Staff Power 100

Transform your team into social sellers using a success tracking dashboard

Build social media marketing and social selling capacity across your whole team

Use Staff Power 100 to roll out a personal dashboard, that will motivate every team member to use social media effectively.

See them build their personal brand, engage an audience, amplify your content and make new sales.

How it works

  1. Each week Staff Power 100 collects a social media influence score on behalf of each employee.

  2. Rise updates the personal analytics dashboard for each employee and ranks teams on a leaderboard.

  3. Rise sends latest social media stats, coaching tips and rank via email and online.

  4. You use the program to communicate social media goals. Share expert tips and case studies from leading staff so others can learn.


Our video explains how it works..

Benefits for you and your team:

Everyone uses the same simple dashboard optimised to your business goals.

Weekly email newsletter drives higher dashboard usage.

An optional team leaderboard creates friendly competition to spur action.

Bring your staff on social media together in one place to learn best practices.

It's already working for:

The United Nations Social 500

Innovative charity, UN Influx, set up the UN Social 500 to encourage greater engagement between the work of the UN and the general public. Their Rise board recognises and coaches UN staffers to use their own social media profiles to publicise the work of the UN.

The UN Social 500 use Staff Power 100 to:

Provide a success tracking dashboard to each UN staff member on the program

Calculate a monthly leaderboard for internal benchmarking and friendly competition.

Track collective impact and to surface trending content.

Share the results with staffers via an email newsletter featuring tips and their latest score, and via Twitter.

Hundreds of top UN staff have opted in to join the program, valuing the monthly recognition of their social media activity.

The UN Social 500 is helping spread the work of the UN to a wider audience, all through the social media accounts of its staff.

Personal Dashboard
Email Newsletter
Collective Reporting

Monthly price plans:

Up to 100 users


Up to 250 users


Up to 500 users


Up to 1000 users



The service is paid for on a monthly basis according to the number of users on your ScoreBook. You can stop whenever you like.

We have customers from around the world, all payments are in UK Pound Sterling via credit card.

Prices do not include VAT which is payable by UK and EU customers.

Included with your monthly subscription:

  • Success Tracking dashboard for each team member
  • Personalised email for each team member, letting them know their score and latest changes
  • Private leaderboard
  • Embeddable widgets for your intranet
  • Add scores and users via the web
  • Management tool for maintaining and growing your Rise program
  • 9-5 email helpdesk and knowledge base

Rise Customer Feedback:

Max Kalis

Founder UN Influx

We're using Rise to offer a personal social dashboard to any staff member at the United Nations that wants one. By doing so we recognise each staff member's social media contribution towards greater connection between the United Nations and the general public. We're delighted how well it works to drive both engagement and results.

Example Reactions:

One thing is for sure, a Staff Power 100 personal dashboard drives a great reaction: