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Up 204
From 230 to 26 26th Profile Image John Adewole
Founder and CEO at IFB Gaming. Director of Learning at Hubert Ogunde School. Doctorate Student.

Up 203
From 226 to 23 23rd Profile Image Valary Oleinik
speaker | elearning enthusiast | gamifier | geek | writer | presentation designer and coach | communicator | querist

Up 194
From 216 to 22 22nd Profile Image Melinda Jacobs
Founder & Managing Director @subatomicnl . member @create_converge . international speaker . startup coach . UX . AI . entrepreneur . gamification

Up 152
From 168 to 16 16th Profile Image Marcel Klimo
Designer, Gamer and Father of a little warrior princess. Project Manager & Chief Viking at @vacuumlabs

Up 36
From 148 to 112 112th Profile Image Alessandro I
A guy with a mobile that enjoys #Journalism , my #JackRussell Kobi & #Socialmedia ... I hate fish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Up 35
From 191 to 156 156th Profile Image Antonio Segovia
Gamifier & Designer at Bitoon Games

Up 26
From 117 to 91 91st Profile Image Flavio Escribano
PhD. Head of [Gamification] Research Team at @gecon_es || Founder of @arsgames. Quiz me, baby

Up 24
From 125 to 101 101st Profile Image Mike Finney
Can do! I am living a Yes Attitude while sharing a smile with the people I meet. Just like the Agile Manifesto says: People First. I am Mike Finney; I apply Gamification to add color where the world is gray and dull. How can I help you?

Up 22
From 310 to 288 288th Profile Image Thaynan Mariano
Entrepreneur, Consultant & Speaker | Head of Marketing | Gamification | Startup Grind | Junior Chamber International

Up 16
From 372 to 356 356th Profile Image Arkadiusz Siechowicz
Ewangelizator Gamifikacji, Pasjonuje mnie rozwój i ciągłe szukanie skutecznych metod rozwoju.

Slip sliding away...

Rank chg Guru

Down 196
From 23 to 219 219th Jose Rodriguez Balda Profile Image Jose Rodriguez Balda
Emprendedor, gamificación por más de 10 años. Socio Ideasser S.C.

Down 66
From 7 to 73 73rd Oscar García Pañella Profile Image Oscar García Pañella
Multimedia, Transmedia, Storytelling, UX, Agile, Serious Games, Gamification (Program Director, Researcher, Professor, Developer, Producer & Consultant)

Down 56
From 4 to 60 60th Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal Profile Image Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal
Social Psychologist. Gamification Designer.Executive Trainer and Coach. Professor and Author:"Gamificación en la empresa","CommuniCARDS". Coordinator of Psychology and Technology Group in COPMadrid

Down 44
From 3 to 47 47th Steven Isaacs Profile Image Steven Isaacs
Teacher|Video Game Development|#ISTE2016 Outstanding Teacher |PBS Lead Digital Innovator NJ|@brainpop CBE | #MIE | #minecraft mentor | @minefaire producer

Down 7
From 170 to 177 177th Serena Profile Image Serena
#bigdata #artificialintelligence #gamification #blogging #socialmedia

Down 6
From 120 to 126 126th Andoni Sanz Profile Image Andoni Sanz
Computer Scientist + STEM Teacher + EdTechnologist + Google Educator + Moodle expert + Gamifier

Down 6
From 111 to 117 117th keith ng Profile Image keith ng
office uncle, co-founding team @gametize. #gamification advocate who wants to turn world into a giant playground. loves cheap food, retro games, and old stuff.

Down 6
From 115 to 121 121st Bob Marsh Profile Image Bob Marsh
Could be a decent golfer but rather hang with the fam & build a company.

Down 6
From 119 to 125 125th JesseSchell Profile Image JesseSchell
I am a game designer.

Down 6
From 108 to 114 114th André Cavero Profile Image André Cavero
Family 1st, after that #Innovation #Startups #Gamification & #Music lover. #Digital #Marketing at Interbank in #Peru. Cocinero/dueño de @foodrockersperu
12:00am - 1st Dec 2018
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1st Nov - 1st Dec 2018
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