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Up 67
From 119 to 52 52nd Profile Image Evgeni Kouris
Artist, entrepreneur and gamification expert. Founder of Gamewheel - SaaS platform helping enterprises to effectively communicate with power of gamification and mobile AR/VR.

Up 67
From 94 to 27 27th Profile Image Alper Berber
Gamification Designer | Guitar Player | Camper

Up 53
From 101 to 48 48th Profile Image Sebastian Deterding
Empirical philosopher designing & researching playful & gameful things. Reader @UniOfYork. Associate @whatsthehubbub. Co-editor of @gamefulworld.

Up 47
From 125 to 78 78th Profile Image Joshua Wong
Figuring out #Gamification with @Gamfed and #HRTech #VC #investments with #HRTechTank. Linkedin:

Up 38
From 125 to 87 87th Profile Image Magriet Mouton
Learn, apply, teach. That's how I create hero days. #Organdonar|#StrengthsFinder advocate. Searching for the pearls in people through their stories.

Up 37
From 104 to 67 67th Profile Image Darryn VDB
Crafting Purposeful Play - and making the learning count

Up 36
From 119 to 83 83rd Profile Image Antonio Tbahs

Up 35
From 125 to 90 90th Profile Image Cesc Garriga Pons
Gamification - Tech. Project Manager - eLearning 2.0

Up 33
From 125 to 92 92nd Profile Image Isidro Rodrigo
Serious Gamer + HRer + Lifelong Learner + Shiny Happy People Searcher + Other Undiscovered Things = That's me!

Up 32
From 125 to 93 93rd Profile Image Kevin Shane
What drives me: #marketplacelending #fintech #realestate skiing kitesurfing family+friends #gamification #socialimpact exploration maps @sharestates

New arrivals...

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Zdravko Botushanov Profile Image Zdravko Botushanov
#Software #Trainer | #Presenter | #Speaker | Interested in #gamification, #boardgames and #gadgets
Albert van der Meer Profile Image Albert van der Meer
A European based creative consultant and freelance filmmaker. Currently focused on gamification and live-action educational simulations.
mustafa Abdelmohiman Profile Image mustafa Abdelmohiman
Gamification designer specialized in psychology and social science
Tiago Marinho Sizenando Profile Image Tiago Marinho Sizenando
Entrepreneur and gamification designer at The Octalysis Group. Searching for the rules of the perfect game.

Slip sliding away...

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Down 74
From 39 to 113 113th Marco Vallarino Profile Image Marco Vallarino
Journalist, writer, game designer: I work with Gamification, play with Interactive Fiction and viceversa

Down 71
From 42 to 113 113th Patrick Bartl Profile Image Patrick Bartl
Strategy Consultant @IBM - Digital Enthusiast, Speaker | Passion for #DigitalTransformation, #ChangeManagement, #Gamification, #DesignThinking

Down 55
From 29 to 84 84th Hanan Gazit Profile Image Hanan Gazit
Gameful Experience Engineer, Video Games Researcher. Founder @julooting, Owner @GamefulHeroes, Keynote Speaker & Startups Mentor, Gamer.

Down 53
From 60 to 113 113th Rob Hulsen Profile Image Rob Hulsen
co-founder Hulan Studio. Serious games with a smile ;)

Down 43
From 51 to 94 94th Pedro Crespo Profile Image Pedro Crespo
"The idea is to die young as late as possible"

Down 43
From 70 to 113 113th Javier Cuervo Profile Image Javier Cuervo
Arriesgarse es lo más seguro

Down 37
From 76 to 113 113th Raf Keustermans Profile Image Raf Keustermans
CEO of Sportslate, a sports analytics startup. Former co-founder & CEO of social casino startup Plumbee, acquired by Sony's GSN Games in 2016.

Down 35
From 78 to 113 113th Jussi Mori Profile Image Jussi Mori
Office Server & Services MVP Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur, Gamification evangelist, Gamer, SciFi and Fantasy Geek. Looking for the Internet 3.0...

Down 31
From 82 to 113 113th Michiel Van Eunen Profile Image Michiel Van Eunen
Gamification Expert | Experience Designer

Down 29
From 84 to 113 113th Jean-Yves Clic&Gain Profile Image Jean-Yves Clic&Gain
Mettez du sourire dans votre communication ! #gamification
12:00am - 1st Aug 2017
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1st Jul - 1st Aug 2017
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