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Find out who's who in the race for President of the United States of America in 2020 with the Prez Power 100 Leaderboard.  Discover the social media influencers among us.
Each week the Prez Power 100 recognizes the social media accounts of the presidential candidates so you can follow them, join the community and learn more.

We use Kred scores to rank influencers. Kred takes into account social media activity and engagement. Both Kred and Followers data are collected the last day of the weekly reporting period, Thursday, U.S. Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5), but the Leaderboard Bulletin is published in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) with ISO date format.  Unlike with Kred data, Followers data are informational only; not used in computation of the Power Score.

CLICK on a candidate's name for their Twitter account and individual, detailed analytics.

The field with the heading "Debated," which debuted 2019-06-27, is the number of times that the candidate has completed either a nationally televised or streamed debate, which the publisher in his sole discretion deems legitimate by organization, moderation, and sponsorship.  All such debates appear as dated entries on the "Presidential Race for Social Media Influencer Power" sophisticated animation accessible from a link on the Leaderboard home page.

To promote transparency and U.S. academic research, .csv files for all Leaderboards are available for download from the Leaderboard BLOG.  The .csv files are byproduct output, not input, from each weekly Leaderboard. 

Additionally the minimum, weekly, Kred Influence Score target goal for candidates who wish to continue their influence score trendline during the next week based on their influence score trend to date can be easily calculated in Excel with the "Forecast Sheet" feature. The weekly .xlsx file "Kred Influence Trend Consolidated Worksheet for Time Series Forecasting (Excel 2016 or Later)" is available for free download from the Leaderboard BLOG. Our specially designed .xlsx file makes it easy to harness the full power of Microsoft Excel's statistical, time series forecasting functions, including line and column graphs.

To opt-out on Twitter, send a Direct Message to @PrezPower100. Email opt-out to legal@sonicvest.com. You may opt-out at anytime but opt-outs are PERMANENT.

For details about data fields, see @PrezPower100 on Twitter.

Suggestions for new data fields are always welcome via Direct Message on Twitter or by Comment on the Leaderboard BLOG. 

Thank you for visiting.

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