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Up 223
From 254 to 31 31st Profile Image Alper Berber
Gamification Designer | Guitar Player | Camper

Up 175
From 198 to 23 23rd Profile Image Dennis Kappen
Gamification Consultant and Researcher, UX specialist; Interaction Experience Designer

Up 151
From 169 to 18 18th Profile Image Bart Hufen
Gamification | Transformer | Speaker | Author of 'A Brand New Playground' | Player 1 @ BrandNewGame |

Up 127
From 141 to 14 14th Profile Image Madhusudan Rao
Gamifying the World! My book on Gamification in Learning and IT is out on sale-…. Opinions are my own.

Up 73
From 80 to 7 7th Profile Image Dade Ronan
Author Speaker Web Developer IT Analyst #Gamification Consultant

Up 73
From 83 to 10 10th Profile Image Karl Kapp
Helping people understand the convergence of learning, technology, games & Gamification through engagement, laughter and insight.

Up 27
From 241 to 214 214th Profile Image Tze Tze Tan
Using delta to beat alpha

Up 23
From 107 to 84 84th Profile Image Mr. Panda
I talk about games, books and learning. All related!

Up 6
From 276 to 270 270th Profile Image Mohammad Taghi Karimi

Up 4
From 332 to 328 328th Profile Image Emilia Pittet
First YouTube channel in French about gamification : Amy ou Emi

New arrivals...

Rank Change Guru
lara oliveti Profile Image lara oliveti
CEO |Co-owner|Founder Melazeta Srl @iMelazeta creating games and apps for brand engagement and kids. #AugmentedReality #VR Follow my #Gamification

Slip sliding away...

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Down 203
From 27 to 230 230th Samantha Clarke Profile Image Samantha Clarke
Designer and researcher for game-based learning & Gamification. Cert Lego Serious Play facilitator. Mum. D&D fanatic. She/Her. blog here:

Down 197
From 25 to 222 222nd Joris Beerda Profile Image Joris Beerda
Gamification Expert; Octalysis Master

Down 179
From 18 to 197 197th Gustavo Tondello Profile Image Gustavo Tondello
Gamification Scientist and Consultant. Ph.D. Student, HCI Games Group. Logosophy Researcher.

Down 42
From 2 to 44 44th Vladimer Botsvadze Profile Image Vladimer Botsvadze
Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Top 1% Marketing & Social Media Influencer | Professor | Fortune 500 Consultant | Speaker | TV Commentator | Bookings:

Down 7
From 21 to 28 28th Zdravko Botushanov Profile Image Zdravko Botushanov
@Gamifinno | Top 25 #Gamification Guru | #Software #Trainer | #Presenter | #Speaker

Down 5
From 78 to 83 83rd Christoph Schmutz Profile Image Christoph Schmutz
Chief Information Officer Ceyond, Multi Award Winner, Top Social CIO, Trainspotter, Provider of @CDO_Insights, @CIO_Index and @PostAppEra; Tweets are my own

Down 5
From 84 to 89 89th Tom Chatfield Profile Image Tom Chatfield
Author, tech philosopher, dad. Nascent novelist. New book 'Critical Thinking' out now and looking rather lovely #TalkCriticalThinking

Down 5
From 56 to 61 61st Guy Stephens | @guy1067 Profile Image Guy Stephens | @guy1067
Social Customer Care Managing Consultant, IBM.

Down 5
From 56 to 61 61st Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal Profile Image Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal
Social Psychologist. Gamification Designer.Executive Trainer and Coach. Professor and Author:"Gamificación en la empresa","CommuniCARDS". Coordinator of Psychology and Technology Group in COPMadrid

Down 5
From 41 to 46 46th Ian Bogost Profile Image Ian Bogost
Writer and game designer. @GeorgiaTech Professor, @TheAtlantic Contributing Editor, @objectsobjects co-editor. Read "Play Anything":
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