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From 378 to 120 120th Profile Image Elitsa Krumova
|DigitalUnicorn|Tech PRO|Marketing & SM|Cyber Security|AI & ML|Ex: IBM, Google|

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From 378 to 268 268th Profile Image Marwan Fathy
Digest... we ba3d kedah ..... Suggest !!!

Up 31
From 265 to 234 234th Profile Image Mohammad Taghi Karimi

Up 28
From 378 to 350 350th Profile Image Richard Beresford
Livelihoods supply chain coordinator

Up 28
From 295 to 267 267th Profile Image Drew Crecente
Founder of Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity producing serious games.

Up 23
From 166 to 143 143rd Profile Image Jussi Mori
#UserAdoption #JediMaster Office Apps & Services MVP, Serial Entrepreneur, Hacker of things, Gamer, SciFi and Fantasy Geek. Looking for the Internet 3.0...

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From 316 to 298 298th Profile Image HoffmanDan
Edtech evangelist and passionate foodie

Up 11
From 240 to 229 229th Profile Image Mohammad Asadollahi
هیچ ندانم

Up 6
From 48 to 42 42nd Profile Image Steven L. Johnson
Human. Social scientist. Pronouns: he or they

Up 4
From 114 to 110 110th Profile Image David Bundi
Head #RegTech @PwCLegal #Switzerland | Co-Head #Zurich Chapter@DSRPTNdisciples | #RegTechLeader | #Compliance Expert | #RegTechEnables | Views are my own.

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Josep M Martinez  Profile Image Josep M Martinez 
Social Media Strategist at

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From 348 to 356 356th Richard Beresford Profile Image Richard Beresford
Block chain ledgers for small holder farmers

Down 6
From 249 to 255 255th Javier Molina Romero Profile Image Javier Molina Romero
Especialista en tecnología para la Gamification y un apasionado de la teoría de la diversión. Co-fundador de, la primera plataforma de habla hispana de gamificación. Javier tiene gran experiencia en el desarrollo de tecnología para la gamificación y ha trabajado en varios proyectos e integraciones, desde APP’s Mobile hasta TPV’s Gamificados. Desde 2004, se ha basado en ap...

Down 5
From 294 to 299 299th SocialMediaSoul Profile Image SocialMediaSoul
My passion is to help others by finding simple solutions to complex problems.

Down 4
From 234 to 238 238th Brian Burke Profile Image Brian Burke
Skier, Mountain Biker, Gamification & Enterprise Architecture expert at @Gartner_inc

Down 4
From 280 to 284 284th WillemMulder Profile Image WillemMulder
New ideas to solve problems. Prototypes. Startups. Change.

Down 4
From 256 to 260 260th Nacho   Barrau Profile Image Nacho Barrau
Entrepreneur. Passionate about gamification,startup and innovation. Director of Strategy & Co-Founder of Gamygame

Down 4
From 361 to 365 365th Benedikt Morschheuser Profile Image Benedikt Morschheuser

Down 4
From 203 to 207 207th Mdohlen Profile Image Mdohlen
Startup guy & Innovation Consultant | product brands & ecommerce | innovation, service design, corporate innovation, business model generation

Down 4
From 238 to 242 242nd Amitguptaz Profile Image Amitguptaz
AVP Product @oyorooms Views expressed here are personal.

Down 4
From 303 to 307 307th Brady   Choate Profile Image Brady Choate
I love to draw, paint, code, and write in my teeny house on the side of a mountain.
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