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Welcome to the Twitter Activity Club.  You can now track your Twitter activity from week to week (for free!), and compare with other Club members.

50% of score is given to your average daily number of tweets and 50% of score is given to the % increase in your average level from week to week.

Once you join, you will NOT find yourself on the board straight away.  Your score will appear on the next weekly release of the board, every Wednesday.  Also, your first week's scores will not have any points for the % change in activity (WTW change).

If you are not registered on Rise, please sign up with your Twitter account.   If you are already registered on Rise, please make sure that you have connected your Twitter network by going to your profile.

To get your weekly score, you can visit the board at www.rise.global/twitter-followers-club or if you wish to be notified by email, then follow the board and also register your email on your Rise profile page by clicking on the cog wheel on the top right hand corner.

To have more fun, ask your family and friend to join up.

For support, please email support@rise.global