The ArtificialIntelligence Power 100

Aghiath Chbib The ArtificialIntelligence Power 100 Johannes Drooghaag

Johannes Drooghaag

Proud Dad ° Founder of Spearhead Management @Spearheadman ° Content creator at #GotAMinute @minute_got ° #ThoughtLeader #Influencer #CyberSecurity #Leadership

Find out who's who in ArtificialIntelligence. Discover the social media influencers among us.

Each week The ArtificialIntelligence Power 100 Published by Aghiath Chbib recognises the most inspiring social media accounts so you can follow them, join the community and learn more.

Week 23 score breakdown:

Metric Actual Previous Weighted Score
Power Score 65

New Formula

0 (0) 0

Kred Influence

970 (970) 31

Kred Outreach

10 (10) 33

Rank movement:

No change, rank stayed at: 6