IoT Top 100 Influencers

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Studying the impact of technology on how we live. Author: Calm Technology + An Illustrated Dictionary of Cyborg Anthropology. Fellow @BKCHarvard + @CivicMIT.

Rank: 1 (8)
Power Score: 47

1. Amber Case


CMO | I enable products and software to communicate with people and things.

Rank: 2 (1)
Power Score: 33

2. Ken Herron


IBM Emerging Technologies tinkerer. All things MQTT and IoT. Creator of @NodeRED and one of the @BeardyDads. My words are my own.

Rank: 3 (3)
Power Score: 33

3. Nicholas O'Leary


VP of Marketing and Ecosystem at Eclipse Foundation; Thinking how open source will change Internet of Things. Cycling and X-country skiing are my passions.

Rank: 4 (9)
Power Score: 29

4. Ian Skerrett


VC at @FirstMarkCap. Organizer, Data Driven NYC and Hardwired NYC.

Rank: 5 (4)
Power Score: 29

5. Matt Turck


Project Lead for Physical Web for Chrome (UX director in previous life (Apple, Symbian, frog design, Google))

Rank: 6 (6)
Power Score: 25

6. Scottjenson


#Insurance Thought Leader

Rank: 7 (2)
Power Score: 23

7. Matteo Carbone


#iot designer @GNLamp @designswarm @iotlondon @knowcards @goodhomeproject / writing a book about #smarthomes for @Apress/ speaking managed by @londonspeaker

Rank: 8 (5)
Power Score: 19

8. Alexandra D-S


CEO and Co-founder of FAVORIOT. A Lifelogger and IOT Evangelist -The ultimate goal of IOT is to automate your Digital Lifestyle. #SmartCity #IoT

Rank: 9 (7)
Power Score: 18

9. Dr. Mazlan Abbas


Founder CEO @thethingsiO, Internet of Things giant @iotbcn & @iotstars, traveling RTW @3viajes, researching & developing and playing basketball

Rank: 10 (25)
Power Score: 17

10. Gy4nt


Toby is the CEO of Unified Inbox and inventor of “UnficationEngine” - the first intelligent IoT messaging platform. He is a thought leader and influencer on social media for IoT and AI.

Rank: 11 (10)
Power Score: 17

11. Toby Ruckert


Editor, IoT Daily, MediaPost, Columnist, NY Times Business Bestselling Author of Mobile Influence, Internet of Things (IoT) expert, Futurist, Keynote Speaker

Rank: 12 (13)
Power Score: 17

12. Chuck Martin


CEO at Amyx+, IBM IoT Futurist, European Commission, United Nations, Wiley Author, TechCrunch, Postscapes & IoT Institute, Winner of Innovation Awards

Rank: 12 (10)
Power Score: 17

12. Scott Amyx


Project manager Internet of Things, Business Intelligence and Analytics at Sogeti Nederland.

Rank: 14 (15)
Power Score: 16

14. Robert Van Der Veur


Founder of TechProductManagement. Providing essential training for IoT Product Managers | #prodmgmt #IoT #IIoT #IoTprodmgmt

Rank: 15 (16)
Power Score: 16

15. Daniel Elizalde


Founder of #IoT Council

Rank: 16 (16)
Power Score: 15

16. Rob Van Kranenburg


Partner @Deloitte. #Insurance Mentor @sbcInsurance #FinTech #InsurTech @princestrust sponsor. Husband, Dad, Cycling, Running

Rank: 17 (18)
Power Score: 15

17. Nigel Walsh


#Datascience, #IoT, #AI, #MachineLearning, #fintech, #Smartcities, Teaching (#Oxford @DataScience_IoT + @citysciences). views my own

Rank: 18 (19)
Power Score: 15

18. AjitJaokar


Internet of Things & data thought leader. author: SmartStuff Data Dynamite Twitter user #2654.

Rank: 19 (14)
Power Score: 15

19. W. David Stephenson


I blog about chips, broadband and the internet of all the things. Sign up for my newsletter at

Rank: 20 (20)
Power Score: 14

20. Stacey Higginbotham


IBM Distinguished Engineer for Internet of Things, Master Inventor, MQTT, M2M, Node-RED, Raspberry Pi, innovation and invention. Runner. My views are my own.

