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From 136 to 26 26th Profile Image André Cavero
Family 1st, after that #Innovation #Startups #Gamification & #Music lover. #Digital #Marketing at Interbank in #Peru. Cocinero/dueño de @foodrockersperu

Up 71
From 136 to 65 65th Profile Image Sezan Sezgin
Gamification, Wearable Technologies, Smart Digital Assistants, Open Learning, MAKU Faculty of Edu.

Up 59
From 136 to 77 77th Profile Image Dennis Crowley
I like to build things (Founder @Foursquare

Up 54
From 136 to 82 82nd Profile Image Thomas Power
Board Member & Speaker @9Spokes #OpenBanking Dashboard #AI #BigData #Blockchain #Crypto #GDPR #ICO #SaaS @Whatsapp +447875695012

Up 52
From 136 to 84 84th Profile Image Teresa Cuerdo
Ph.D. Architect,Researcher,Teacher, Game &Transmedia thinker to change social behavior and do better things.Learn,meet,love,dare,travel,innovate,be better!

Up 52
From 114 to 62 62nd Profile Image Patrick Bartl
Strategy Consultant @IBM - Digital Enthusiast, Speaker | Passion for #DigitalTransformation, #ChangeManagement, #Gamification, #DesignThinking, #AI

Up 51
From 74 to 23 23rd Profile Image Oscar González
Mostly Humanities and English teacher in secondary education. Teacher training manager. Gamificator.

Up 45
From 114 to 69 69th Profile Image Mario Herger
I help people make work more fun

Up 44
From 136 to 92 92nd Profile Image Benedikt Morschheuser

Up 40
From 114 to 74 74th Profile Image JesseSchell
I am a game designer.

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Mr. Panda Profile Image Mr. Panda
I talk about games, books and learning. All related!
Melinda   Jacobs Profile Image Melinda Jacobs
Founder & Managing Director @subatomicnl @stealthmodeAI . Founder @clustronline . startup coach . experience designer . AI . entrepreneur . gamification . gamer
francesco pintus Profile Image francesco pintus
I'm a business, marketing, and communication consultant.

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Down 67
From 48 to 115 115th emiliano   labrador Profile Image emiliano labrador
Director Máster en Multimedia y Serious Games (MCM) en La Salle-URL. Consultor, profesor, y desarrollador de pensamiento creativo y Gamificación.

Down 65
From 50 to 115 115th Gamifier Profile Image Gamifier
Gamifier and speaker. Make our environment more FUN by gamification. Take fun seriously! Check for more info. #gamification

Down 60
From 55 to 115 115th Nando Stoecklin Profile Image Nando Stoecklin
Educational Futurist (my vision: ), Cultural Anthropologist, Gamifier, Wikipedian

Down 56
From 59 to 115 115th Andoni Sanz Profile Image Andoni Sanz
Computer Scientist + STEM Teacher + EdTechnologist + Google Educator + Moodle expert + Gamifier

Down 53
From 62 to 115 115th ehab abudayeh Profile Image ehab abudayeh
Senior Course Manager @edraak | Specialized in #Gamification, MiddleEast gamification guru -GamifiedMENA #استراتيجيات_الألعاب_التحفيزية

Down 53
From 41 to 94 94th Dominique Mangiatordi Profile Image Dominique Mangiatordi
Entrepreneur, Founder of ØPP - Gamification apps for businesses. Speaker, consultant, UX designer.

Down 51
From 51 to 102 102nd Katie Piatt Profile Image Katie Piatt
Technology, Learning and Games - I manage the eLearning team at the University of Brighton

Down 44
From 71 to 115 115th Aitor Barbosa Profile Image Aitor Barbosa
Consultor de gamificación y serious games en Imagames y organizador de los @Gamificationjam

Down 41
From 64 to 105 105th Noemí Blanch Profile Image Noemí Blanch
En Versión Beta permanente, aprenseño y trabaj(ueg)o.Gamificación como medio para mejorar.. Lifeaholica, knowmad, seriéfila i disfrutona ;)#Keepcalmandplay

Down 41
From 46 to 87 87th Pau Yanez Profile Image Pau Yanez
Founder & CEO of @GeomotionGames. Creating location-based mobile games - @citynostra. Innovation, Games, Serious Games and Gamification.
12:00am - 1st Jan 2018
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1st Dec - 1st Jan 2018
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