of the humour.

Each week The INsurgents Power 250 recognises the most inspiring social media accounts so you can follow them, join the community and learn more.

We use Klout scores to rank influencers. Klout takes into account social media activity and engagement across many social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

If you'd like to follow the board to keep track of what happens each week, sign up with your email address via the Follow button. To join the board sign up with your Twitter account via the Join button.

If you'd like us to add people into the list or if you'd like us to take you off - just contact us.