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Paul Andrews Profile Image Paul Andrews
Award Winning Global Family Business Champion Sharing Resources, News, & Insights. The Voice Of Family Business. #FBOTY2019 #GBFB2019 #USFamilyBizDay2019
840 10 850


Russ   Haworth Profile Image Russ Haworth
Dad to two beautiful girls | Chartered Financial Planner | Family Business Consultant (ACFBA) | Podcast Host @FamBizPodcast | Public Speaker
784 8 792


Josh Daspit Profile Image Josh Daspit
Business Professor. Researching and sharing insights on #familybusiness, #management & #entrepreneurship. All views are my own.
782 8 790


Manuel Bermejo Profile Image Manuel Bermejo
Consejero #EmpresaFamiliar, Gobierno Corporativo, #Emprendimiento, #Industria40, #Educaci├│n, Profesor, Conferenciante, Escritor. Socio & Presidente @TheFamilyAB
771 7 778


Suzi   Woolfson Profile Image Suzi Woolfson
Head of Private Business at PWC #weareyourPWC #forceofnature #privatebusiness .Likes fine wines and education and my children .All tweets are my own views .
768 7 775


Christian Mancier Profile Image Christian Mancier
Commercial, practical & proactive partner @Gorvins Sols, Chair Stockport Economic Alliance, dad, road cycling fanatic & foodie. #FamilyBusiness. Views own etc
756 7 763


WayneMessick Profile Image WayneMessick
Family Business Consultant
742 9 751


Wayne Rivers Profile Image Wayne Rivers
Co-founder of The Family Business Institute, Speaker, Author, Wall St. Journal Expert Panelist, and family business advisor. Reach us at (877)-326-2493
734 6 740


Sian   Steele Profile Image Sian Steele
Love working with family businesses and entrepreneurs. I relax by spending time with my husband, dogs and boys or pottering in my garden. Views entirely my own.
728 7 735


Carrie Hall Profile Image Carrie Hall
Americas Family Business Leader @EY_Growth. I help entrepreneurial family businesses sustain growth and competitive advantage across generations.
726 6 732


Smith Family Business Initiative At Cornell Profile Image Smith Family Business Initiative At Cornell
The Smith Family Business Initiative at Cornell is dedicated to educating and informing business owners and leaders that work in, with or for a family business.
725 6 731


Naveen   Khajanchi Profile Image Naveen Khajanchi
Helping Evolve Leadership as a Thought leader . I am an Executive Coach , Author , Leadership Search Partner and Consultant in Family Business.
721 8 729


TheFamBizNet Profile Image TheFamBizNet
The network for #familybusiness in #Cumbria #Lancashire #Yorkshire #Lincolnshire. Support, #Insight events, Family Business Conference #fambizconf, Awards &more
721 6 727


Tharawat.org Profile Image Tharawat.org
An independent membership association and network dedicated to the sustainability, innovation, and growth of MENA family businesses.
707 6 713


Ian Smyth Profile Image Ian Smyth
Lecturer @UlsterBizSchool; Researching HRM & Family Firms; Husband to Rebekah & Dad to Isaac,Theo & Abigail; North-coast dweller; Music lover. All views my own.
705 7 712


Stephanie Hyde Profile Image Stephanie Hyde
PwC UK Executive Board Member and Head of Regions
700 5 705


Tom Deans Profile Image Tom Deans
NY Times Top10 Author, Every Family's Business & Willing Wisdom. Prof Speaker Family Wealth Transfers & Founder of the Willing Wisdom IndexTM Digital Disruptor
691 5 696


Claire Seaman Profile Image Claire Seaman
#FamilyBusiness researcher, author & Professor. Editor in Chief at Journal of Family Business Management (@JFBM19, #JFBM), Co-chair @ISBEFamBizSIG Views my own
684 6 690


FFIGlobal Profile Image FFIGlobal
The leading global resource for intelligence, education, and professional development of the family business and family wealth fields.
679 2 681


Clare Stirzaker Profile Image Clare Stirzaker
Partner and #Familybusiness advisor @PwC_UK. Advises #privatebusiness and #privateclients on #familygovernance and #tax across the globe! Adores dogs
654 5 659


Howard Hackney Profile Image Howard Hackney
Howard Hackney LLP - advisory only Chartered Accountants focussing on mid market family businesses & professional practices
648 5 653


John A. Davis Profile Image John A. Davis
Family business, family wealth, family office | MIT Sloan Professor of family enterprise | Chairman, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group @CambridgeFE
647 5 652


DAL Family Business Profile Image DAL Family Business
The Centre for Family Business and Regional Prosperity is dedicated to the support and promotion of #familybusinesses. #succession #legacy
646 5 651


Family Business Review Profile Image Family Business Review
The leading academic journal publishing interdisciplinary empirical and theoretical insights on family business. #familybusiness #familyfirm (IF 4.147)
646 5 651


