New ScoreBook

What's a ScoreBook?

An automated ScoreBook will do the work for you of synching your list of Players, collecting Data Entries and generating weekly Bulletins. It can take a little effort to get it set up exactly as you would like it but once set up you can leave it to keep doing the work for you.

While you can start from scratch, we recommend choosing a template from the list below. You can always contact us for support if you have a specific ScoreBook in mind.

Instant Leaderboard

Create a leaderboard that instantly updates and can be shown on a web page, or up on a big TV monitor.

  • Add your players or teams.
  • Enter their latest scores and see the leaderboard update instantly.
  • Upload a photo for each player to make it really visually appealing.

Email Scorecard

  • Consolidate multiple metrics.
  • Keep a weekly record of scores over time.
  • Send out emails to your players each week and encourage them to check their progress.

Blank ScoreBook

Create your ScoreBook then contact us to get a monthly price plan just for you.

  • Fully configure your own scorecard from scratch.
  • Great for experienced ScoreBook admins.