Rank: 21 (21)
Power Score: 14

21. Andy Stanford-Clark


Woman, Wife, Mother, Non Exec Dir. Cyclist, Global Head of IBM Watson Internet of Things, Commerce & Education. All views my own!

Rank: 22 (21)
Power Score: 14

22. Harriet Green


Co-founder / CTO at Stringify @stringifyit (Former Cisco Chief Futurist). I tweet about the future, IoT, and all things tech-related.

Rank: 23 (24)
Power Score: 14

23. Dave Evans


Excited about emerging tech, advocate for responsible #IoT. Founder @TheWavingCat, @ThingsCon, @ZephyrBerlin. Also @GoodHomeProject @DearsouvenirMag #ixd16.

Rank: 24 (26)
Power Score: 13

24. Peter Bihr


The personal Twitter account of Tom Coates from @thingtonhq. Prev: Brickhouse, Fire Eagle, BBC, Product Club

Rank: 25 (27)
Power Score: 13

25. Tom Coates


dana blouin, Entrepreneur, PhD Candiate at SIIT -Thammasate University #IoT #InternetOfThings #M2M #Mobile #Entrepreneur #SuccessMindset #SuperVillain

Rank: 25 (27)
Power Score: 13

25. Dana Blouin


open hardware, Internet of Things (#iot), Web-based communication, M2M, everything that can connect things, impact on communities, environment & infrastructures

Rank: 27 (29)
Power Score: 13

27. BuildingIoT


IIoT World™ is the first Global DigitalPublication dedicated 100% to #ConnectedIndustry, Industrial Internet of Things, Industry4.0.

Rank: 28 (30)
Power Score: 13

28. IIoT World


Near Future Laboratory / HEAD–Geneve ethnography + digital technology/culture + design fiction newsletter en français:

Rank: 29 (30)
Power Score: 12

29. Nicolasnova


Founder of @MCQN_Ltd. Creator of @Bubblino. Co-founder of @DoESLiverpool. Author @aBookOfThings. Ex-CTO of @GNLteam. Ramblings on #IoT, urbanism and Liverpool

Rank: 30 (33)
Power Score: 12

30. Adrian McEwen


Arduino co-founder. I make stuff. Cittadino Europeo. Tweeting a link doesn't mean endorsing its content.

Rank: 30 (32)
Power Score: 12

30. Massimo Banzi


CTO & co-founder @EVRYTHNG - Web of Things pioneer & Internet of Things expert - author of @wotbook aka @webofthings

Rank: 32 (23)
Power Score: 12

32. Dominique Guinard


Publisher of > Hootsuite Certified Professional > Google Adwords Certified Specialist > Facebook learning BluePrint Program > Author of a Digital Media Book

Rank: 33 (34)
Power Score: 11

33. Carolina Rudinschi


Football fan, author, #IndustrialInternet enabler & head of @GE_Digital. Opinions are my own.

Rank: 34 (34)
Power Score: 11

34. Bill Ruh


I write a lot of about Semantics, NodeJS, and the IoT. I've got a damned interesting reference impementation.

Rank: 35 (36)
Power Score: 11

35. David Janes


Disruptin' Connectin' Definin'. Wearables, mHealth, smarthome: alignin'. SVP @philips IoT's my science. Co-founder @AllSeenAlliance. Join my defiance.

Rank: 36 (12)
Power Score: 11

36. Liat Benzur


technologist | edge computing | streaming | reactive | microservices | api's | ml | cloud | ai | deep learning | iot | fog computing

Rank: 37 (37)
Power Score: 11

37. Blaize D'souza


Founder of Shasta Ventures, a Sand Hill Road based venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology companies. Connected hardware investor.

