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From 122 to 13 13th Profile Image Scott Sinclair
I'm Scott Sinclair a Lead Generation Industry Manager @Google. Enjoy entrepreneurship, technology, digital, gamification and psychology. Views are my own.

Up 101
From 122 to 21 21st Profile Image Safaraz Ali
Founder of #Pathway2Grow: Business #Networking Group. CEO of @PathwayGroup

Up 83
From 122 to 39 39th Profile Image Samantha Clarke
A designer and researcher for game-based learning. Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Where's the cookies? blog here:

Up 81
From 122 to 41 41st Profile Image Volker Hirsch
@BlueBeckStudios, @EmergeLab, @Bibblio_org, @QuantifiedV, @TechNorthAdv, @DigitalHiveMacc - Founder, advisor, Angel with small wings... European

Up 74
From 122 to 48 48th Profile Image Jon Ingham
People strategist focusing on digital HR and the future of work. Author of The Social Organization.

Up 73
From 122 to 49 49th Profile Image Tiago Marinho Sizenando
Entrepreneur and gamification designer at The Octalysis Group. Searching for the rules of the perfect game.

Up 54
From 122 to 68 68th Profile Image Patrick Bartl
Strategy Consultant @IBM - Digital Enthusiast, Speaker | Passion for #DigitalTransformation, #ChangeManagement, #Gamification, #DesignThinking, #AI

Up 44
From 75 to 31 31st Profile Image Szymon Machajewski
GVSU. Game On.

Up 43
From 122 to 79 79th Profile Image Raf Keustermans
CEO of Sportslate, a sports analytics startup. Former co-founder & CEO of social casino startup Plumbee, acquired by Sony's GSN Games in 2016.

Up 43
From 98 to 55 55th Profile Image Ruth S. Contreras
PhD Designer/Professor/Researcher. ★GAMES★ UX, Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Communication #personatgesenjoc

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Ivan Milev Profile Image Ivan Milev
Gamification Expert and Consultant at The OctalysisGroup specialized in Behavior Design and creating gamified solutions that engage people and increase loyalty.
Emrah Akman Profile Image Emrah Akman
#VirtualReality #ExtendedReality #XR (#VR #AR #MR) #Education #Technology #Teacher @Bahcesehir_k12 #Student @AmasyaUni
James Sellers Profile Image James Sellers
Gamification Designer and Researcher
Arkadiusz Siechowicz Profile Image Arkadiusz Siechowicz
Ewangelizator Gamifikacji, Pasjonuje mnie rozwój i ciągłe szukanie skutecznych metod rozwoju.

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Down 101
From 23 to 124 124th Lauren S. Ferro Profile Image Lauren S. Ferro
#PhD in player modelling. Facinated by how we interact with the (virutal) world and those within it. Consultant

Down 65
From 10 to 75 75th Ahmed Hossam Profile Image Ahmed Hossam
#Gamification Consultant | Behavioural & Experience Designer | Keynote speaker. Seeking to create impact through Engaging people & solving problems.

Down 64
From 31 to 95 95th Remy Bastien Profile Image Remy Bastien
Entertainment media is my passion. #MobileMkt Entrepreneur #Gamification designer & trainer

Down 60
From 45 to 105 105th Anders Tufvesson Profile Image Anders Tufvesson
Digital and gamification strategist. Manage Youtube channel

Down 57
From 56 to 113 113th John Adewole Profile Image John Adewole
Gamification consultant for higher education. ICT teacher. Game Studies and AgilePrince2 Project management.

Down 53
From 71 to 124 124th Natalie   Denmeade Profile Image Natalie Denmeade
Interested in E-Learning (Moodle), Information Technology, Adobe, Theosophy, Theatre, Motherhood, Living life to the full.. I will inspire you!

Down 52
From 72 to 124 124th Nando Stoecklin Profile Image Nando Stoecklin
Educational Futurist (my vision: ), Cultural Anthropologist, Gamifier, Wikipedian

Down 52
From 53 to 105 105th Flavio Escribano Profile Image Flavio Escribano
PhD. Head of [Gamification] Research Team at @gecon_es || Founder of @arsgames. Quiz me, baby

Down 50
From 74 to 124 124th Pedro Crespo Profile Image Pedro Crespo
"The idea is to die young as late as possible"

Down 47
From 77 to 124 124th Steven L. Johnson Profile Image Steven L. Johnson
Associate Professor of Commerce, University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce
12:00am - 1st Nov 2017
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1st Oct - 1st Nov 2017
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