Gamification Gurus Power 100

Published by: toby beresford


The Gamification Gurus Power 100 ranks players according to their digital impact around the topic of gamification each month.

Find out who is active, making the news with gamification, and who to talk to when it comes to Gamification.

The objective of this leaderboard is to promote greater discussion of gamification across digital by highlighting those with greatest impact on the subject.

Sign up to join in next month's Gamification Gurus leaderboard by clicking on the Join button above. Please note that joining will sign you up for the following month's leaderboard as the leaderboard needs a full month of activity to be able to give you a score.

You can drill down on any guru to view their stats.  

To participate on this leaderboard you must be an individual rather than a company or team.





Joining us

Are you a Gamification Guru? Get detailed feedback on your quest to become the world's digital thought leader in gamification with a monthly score compared against peers.

About the guru score

Notes on scoring

  • 96% of the guru score is given if you have tweeted at least 10 times during the previous month as tracked using Twitter Search.
  • 2% of the guru score is based on your Kred Influence
  • 2% of the guru score is based on your Kred Outreach.

Please note that Twitter does not provide 100% accuracy with its search results due to its shadow banning policy.

In order to be sure that sufficient tweets have been added to by Twitter please check your Score Entries. If your tweets are not there please try doing a twitter search on your username anonymously - it may be that your tweets are being filtered out by Twitter from search - in which case you need to contact Twitter to request your account is unbanned.

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