Rank: 38 (38)
Power Score: 10

38. Rob Coneybeer


Director, PR & Marcom at #intelligent #IoT #messaging company @UnifiedInbox - Editor @TeletimesIntl

Rank: 39 (53)
Power Score: 10

39. Gulraiz Khalid


Mozhe shitou guo he. See also @intrcnnctd and @5point9billion. Wannabe bookshop proprietor: @machinesupply. Startup accelerator MD #rgaiot

Rank: 40 (39)
Power Score: 10

40. Matt Webb


Internationalist & European, Systems Guy & Pattern Observer, Speaker, Strategist, Forecaster, running @iopeople

Rank: 41 (40)
Power Score: 10

41. Martin Spindler


Independent UX/product consultant specialising in #IoT. Lead author of Designing Connected Products (O'Reilly). Likes shouty/bleepy music and proper beer.

Rank: 42 (42)
Power Score: 9

42. Claire Rowland


Pan-European #IoT Innovation Architect | IBM Watson IoT | #ai #innovation #creativity | #speaker #writer #photographer #geek | @danmark50 | Tweets are my own

Rank: 42 (41)
Power Score: 9

42. Kim Escherich


Software engineer trying to work on stuff that matters. Founder @yaler. Organizer @iotzh, @makerfairezh. Embracing the future. Becoming a Maker.

Rank: 42 (42)
Power Score: 9

42. Thomas Amberg


Augmented humanity. Enspirited reality. Insight machines. Cultural computing. Currently principal instigator at Samsung.

Rank: 45 (44)
Power Score: 9

45. Gene Becker


Communications specialist

Rank: 46 (45)
Power Score: 9

46. Sven Hoffmann


Founder and CEO @SmartThings. Being a dad, hiking, flying drones, playing with VR, thinking about AI, and driving IoT are some of my favorite things to do.

Rank: 47 (46)
Power Score: 9

47. Alex Hawkinson


Head Digital Lab @Swisscom. Author @WoTbook. Co-founder: @EVRYTHNG, @webofthings, @foodcrafters. ♥: design, tech & sustainable food.

Rank: 48 (46)
Power Score: 9

48. Vlad Trifa


Wrote How to Fly A Horse—The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery Called a thing the Internet of Things.

Rank: 49 (48)
Power Score: 8

49. Kevin_Ashton


STUDIO CARLA DIANA. Designer, educator and futurist. AUTHOR @leomakerprince / FACULTY @pennIPD @penndesign / FOUNDER @smart_ixdlab #IoT #3Dprinting #robots

Rank: 49 (49)
Power Score: 8

49. Carla Diana


Challenging the #InternetOfThings as SVP Engineering @BoschSI. Blogger, speaker, broker vision & technology. Views are my own. #IoT #OpenSource #EclipseIoT

Rank: 49 (49)
Power Score: 8

49. Stefan Ferber


I work on Internet of Things (#IoT) technologies for the #smarthome | Co-founder of @ModoSmart | Guitar player and maker | Never in the comfort zone

Rank: 49 (49)
Power Score: 8

49. Walter Colitti


#InternetOfThings, #IoT, #IIoT, #BigData, #ArtificialIntelligence, #DigitalTransformation

Rank: 53 (49)
Power Score: 8

53. Stephan Otto


Ubicomp/Internet of Things. Write, design. Wrote Smart Things. ThingM cofounder. Work at PARC. tweets: music, kids, IoT, etc.

Rank: 54 (54)
Power Score: 8

54. Mike Kuniavsky


R&D at LeEco, IoT, software, mobile, wireless, food, travel. what could possibly go wrong? Opinions are my own.

Rank: 54 (55)
Power Score: 8

54. Rob Chandhok


Libelium's CEO, engineer fascinated with the next technological revolution: IoT. A dream: Smart Cities promoting democracy and transparency

Rank: 56 (56)
Power Score: 7

56. Alicia Asín


Founder & CEO Camgian | Entrepreneur | Engineer | Cantabrigian | TEAM NO-QUIT WIN

Rank: 56 (56)
Power Score: 7

56. Gary Butler


CEO at IoT Analytics | Internet of Things expert | Digital Transformation coach | @AnalyticsIoT #IoT #M2M #Industry40