Mairi Mickel Profile Image Mairi Mickel
Business Family expert. #FamBiz advisor, 4th gen biz owner. Independent director. Professional speaker & author. Mother of 3 beauties.
645 5 650


Farrer & Co Profile Image Farrer & Co
We are synonymous with the highest quality legal advice and service. Client service sits at the heart of all we do. We are modern lawyers with timeless values.
646 3 649


ChicagoFBC At DePaul Profile Image ChicagoFBC At DePaul
Supporting family and privately-held businesses in Chicagoland since 1994. Using education, emotional intelligence and community for continued learning.
642 6 648


Twiddleco Profile Image Twiddleco
Board Advisory, Executive Search and Leadership Consulting, exclusively for Entrepreneur Led, Investor Backed and Family Owned businesses.
639 5 644


Martin Cowie Profile Image Martin Cowie
Experienced private business partner focusing on all types of family owned businesses, inbounds, listed Groups the Dons and new Indie music! All views my own
635 6 641


Hania M.   Hammoud Profile Image Hania M. Hammoud
#Attorney_at_Law #FamilyBusiness & #Wealth #Legal #Advisor #Speaker& #Mentor #Developer of the #Familybusiness legal model that keeps the #familyinbusiness #PHD
636 5 641


Stuart Hatcher Profile Image Stuart Hatcher
PwC Legal corporate partner, all aspects of company law! Brentford FC fan!
634 6 640


Andrew   Keyt Profile Image Andrew Keyt
Author of Myths and Mortals: Family Business Leadership and Succession Planning - Speaker, Consultant, Educator
635 5 640


Norma Stewart Profile Image Norma Stewart
Not just the norm! An accountant and tax adviser with a passion for family business. I am a Mum and a rugby fanatic but only from the touchline!
615 6 621


Birketts' Family Biz Profile Image Birketts' Family Biz
Our #familybusiness team includes #lawyers from a range of disciplines - all with a knowledge and understanding of the challenges in #fambiz.
606 4 610


Niall G MacKenzie Profile Image Niall G MacKenzie
Senior Lecturer at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow. Business historian. Runs on tea. Pride of Perth. Views own etc.
597 5 602


BanyanGlobal Profile Image BanyanGlobal
BanyanGlobal's experienced team of advisors helps the world's premiere business families navigate change and establish the roots of multigenerational success.
597 4 601


Adib Rashid Profile Image Adib Rashid
Family enterprise advisor. supporting FE build their future and sustain their legacy #familygovernance #businesscontinuity #nectgeneration
595 5 600


Chris Romans Profile Image Chris Romans
Private Business and Real Estate Partner at PwC. Passionate about my family and #PrivateBusiness. All views are personal.
586 4 590


Galliard Institute Profile Image Galliard Institute
Galliard is an international collective of advisors and business owners working to support the success of family-owned and closely-held businesses.
586 3 589


Women In FB Profile Image Women In FB
WIFB is a global resource and sharing platform for women involved in the family enterprise. #familybusiness
583 4 587


Jeff Darwin Profile Image Jeff Darwin
*Gig Executive* Public Spaces, Financial Services, Family Business, Health Care & Education Expert
581 5 586


Rajiv Agarwal Profile Image Rajiv Agarwal
Family Business Consultant, Associate Professor of Family Business at SPJIMR Mumbai.
579 3 582


EDHEC FamBiz   Centre Profile Image EDHEC FamBiz Centre
Inspiring and supporting #familybusiness communities in sustaining the long-term #entrepreneurialmodel across generations through #research #education & #events
573 4 577


FBU Scotland Profile Image FBU Scotland
Regular insights, news & more besides as we celebrate & champion family businesses in Scotland. Organisers of Scottish Family Business Week too.
572 4 576


Sascha Janzen Profile Image Sascha Janzen
#Property #Wealth #Succession #Impact
572 4 576


Empresa Familiar UC Profile Image Empresa Familiar UC
Cátedra Santander de Empresa Familiar de la Universidad de Cantabria #EmpresaFamiliar #UNICAN #FamilyBusiness
569 4 573


Ben Fowler Profile Image Ben Fowler
We are a specialist consultancy, owned by the Vestey family. We provide trusted advice to family-owned firms on how to manage their pension arrangements.
568 5 573


Oriana Pound Profile Image Oriana Pound
Globetrotter. Mentor. Gourmet. Work for PwC, but opinions are my own.
565 4 569


Ian Plunkett Profile Image Ian Plunkett
PwC partner leading large private business in Yorks. Humber LEP Board member. Family, Leicester City, Rugby and Yorkshire cricket. Views my own.
564 4 568


Family Business GC Profile Image Family Business GC
A nonprofit organization for promoting awareness about the important role played by family businesses in the international economies. http://t.co/7adFZYhFrS
564 3 567
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7th Jan - 14th Jan 2019
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