North America Twitter Social Customer Care Leaders

by Guy Stephens | @guy1067


We’re here to offer advice and inspiration for your trip on American. Please click here if you require a formal response to a complaint:

Rank: 1 (1)
Total Score: 100

1. American Airlines


Save Money, Live Better. Follow us to learn about tips, solutions & limited time specials! If you need customer support please tweet us @walmarthelp.

Rank: 2 (2)
Total Score: 99

2. Walmart


Official account of Alaska Airlines. Our Social Care team is here for you 24/7. For a formal response: Tag photos with #iFlyAlaska

Rank: 3 (3)
Total Score: 97

3. Alaskaair


The Official Chipotle Mexican Grill Twitter Account

Rank: 4 (4)
Total Score: 96

4. Chipotle


Welcome to the official Hertz page! Need assistance? Message:

Rank: 5 (5)
Total Score: 94

5. Hertz Corporation


Hi, nice to tweet you! Fly with us to 100 destinations and experience our award-winning service. For concerns that require a response, call or email.

Rank: 6 (6)
Total Score: 93

6. JetBlue Airways


Conversations with you here are 140 characters-friendly. Tweet us any time. For a formal response visit

Rank: 7 (7)
Total Score: 92

7. United


We answer Amazon support questions 7 days a week. Support available in English / Deutsch / Español / Português / Français / Italiano / 日本語

Rank: 8 (8)
Total Score: 90

8. Amazon UK


Uber's official support handle, here to help! Lost something?

Rank: 9 (10)
Total Score: 89

9. Uber Support


We make it easy to #MakeMoreHappen

Rank: 10 (9)
Total Score: 87

10. Staples US


We're here to help you connect to Boingo Wi-Fi. We also enjoy conversations around travel and technology.

Rank: 11 (11)
Total Score: 86

11. Boingo Wireless


Hours: Mon-Sun 6am-12am PT /// For service status: /// For News, follow @Xbox & @MajorNelson

Rank: 12 (12)
Total Score: 85

12. Xbox Support (1-5)


The official @Sprint and @SprintLatino Social Customer Service Team. We're here 24x7 so you can #MoveForward and stay connected to what matters most.

Rank: 13 (13)
Total Score: 83

13. Sprint Care


For tech issues, please include device & error. For 24/7 live support, contact us:

Rank: 14 (14)
Total Score: 82

14. Netflix CS


Official @BlackBerry support channel!

Rank: 15 (16)
Total Score: 80

15. BlackBerryHelp


Official Customer Support account for Adobe | Need additional help?

Rank: 16 (15)
Total Score: 79

16. Adobe Customer Care


Official account for Microsoft Customer Service & Support. We’re available 24/7

Rank: 17 (18)
Total Score: 77

17. Microsoft Support


Samsung’s Social Media Support Team. Here to help with any U.S. product questions & provide up-to-date info. 8:30AM-12AM EST (M-F) 9:00AM-6:00PM EST (Sat-Sun)

Rank: 18 (17)
Total Score: 76

18. Samsung Support USA


Questions about your Verizon Wireless service? We’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! ¡Ahora en Español! Fácil, rápido y en su idioma.

Rank: 19 (22)
Total Score: 75

19. VZW Support


Amex Customer Care, at your service! We’re here M-F, 9am-10pm ET. Remember: Please don’t tweet personal information. After hours? Visit

Rank: 20 (25)
Total Score: 73

20. Ask Amex


The official Twitter account of Yahoo Customer Care

Rank: 21 (19)
Total Score: 72

21. Yahoo Customer Care


A division of @Metrolinx. Reach us online Mon-Fri 6am-11 pm, weekends and holidays 8am-9pm or at 1-888-438-6646. Suivez-nous en francais: @GOtransitFR

Rank: 22 (20)
Total Score: 70

22. GO Transit


Please visit and follow Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport's official Twitter page @ATLairport (

Rank: 23 (23)
Total Score: 69

23. Atlanta Airport


Welcome to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). We're here to help M-F 9am-5pm. Mention #HelloATL in your questions & get real-time responses

Rank: 23 (23)
Total Score: 69

23. Atlanta Airport


HP Support is here to help with your technical product questions. For 24/7 community support visit the HP Support Forum

Rank: 25 (21)
Total Score: 66

25. HP Support


@HyattConcierge. Striving to make a difference for our guests. We are just a tweet away 24 hours a day!

