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Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & Tweeting since 2006. Instagram: RT's Earned, Not given. Married to @thehappygirl

Rank: 2 (8)
Total Score: 1,100,764

2. Larry Hryb


Narrative designer (Reigns: Her Majesty!), writer of futurist fiction, digital society journalism (The Guardian, How We Get to Next, Medium etc), presenter

Rank: 3 (7)
Total Score: 1,044,781

3. Leighalexander


Chief Executive Business & Development Guy at indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit() & distribute(). Drinks only real cane sugar coke.

Rank: 4 (11)
Total Score: 579,400

4. Tha_rami


Co-Creator: Mortal Kombat. Creative Director: NetherRealm Studios

Rank: 5 (104)
Total Score: 455,386

5. Ed Boon


I write about video games and pop culture, and I'm glad you're here!

Rank: 6 (23)
Total Score: 366,489

6. Ben Kuchera


President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Rank: 7 (31)
Total Score: 247,948

7. Brohei Broshida


Writer. Critic. Sentient Dumpster Fire.

Rank: 8 (79)
Total Score: 141,332

8. Alex_navarro


Writer and game designer. Professor of media studies, computing, business, architecture @GeorgiaTech. Contributing Writer @TheAtlantic. Editor @ObjectsObjects.

Rank: 9 (3)
Total Score: 133,247

9. Ian Bogost


Head of Xbox | Defined more by what I do than who I am.

Rank: 10 (1)
Total Score: 132,621

10. Phil Spencer


I work at RocketJump and do a webseries called HAWP. Former Gearbox writer. I run

Rank: 11 (32)
Total Score: 95,031

11. Anthony Burch


Media Critic. Designer. Activist. Prose-Poet. Cyborg Witch. Beloved Gadfly. Radical Millennial. I am my own e_books account

Rank: 12 (6)
Total Score: 69,885

12. XMattieBrice


Screenwriter (The Book of Eli, The Walking Dead, After Earth). Coming soon: STAR WARS standalone film, STARLIGHT, OLIVER (Image Comics), debut novel ABOMINATION

Rank: 13 (19)
Total Score: 54,382

13. Gary Whitta


Director, Community Engagement for the Gears of War Franchise, Writer, Humorist, did stuff at HBO, Xbox. PR/Political Junkie. Be excellent to each other

Rank: 14 (83)
Total Score: 48,015

14. Stephen Toulouse


I RocketJump, Adventure Time and voice act. HAWP Season 5 is out! Support us on Patreon:

Rank: 15 (84)
Total Score: 42,251

15. Ashly Burch


Feminist Frequency is a video webseries that critically explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. Created and hosted by Anita Sarkeesian.

Rank: 16 (170)
Total Score: 40,484

16. Feminist Frequency


Functionally garbage. I work at Harmonix.

Rank: 17 (14)
Total Score: 40,254

17. Eric Pope


Senior Columnist G4@Syfygames. Video Game Advocate seen in films such as Nintendo Quest & World 1-1.

Rank: 18 (29)
Total Score: 35,253

18. P Scott Patterson


Facepunch Studios founder/owner. I done garrys mod + rust.

Rank: 19 (198)
Total Score: 34,858

19. Garry Newman


game maker and dad. staying busy running @finjigames w @bexsaltsman

Rank: 20 (28)
Total Score: 31,757

20. Adam Atomic

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30th Jun - 7th Jul 2014

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