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From 219 to 183 183rd Profile Image Valary Oleinik
speaker | elearning enthusiast | gamifier | geek | writer | presentation designer and coach | communicator | querist

Up 29
From 262 to 233 233rd Profile Image Pau Yanez
Founder & CEO of @GeomotionGames. Creating location-based mobile games - @citynostra. Innovation, Games, Serious Games and Gamification.

Up 26
From 101 to 75 75th Profile Image Humberto Cervera
Killer of gloom & Bringer of joy / Writer / Producer / Journalist / Game Developer / Worked on #Villainous #VikingTales #Toontorial / Gaming Editor @RedBullMex

Up 25
From 106 to 81 81st Profile Image David Bundi
Head #RegTech @PwCLegal #Switzerland | Co-Head #Zurich Chapter@DSRPTNdisciples | #RegTechLeader | #Compliance Expert | #RegTechEnables | Views are my own.

Up 23
From 229 to 206 206th Profile Image Samantha Clarke
Designer and researcher for game-based learning & Gamification. Cert Lego Serious Play facilitator. Mum. D&D fanatic. She/Her. blog here:

Up 5
From 263 to 258 258th Profile Image Drew Crecente
Founder of Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity producing serious games.

Up 5
From 194 to 189 189th Profile Image Mohammad Asadollahi
هیچ دانم

Up 4
From 207 to 203 203rd Profile Image Wouter de Jong
docent Engels | gameful designer | kritisch innoverend | eigenzinnig, eigenwijs & eigenaardig | Trivium 21c

Up 3
From 156 to 153 153rd Profile Image Helen Routledge
Serious Games Designer, Author, Blogger and Psychologist, Gamification

Up 3
From 109 to 106 106th Profile Image Elitsa Krumova
|DigitalUnicorn|Tech PRO|Marketing & SM|Cyber Security|AI & ML|Ex: IBM, Google|

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Josep M Martinez  Profile Image Josep M Martinez 
Social Media Strategist at

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Down 5
From 210 to 215 215th VincentBoon Profile Image VincentBoon
Founder at

Down 5
From 78 to 83 83rd Sebastian Deterding Profile Image Sebastian Deterding
Empirical philosopher and deliberate designer of playful & gameful things. Reader @UniOfYork. Associate @whatsthehubbub. Co-editor of @gamefulworld.

Down 4
From 191 to 195 195th Gerardo Lagos Profile Image Gerardo Lagos
Artesano del #eCommerce y #Gamification. Gami qué?) Jugando en serio. Facilitador Certificado Lego® Serious Play®, Customer Experience de IZO. Hincha Cruzado

Down 4
From 212 to 216 216th Gal Rimon Profile Image Gal Rimon
Founder of GamEffective; the enterprise Gamification for sales and Service

Down 4
From 205 to 209 209th Kam Star Profile Image Kam Star
come and play. play and make. make and grow.

Down 3
From 104 to 107 107th Markus   Rach Profile Image Markus Rach
Blogging, tweeting and thinking about #B2B #Digital #Marketing | passionate about #ROI #rtm and #analytics | On a mission to make B2B Marketing sound cool

Down 3
From 83 to 86 86th Waffling Iwilsonysj Profile Image Waffling Iwilsonysj
Lecturer in Primary Education - Teaching with Technology in HE - interested in e-pedagogy and social media to support learning - Veggie - Soya Wet Latte pls

Down 3
From 257 to 260 260th Dayan DayanSameera Profile Image Dayan DayanSameera
Alpine climber l Mountaineer l Traveler l Explorer l Freelance Photographer l SharePoint Guy l Software Engineer l

Down 3
From 87 to 90 90th Marco Tonetti Profile Image Marco Tonetti
Hustler | not Listed in Forbes 35 under 35 | Photographer known a bit all around the world

Down 3
From 153 to 156 156th Jordi Almirall Profile Image Jordi Almirall
Design Technologist teaching User Experience at UOC University & Front End development in vocational education. I try to play Blues harp
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