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Up 320
From 350 to 30 30th Profile Image Mohammed Abdelaty
Gamification Designer @ Inspire For Training And Education & PHD in #Gamification in Education. I Trust that my researches will be a significant contribution to the world through Gamification :)

Up 291
From 322 to 31 31st Profile Image Kira Downer
Absolute legend I 21 I Business student @ Uni of Brighton | Gamification fan | @gamifiplus | Instagram: totallykira #gamification #daringtobedifferent

Up 217
From 241 to 24 24th Profile Image Ahmed Hossam
#Gamification Consultant for #EmployeeEngagement & #LearnerEngagement | & Founder of @Gampact. Create impact through Engaging people & solving problems.

Up 199
From 217 to 18 18th Profile Image Dennis Kappen
Gamification Consultant and Researcher, UX specialist; Interaction Experience Designer

Up 189
From 208 to 19 19th Profile Image Jestin VanScoyoc
High School Science Teacher. Runner. Gamer

Up 84
From 94 to 10 10th Profile Image Lennart Nacke
Director of @hcigamesgroup and Associate Professor. #UX and #Gamification Strategist. Games User Researcher. #GameDesign, #GamesUR, #GameUX

Up 59
From 64 to 5 5th Profile Image Oscar García Pañella
Multimedia, Transmedia, Storytelling, UX, Agile, Serious Games, Gamification (Program Director, Researcher, Professor, Developer, Producer & Consultant)

Up 48
From 51 to 3 3rd Profile Image Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal
Social Psychologist. Gamification Designer.Executive Trainer and Coach. Professor and Author:"Gamificación en la empresa","CommuniCARDS". Coordinator of Psychology and Technology Group in COPMadrid

Up 31
From 205 to 174 174th Profile Image Javier Espinosa Navegando por los mares de la educación muy bien acompañado

Up 31
From 307 to 276 276th Profile Image Mohammad Taghi Karimi
Creative 4ever - Personal Branding Coach - Analytical Psychology Researcher

New arrivals...

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Vladimer Botsvadze Profile Image Vladimer Botsvadze
Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Top 1% Social Influencer | Top 100 Marketing & Branding Influencer | Professor | Fortune 500 Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Coach

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Down 252
From 122 to 374 374th Jeannie EvntGrrl Profile Image Jeannie EvntGrrl
Co-Founder @PowerEventGroup, CMP, DES, #EventProfs, #EventTech Geek, Social Media Addict, #Gamification, @AdoptASpot #Dalmatian Rescue Volunteer

Down 224
From 150 to 374 374th Zac Fitz-Walter Profile Image Zac Fitz-Walter
Old twitter username, find me at @zacfitzwalter for all my latest nerdy updates.

Down 206
From 24 to 230 230th Wouter de Jong Profile Image Wouter de Jong
docent Engels | gameful designer | kritisch innoverend | eigenzinnig, eigenwijs & eigenaardig | Trivium 21c

Down 196
From 17 to 213 213th Melinda   Jacobs Profile Image Melinda Jacobs
Founder & Managing Director @subatomicnl . member @create_converge . Founder @clustronline . startup coach . UX . AI . entrepreneur . gamification

Down 157
From 124 to 281 281st Pau Yanez Profile Image Pau Yanez
Founder & CEO of @GeomotionGames. Creating location-based mobile games - @citynostra. Innovation, Games, Serious Games and Gamification.

Down 96
From 9 to 105 105th Remy Bastien Profile Image Remy Bastien
Entertainment media is my passion. #MobileMkt Entrepreneur #Gamification designer & trainer

Down 75
From 6 to 81 81st Karl Kapp Profile Image Karl Kapp
Helping people understand the convergence of learning, technology, games & Gamification through engagement, laughter and insight.

Down 62
From 3 to 65 65th Marigo Raftopoulos Profile Image Marigo Raftopoulos
Strategic Business Advisor | Digital Media Specialist | Systems Designer | Keynote Speaker | Creator of Gamification Design Sprint.

Down 8
From 110 to 118 118th Nitesh Ambuj Profile Image Nitesh Ambuj
Digital Transformation Evengalist | Product Strategist | Entrepreneur | Social Activist | Political Observer | Author | Conversationalist - Speaker

Down 7
From 89 to 96 96th Kris Duggan Profile Image Kris Duggan
None but ourselves can free our minds.
12:00am - 1st Oct 2018
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1st Sep - 1st Oct 2018
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