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About Digitization in Future Cities Power 100

Where do you stand on '.The Future Digital Cities Power 100.'? Sign up with your Twitter account to find out. Once you are added, your scores will be tracked and you'll find out where you stand at the end of the week.

Who is included on the list and who can join?

1- This is a list of individuals ONLY. No organizations will be added to the list.

2- This is a starting point with an initial list I put together from my network and is NOT exhaustive. If you do not want to be on the list please reach out and I will remove you. 

3- I am hoping this list will grow fast and be more inclusive. if you want to join click the button Join and follow instructions.

4- Who can join? or Why you were not added to the list?

This list is to promote and accelerate the digital transformation of Future Cities by bringing together the individuals that are engaged in this process. 

a) Anyone as long as they are individuals. No organizations will be added to the list.

b) Actively promoting digitization in Future Cities and adding value to the digital transformation debate.

c) If you are an expert on cities but do not necessarily see value in technology, your name will not be on the list. If you are an expert on technology but not involved in the future cities debate,vyour name will not be on the list.