IoT Premier League ™ Media, Industry, Analyst 2021 Season, Week 43 Standings

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Meet the movers and shakers of the IoT Community - Season 3 of the IoT Premier League

The IoT Community is thrilled and excited to announce the return of the IoT Premier League for the 2021 season! 

Building on the successes of the prior 2 years since its inception, the IoTPL will resume delivering a weekly dose of awesomeness across the IoT landscape, each and every Sunday for 45 weeks; culminating with the winners being crowned at the IoT Grand Slam 2021 conference - December 10th, 2021, Online.

Each week IoT Community publishes and posts the top 100 standings in all 3 divisions across individual thought leaders, industry analysts, corporate handles and media.

The IoT landscape is constantly shifting, which means participation in the IoT Premier League is reviewed constantly.

The leagues are conducted on an impartial, independent and objective basis. No bias, agenda, or discrimination. Membership to this league is merit based, accomplishment driven, and intended to create a ledger of the best of the best in IoT (enterprise and industrial focus). 

Since the culmination of the 2020 season, we have spent the past 6 weeks looking at key metrics from the past 2 years; assessing criteria for inclusion including: Engagement, Interaction, Style, Frequency, Veracity and Public Standing. In light of our findings, we have undertaken a major refresh for the new 2021 season.  

New for 2021:

  • Algorithms further refined to better reflect rankings based on quality of content.
  • Investments made on graphical upgrades for weekly postings.
  • Welcome of several new handles, across all 3 divisions.

Data collection will be maintained on all removed handles and we thank all handles from prior years and wish you well.

IoT Premier League Background:

Since 2019, The IoT Premier League™ has been tracking the most inspiring social media accounts of the IoT landscape. This cuts across individual thought leaders, corporate handles and media, industry / analysts; recognising the most so you can follow them, join the community and learn more from the movers and shakers of the Internet of Things. 

We track usage and engagement across Twitter. We also use Kred scores to rank by influence score. We have also introduced bonus score metrics, to reflect the rankings on the quality of content not just the social influence; ensuring a balance between commercial and thought leadership content flows.

If you'd like to follow the board to keep track of week to week movements, please sign up with your email address via the Follow button. 

To join the board sign up with your Twitter account via the Join button.

Use #IoTPremierLeague and our short version #IoTPL to stay current and connected.

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The IoT Community is the world's largest, first to market and longest standing community of IoT Practitioners consisting of 26,000+ members. 


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2021 Season, Week 43 Standings
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Power Score 78 78

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968 21 968 21

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8 22 8 22

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10,136 2 10,137 2

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387,866 33 388,447 33