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From 111 to 57 57th Profile Image Ian Bogost
Writer and game designer. @GeorgiaTech Professor, @TheAtlantic Contributing Editor. My new book is Play Anything, out now:

Up 52
From 124 to 72 72nd Profile Image Sergio Jiménez
Creator of Gamification Model Canvas. Founder of Aiwin. Co-Founder of Gamification World Congress.

Up 49
From 111 to 62 62nd Profile Image Joris Beerda
Gamification Expert; Octalysis Master

Up 47
From 94 to 47 47th Profile Image Isidro Rodrigo
Serious Gamer + HRer + Lifelong Learner + Shiny Happy People Searcher + Other Undiscovered Things = That's me!

Up 44
From 95 to 51 51st Profile Image Rich Wallace
father of crazy twins. gamer, #ux believer and #gamification geek.

Up 39
From 103 to 64 64th Profile Image Bo Armstrong
#IOpsych grad student; #tech in #training & #selection

Up 36
From 65 to 29 29th Profile Image Rob Alvarez Bucholska
#Gamification for learning at @IEBusiness School Publishing. Founder of Professor Game.

Up 31
From 77 to 46 46th Profile Image Gabe Zichermann
CEO & Co-Founder of, author on Behavioral Design & Gamification, Speaker, Mentor, Bon Vivant (classic definition).

Up 31
From 74 to 43 43rd Profile Image Cesc Garriga Pons
Gamification - Tech. Project Manager - eLearning 2.0

Up 30
From 97 to 67 67th Profile Image Mathias Vermeulen
Really cool stuff in L&D with #TeamWinstonWolfe - Fan of Seattle #Seahawks!

New arrivals...

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I ArabianPages Profile Image I ArabianPages
Jeannie EvntGrrl Profile Image Jeannie EvntGrrl
Co-Founder @PowerEventGroup, CMP, DES, #EventProfs, #EventTech Geek, Social Media Addict, #Gamification, @AdoptASpot #Dalmatian Rescue Volunteer
Jose Angel   Cano Profile Image Jose Angel Cano
Founder&CEO at @wonnova. Partner at @virtualama. ex-@IVIclinics,@bmw. Digital entrepreneur. Father of 2 lovely girls and husband. Biker, traveller.
Mario Herger Profile Image Mario Herger
I help people make work more fun
Bernardo Crespo Profile Image Bernardo Crespo
... aprendiendo y siendo (yo mismo), porque como decía Wilde, el resto de personajes ya están cogidos |
Humberto   Cervera Profile Image Humberto Cervera
Killer of gloom & Bringer of joy / Writer & Producer for Cartoon Network Mexico / I tweet about superheroes, science and videogames.
Amirhossein Seghatoleslami Profile Image Amirhossein Seghatoleslami
Gamification designer and Growth hacker
Dr. Justin   Marquis Profile Image Dr. Justin Marquis
Juggler of human brains, e-learning and video games! Game-based learning authority and curriculum design mastermind!
Ruth S.   Contreras Profile Image Ruth S. Contreras
GameDesigner/Professor/Researcher. ★GAMES★ Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Communication #personatgesenjoc
Alper Çugun Profile Image Alper Çugun
Software Engineer & Design Strategist, author of “Designing Conversational Interfaces”, consulting on chatbots (@whatsthehubbub, @cuppings, @bycatchgame) he/him

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Down 89
From 21 to 110 110th Patrick Bartl Profile Image Patrick Bartl
Strategy Consultant @IBM - Digital Enthusiast, Speaker | Passion for #DigitalTransformation, #ChangeManagement, #Gamification, #DesignThinking

Down 64
From 40 to 104 104th Marco Vallarino Profile Image Marco Vallarino
Journalist, writer, game designer: I work with Gamification, play with Interactive Fiction and viceversa

Down 63
From 47 to 110 110th Lauren S. Ferro Profile Image Lauren S. Ferro
#Gamification Consultant & Game User Experience Researcher | Author | #playerProfiler | #gamePsych | #personality | #gamicards | music | kites | views my own

Down 54
From 52 to 106 106th Marcel Klimo Profile Image Marcel Klimo
Gamification Designer & Speaker Currently working on @PlayDailyHero and playing too much @PlayOverwatch

Down 39
From 23 to 62 62nd Marigo Raftopoulos Profile Image Marigo Raftopoulos
Recreating the enterprise with human-centered design. Strategy Advisor, Systems Designer, recently minted PhD in enterprise games and gamification.

Down 38
From 54 to 92 92nd Gamifier Profile Image Gamifier
Gamifier and speaker. Make our environment more FUN by gamification. Take fun seriously! Check for more info. #gamification

Down 35
From 24 to 59 59th Manuel Pimenta Profile Image Manuel Pimenta
A gamification designer with a background in development, a scout leader, a musician and an aspiring speaker/writer/blogger.

Down 33
From 19 to 52 52nd Marco Tonetti Profile Image Marco Tonetti
Designer | Product and Project Manager | Marketing and Communications Expert | Founder of GearedNomad. You can write me at

Down 22
From 72 to 94 94th Priscilla   Haring Profile Image Priscilla Haring
Ph(?) Consulting | Research support | Design advice | Games in Health | Media psychology MSc & 1/2 PhD | Homo Ludens | Serious Gaming | #VR #GBL NL/ENG

Down 22
From 64 to 86 86th Michael Fergusson Profile Image Michael Fergusson
Michael is a business poet. He composes his businesses in Vancouver BC.
12:00am - 1st Mar 2017
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