Video Game Social Activity 2:26pm, 20th Jan 2014

Published by: Andrzej Marczewski

This leaderboard shows the most active publishers and community managers in the games industry. Whilst mostly aimed at the UK, there are a few global ones in there.

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Head of PR & Communications @GreenManGaming, @Playfire & @GreenManLoaded. Proud @GamesAid trustee. I do my best work when wearing slippers :D


Weighted Index


Weighted Index Calculation

Scoring is based on tweets, mentions, retweets and Klout. At the moment the exact calculations are a work in progress. ReTweets and Mentions are worth more than Tweets and Klout. Also, there is a calculation that checks how close your number of tweets to mentions is. The closer together they are, the LOWER the score  - which is good as it shows that you are neither a pure broadcaster or a lurker. The number can be distractingly large (in the 10's of thousands!), due to limitations in the formula I can use!

Metric Actual Weighted Score
Weighted Index 0


0 0


0 0


0 0

Klout score

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