Gamification Platform

Run your own infinite gamification program

Key features

Custom scorecards, dashboards and leaderboards

Create your own single score program to engage a new audience or drive new behaviours with your existing team. It is like running your own Nike+ (or Fitbit / Strava) for work.

How it works

  1. Create your Scorebook

  2. Set up automatic Data Collectors

  3. Import your players and teams

  4. Define your score algorithm and rules.

  5. Brand your score, personal dashboards and leaderboard.

  6. Share the results via email, social media, web, intranet site or even big screen TV!

"If you want a quick standalone implementation, have the internal customer experience chops to craft a gamification strategy, or don’t need management support, platforms can provide hands-off, immediate implementation. For example, Rise lets anyone create customizable public or private personal dashboards of actions they choose to track" - Forrester 2015

Key Benefits

Drive new habits using relevant scorekeeping

Build engagement through positive feedback

Avoid the cost of developing your own solution.

Save time setting up via our customer success team.

It's already working for...

Capgemini, Haas Racing and Brighton University have seen the benefit of scoring with Rise:

Capgemini wanted to engage their global staff in a brand advocacy campaign.

They used to Rise to track employee engagement across quizzes and internal systems during the program.


The program was a roaring success, surpassing targets by over 600%.

Haas Racing and IMG Live needed a live leaderboard to show participants at a recent event their times on a racing simulator.

They turned to Rise to use the Rise TV leaderboard to update the scores via the web and see the score updates on the big screen.

The event was a fantastic success and everyone could see how they were fairing on the leaderboard, it felt like they were racing for real.

At the Mahara UK conference, Brighton University's Katie Piatt wanted to add a game element to the conference.

Katie used Rise to update scores for her attendees and show a big leaderboard of progress to everyone throughout the day. Among the scores she tracked were tweets showing how delegates promoted the event via Twitter.

According to her case study, the gamification program engaged 17% more delegates than she would normally have expected.

Happy Customers

Carrie Jones

MTV Australia

The competition element of the leaderboard was used to encourage people to keep tweeting. The hashtag ‘#vmablogfast’ was trending top in Australia, and even trended in the top ten internationally on the day! This was very exciting for us

Katie Piatt

Brighton University

Rise provides many display options making it easy to embed the leaderboard on the website, link to it, project on the main stage etc. which gave it high visibility

Carly Wilkie Steven

Audience Development Manager, City AM

Rise has been integral to our efforts to engage with specific communities. Every week the leaderboards reach more people, generate fresh interest and spark conversations on social media. Rise has helped us build relationships with an audience we might otherwise never have had access to.