Rank: 58 (58)
Power Score: 7

58. Knud Lueth


CEO, co-founder of Thingsquare @thingsqr, Contiki OS founder

Rank: 59 (60)
Power Score: 7

59. Adam Dunkels


Director of Smart Cities @iSoftStone Civic Engagement | Strategy | Innovation | IoT | Data | Mobility

Rank: 59 (59)
Power Score: 7

59. Greta Knappenberger


Adige, IoT Project Manager

Rank: 61 (61)
Power Score: 7

61. Şamil Beden


#Influencer #IoT #IIot #IoE #BlockChain #Cloud #BidData #DataScience #Analytics #ML #AI #Bots #Microservices #Lean #Agile #DevOps

Rank: 62 (62)
Power Score: 6

62. Steven Fowler


CEO, Advisor, Writer & Activist

Rank: 63 (63)
Power Score: 5

63. Dan McDuffie


Computer Scientist, Engineering Director @MovimentoAuto ⊂ @DelphiAuto, Author, Entrepreneur. #selfdriving #ConnectedCar #IoT. Data ~ Knowledge ~ Products.

Rank: 63 (63)
Power Score: 5

63. Pratik Desai


Father, husband, author, entrepreneur.

Rank: 65 (65)
Power Score: 5

65. Peter Semmelhack


CTO @UnifiedInbox, Entrepreneur, Outsourcing Consultant, Startup-ideas, VC, Venture Capital Bengaluru | Kochi | Singapore

Rank: 65 (80)
Power Score: 5

65. Aby Varghese


Creator of @ThingSpeak, Builder of #iot, Inventor, Comedy Writer, Player of Games, and Game Designer - My Toaster Tweets @mytoaster

Rank: 67 (66)
Power Score: 5

67. Hans Scharler


Husband, father, entrepreneur, investor/advisor/LP, technologist, Cornell '84, fan of anything with wheels, proud ENTP. Founder of ThingWorx, Lighthammer and...

Rank: 68 (67)
Power Score: 4

68. RickBullotta


NYU Professor, SVA professor, author: Building Wireless Sensor Networks, Chief Innovator for Digi International, maker of plants that tweet.

Rank: 70 (69)
Power Score: 3

70. Faludi


Interaction Design Consultant, Researcher, Maker @ Art Center College of Design, Media Design Practices MFA AI & Tangible Interaction, Animistic Design

Rank: 71 (70)
Power Score: 2

71. Philip Van Allen


Senior Staff Software Engineer @ Nest. Pioneered IPv6 in low-power wireless networks. Editor/coauthor of Thread, Wi-SUN, and 6LoWPAN. Maintainer of OpenThread.

Rank: 72 (71)
Power Score: 2

72. Jonathan Hui


Consultant, Chairman of LoRa Alliance, Executive Director IPSO Alliance, Former Presidential Innovation Fellow

Rank: 73 (72)
Power Score: 2

73. Geoff Mulligan


A brit no longer working for Apple in Cupertino. Or Google in Mountain View for that matter.

Rank: 74 (73)
Power Score: 1

74. Hugo Fiennes


A blockchain enthusiast, music lover, big time sci-fi fan, technologist, philosopher and conspiracy analyzer

Rank: 75 (74)
Power Score: 1

75. Japan Patel


Building an 'Internet of things' - one thing at a time...

Rank: 76 (75)
Power Score: 1

76. Stephen Miles


President Harbor Research - Strategist, Tech Analyst, Evangelist for The Internet of Things

Rank: 76 (75)
Power Score: 1

76. Glen Allmendinger


Blending industry with IoT. Researcher, thinker, blogger, speaker, networker, lecturer, father, cyclist. All views are my own.

Rank: 78 (77)
Power Score: 1

78. Florian Michahelles


Cyberphysical Systems, Internet of Things, Drone and Wireless Sensor Networks. Petrolhead and would-be sailor.

Rank: 79 (78)
Power Score: 1

79. Luca Mottola


CEO TELUS Group of companies.RTs are not endorsments.

Rank: 79 (78)
Power Score: 1

79. Hussain KP

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