Rank: 26 (28)
Total Score: 65

26. Hyatt Concierge


The official support account for @XFINITY residential and business services from @Comcast. Our team is growing to provide help & technical support.

Rank: 27 (26)
Total Score: 63

27. Bill Gerth


Have questions about @BestBuy? Need support? Let us know! We’re here to help weekdays 7am-11pm CST, weekends and holidays 10am-6pm CST.

Rank: 28 (36)
Total Score: 62

28. Best Buy Support


Athletes helping athletes, 7 days a week. Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, & German.

Rank: 29 (29)
Total Score: 61

29. Nike Support


DIRECTV questions? Get them answered by our team of experts, here 6am - 1am CT, 7 days a week. Want info on your favorite shows and movies? - follow @DIRECTV

Rank: 30 (27)
Total Score: 59

30. DIRECTV Service


We've moved to @ATTCares, but we're still here to help.

Rank: 31 (30)
Total Score: 58

31. ATTCustomerCare


Want help from a real person? Tweet your issue to our team of problem solvers. We love a challenge, and we know how to find the answers.

Rank: 31 (30)
Total Score: 58

31. ATTCares


T-Force: noun \Tee-For-s\: (1) Customer service gurus: billing trailblazers: tech scholars: Un-carrier fanatics: wireless aficionados. (2) Team Magenta 24/7

Rank: 33 (35)
Total Score: 55

33. T-Mobile USA


Welcome to the official U.S. FedEx Customer Service page. Follow @FedEx for updates.

Rank: 34 (33)
Total Score: 54

34. FedEx


This feed is brought to you by the LinkedIn Customer Service team. We are here to help. Hours of Operation: 6am - 5pm PST, Mon - Fri

Rank: 35 (32)
Total Score: 52

35. LinkedIn Help


Tweets from the Verizon Solutions Center to help with your TV, phone & Internet services. We have #PowerfulAnswers

Rank: 36 (34)
Total Score: 51

36. Verizon Support


Official twitter account of the nation's largest public utility providing water and power. For outage information, please call us at 1-800-DIAL DWP.

Rank: 37 (37)
Total Score: 49



How can we help you?

Rank: 38 (53)
Total Score: 48

38. AskTarget


We're here to help! 6am - 3am (EST) 7 days a week.

Rank: 39 (38)
Total Score: 46

39. Cox Customer Care


Here With You. Here For You. U.S. Customer Service, News & Updates M-F, 9-6. Talk to Customer Care:

Rank: 40 (39)
Total Score: 45

40. National Grid US


Hello Twitter! This is the official UPS customer support account. We are here to help 24/7. Please choose DM when providing a tr# or other private info. Thanks!

Rank: 41 (41)
Total Score: 44

41. UPS Customer Support


UTA shares news & limited service updates. To speak with customer service call 801-743-3882. #UtahTransitAuthority #UTA #Bus #FrontRunner #TRAX

Rank: 42 (42)
Total Score: 42

42. UTA


We're here 24/7 to answer any questions you might have about your Optimum service. Follow @optimum for news, promotions, service updates, and much more.

Rank: 43 (40)
Total Score: 41

43. Optimum Help


TWC's support team. TWC will never ask for private info publicly, please DM private info. Depending on your area, Replies may come from @Ask_Spectrum.

Rank: 44 (43)
Total Score: 39

44. TWC Help


Need help? Connect with us, the official BofA Twitter reps. Please do not Tweet account info; we may ask you to DM more info. Hours: 8a–9p M–F, 11a-8p Sat (ET)

Rank: 45 (45)
Total Score: 38

45. Bank Of America


We've moved! Please tweet us at @Delta for assistance. If you require a formal response pls visit or call 800-221-1212

Rank: 46 (46)
Total Score: 37

46. Deltaassist


Cuenta oficial de atención a clientes de Ticketmaster México. Horario de atención: Lun a Vie de 9:00 am a 9:00 pm// Sab y Dom de 9:00 am a 6:00 pm

Rank: 47 (44)
Total Score: 35

47. Ticketmaster México


The official account of Evernote Support—we're here to help. Most active M-F from 7am-4pm CST. Submit a support ticket at:

Rank: 48 (47)
Total Score: 34

48. Evernote Helps


The Official Citi Customer Service. Pls don't tweet Acct# or PINs. We never ask for account info in a public or private tweet.

