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Up 103
From 128 to 25 25th Profile Image Yuri Quintana
Yuri Quintana, Harvard Medical School Prof @yuriquintana teaches courses on in Barcelona, Mexico & Boston

Up 88
From 128 to 40 40th Profile Image Fulvio Meloni
#Social #Selling #Sunglasses Online since 1996 Twitter Expert I'm ranked in the TOP 0,1 % of #SocialMedia users

Up 86
From 128 to 42 42nd Profile Image Robby Ball
Senior IT Executive, Social Media Strategist

Up 79
From 128 to 49 49th Profile Image Mario Herger
I help people make work more fun

Up 75
From 128 to 53 53rd Profile Image Sydes Jokes
We don't stop laughing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop laughing.

Up 74
From 111 to 37 37th Profile Image Dennis Crowley
I like to build things (Founder @Foursquare

Up 74
From 128 to 54 54th Profile Image Javier Cuervo
Arriesgarse es lo más seguro

Up 72
From 111 to 39 39th Profile Image Thomas Power
PLC Board Member @9Spokes, Speaker, #OpenBanking #AI #BigData #Blockchain #Crypto #GDPR #ICO #SaaS @WhatsApp +447875695012

Up 71
From 128 to 57 57th Profile Image Volker Hirsch
@BlueBeckStudios, @EmergeLab, @Bibblio_org, @QuantifiedV, @TechNorthAdv, @DigitalHiveMacc - Founder, advisor, Angel with small wings... European

Up 70
From 128 to 58 58th Profile Image Francisco Revuelta
Miembro de @Asocgrupoalfas y @RedRute, Presidente de @CIVE131, videojuegos, #gamificación, #educacionemocional, e-learning, diseños de formación, TIC

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Josep M Martinez  Profile Image Josep M Martinez 
Social Media Strategist at
Leyla Önal Profile Image Leyla Önal

Slip sliding away...

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Down 296
From 73 to 369 369th Amy Jo Kim Profile Image Amy Jo Kim
Game Designer, Bass Player, Startup Coach, Mom❤️

Down 267
From 64 to 331 331st Setin Maganean Profile Image Setin Maganean
Passionate Gamifier, Serious Games Creator, Gaming for Knowledge Enthusiast.

Down 260
From 109 to 369 369th Noemí Blanch Profile Image Noemí Blanch
En Versión Beta permanente, aprenseño y trabaj(ueg)o.Gamificación como medio para mejorar.. Lifeaholica, knowmad, seriéfila i disfrutona ;)#Keepcalmandplay

Down 250
From 119 to 369 369th Alper Çugun Profile Image Alper Çugun
Lead Software Engineer & Design Strategist, author of “Designing Conversational Interfaces”, consulting on new technology and better collaboration, he/him

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Jose Antonio Antolín (Jota) Profile Image Jose Antonio Antolín (Jota)
#SocialMedia Manager & Strategist. #Marketing Digital and Networker.

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Jerryfilipiak Profile Image Jerryfilipiak
I enjoy making people happy. I also bend things.

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Bruno Forgiarini Profile Image Bruno Forgiarini
Doutorando em Linguística Aplicada - Universidade Católica de Pelotas. Gamification Researcher - Brazil.

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Toby Barnes Profile Image Toby Barnes
TECHNO. Group Strategy Director at AKQA. (mostly Nike)   Views are my own etc. Last seen @ Jewel Box.

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Philippe SharpCreatPhil Profile Image Philippe SharpCreatPhil
Background in business #process and organizational transformation. Expertise in #gamification and #engagement. Whisky and coffee drinker!

Down 241
From 128 to 369 369th Ivan   Kuo Profile Image Ivan Kuo
Managing Editor of @GamificationCo and a personal space for #gamification. All views expressed here are my own.
1:59pm - 1st Mar 2018
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