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Are you looking for inspiration for your next travel and holiday plans?

This leaderboard ranks the thousands of travel bloggers by scoring them on their social media influence using their Klout score (50%) and their twitter conversations containing "travel" (50%).  Tweets, retweets and mentions containing "travel" and related words (e.g. "voyage") are given points.  It will be released weekly, every Wednesday.

If you are a blogger on the board, login to your Rise dashboard to see your detailed score breakdown.

You can now claim your 2017 #travel1k badge - use Claim Code 898-4D02-986

If you believe that you or your favourite travel blogger should be on this list, email us at support@rise.global, together with the twitter handle of the blogger.

If you are already on the board, contribute your thoughts on what categories you'd like to be listed under, so that the followers/audience of this community can easily find which of you are focusing on their travel interest - please comment on this Google Doc.

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