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This is a demonstration scorebook.

As a manager you can use Rise to motivate and engage your working from home staff on any particular targets and metrics. 

They can be important or fun, it doesn't matter too muc, the key is to keep the team to visible to one another and the weekly email notifications are a great way to remind everyone you're around and helping your staff to track their way to success.

It's also worth mentioning that you can use rise without showing everyone the leaderboard! Sometimes you just want people to see how they are doing personally without the need to compare with others.

As you can see from this theme ("Claro") Rise works great on mobile phones, and scorebooks can be open via the web or private requiring a login.

Rise doesn't cost the earth either - with a free 14 day trial you can get your scorebook working exactly as you want it before paying anything.

We know Rise is a new tool - there's nothing else quite like it on the market so our support desk gets lots of questions as to how it works - we're expecting your questions too - don't worry we can handle it!