Rank: 49 (48)
Total Score: 32

49. Askciti


We're reinventing snacking, one delicious nibble at a time. Drop us an email at We're here to help Mon-Fri 9am-6pm!

Rank: 50 (49)
Total Score: 31

50. USA


Customer service for Whirlpool, the world's leading brand of home appliances. Email us at

Rank: 51 (50)
Total Score: 30

51. Whirlpool Care


We're official reps of U.S. Bank, here to answer your questions Mon-Fri 9am-10pm, Sat 10am-7pm Central time. Protect your privacy:

Rank: 52 (56)
Total Score: 28

52. U.S. Bank


Have a question, comment or concern about a @GM vehicle? Let us know! Or you can just stop by & say 'Hi' - we're social. (Hours: Mon-Sat 8a-12a, Sunday 12p-9p)

Rank: 53 (51)
Total Score: 27

53. GM Customer Care


A source for news about what's going on at Bell. For customer service contact @Bell_Support

Rank: 54 (52)
Total Score: 25

54. Media Relations


We’re here to listen, learn & lend a hand on Twitter. Ask us your banking questions & follow us for helpful tips & info about products & services.

Rank: 55 (54)
Total Score: 24

55. Wells Fargo Bank


Mon-Sat 11a -8p ET Sarah^SL - Chris^CD - Deysha^DW - Jenny^JW - Mackenzie^MA - Mariel^MM - Rachel^RB - Cory^CM - Patricia^PA - Shaay^SN - Cara^CF - Joy^JD

Rank: 56 (55)
Total Score: 23

56. Ford Service


Fanatics helping Fans. We're here to answer your customer service questions.

Rank: 57 (57)
Total Score: 21

57. Fanatics Support


We're the Norton Support team and we want to help you with your @NortonOnline product! Support in English available 24/7!

Rank: 58 (58)
Total Score: 20

58. Norton Support


We welcome your service requests for @Intel and will respond Sunday 5pm to Friday 5pm (Pacific Time). Other ways to get help:

Rank: 59 (60)
Total Score: 18

59. IntelSupport


Official Twitter Page for the Listener Care team at SiriusXM. Contact us here & let us HELP! (9 AM - 8 PM EST M-F) or visit

Rank: 60 (61)
Total Score: 17

60. SiriusXM Help


The official Ravn Alaska Twitter Account. Share your adventures with us by tagging your posts with @RavnAlaska

Rank: 61 (59)
Total Score: 15

61. Ravn Alaska


This is where our team takes care of you. Follow us at @warbyparker for more fun stuff! Email:

Rank: 62 (62)
Total Score: 14

62. Warby Parker Help


Official H&R Block Client Care Team on Twitter. You have H&R Block Customer Service questions? We have answers! Tweeting from 8am-5pm M-F.

Rank: 63 (63)
Total Score: 13

63. H&R Block Care Team


Formerly @IHGCare Now, we're IHGService! Caring for the InterContinental Hotels Group portfolio of hotels around the world. Great Hotels Guests Love.

Rank: 64 (64)
Total Score: 11



Here to provide the Zappos customer experience. Follow us at @Zappos!!

Rank: 65 (67)
Total Score: 10



American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in the U.S. would like to hear from you. Our Automobile Customer Service team is here, Mon - Fri , 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., PST.

Rank: 66 (66)
Total Score: 8

66. Honda Customer Svc


Guest Assistance team providing customer support to comments and questions for @HiltonHotels. Also happy to help via 1-800-HILTONS.

Rank: 67 (65)
Total Score: 7

67. Hilton Help


The official Walgreens Social Care Team. Customer Service at 800-925-4733, Option #4

Rank: 68 (68)
Total Score: 6

68. WAGSocialCare


Official Twitter for Virgin Mobile USA customer care. We offer support here 4AM - 7PM (PST) 7 days/week! Also follow @VirginMobileUSA for all other updates.

Rank: 69 (69)
Total Score: 4

69. VirginMobileUSA Care


Official @7digital #SocialCustCare M-F: 10-6 GMT Real-Time #Service info: Find quick #answers in our #Community:

Rank: 70 (70)
Total Score: 3

70. 7digital Help Team


McDonald's U.S. Customer Service. Here to listen, help or answer any questions you have 7 days a week 7:00am to 7:00pm CST

Rank: 71 (71)
Total Score: 1

71. McD Customer Service

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9:15pm - 5th Dec 2016

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28th Nov - 5th Dec 2016

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