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Find out who's writing about what's happening in the Tech sector.  The first 100+ tech writers and bloggers on this board were picked from a Twitter search.  The aim is to grow this to 1000+ names and make it the definitive go-to list for people to find who they can follow to get all tech news & analysis.

Each week The Top Tech Bloggers #tech1k Power 100 board recognises the most inspiring Tech journalists and bloggers active on social media. We use Kred Scores (50%) and their twitter conversations on "tech" (50%) to rank these tech bloggers on their social media influence.

If you are a tech blogger creating fresh content regularly but not on the list already, click on the Join button.  And if you want to nominate someone or you object to someone being on the board, please send an email to support@rise.global with your nomination's Twitter handle or your reasons for objecting.  Once you join (as long as you are a genuine tech blogger), you will appear on the list in the new release of the board every Tuesday.

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