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Up 338
From 369 to 31 31st Profile Image Jose Antonio Antolín (Jota)
#SocialMedia Manager & Strategist. #Marketing Digital and Networker.

Up 328
From 369 to 41 41st Profile Image Alper Çugun
Lead Software Engineer & Design Strategist, author of “Designing Conversational Interfaces”, consulting on new technology and better collaboration, he/him

Up 314
From 369 to 55 55th Profile Image Toby Barnes
TECHNO. Group Strategy Director at AKQA. (mostly Nike)   Views are my own etc. Last seen @ Harris Beach State Park Campground.

Up 298
From 369 to 71 71st Profile Image Amy Jo Kim
Game Designer, Bass Player, Startup Coach, Mom❤️

Up 293
From 369 to 76 76th Profile Image Tom Chatfield
Author, tech philosopher, dad. Nascent novelist. New book 'Critical Thinking' out now and looking rather lovely #TalkCriticalThinking

Up 255
From 369 to 114 114th Profile Image Noemí Blanch
En Versión Beta permanente, aprenseño y trabaj(ueg)o.Gamificación como medio para mejorar.. Lifeaholica, knowmad, seriéfila i disfrutona ;)#Keepcalmandplay

Up 210
From 369 to 159 159th Profile Image Marcel Klimo
Gamification Designer, Gamer and Level 1 Father. Also roleplaying as Project Manager @vacuumlabs and @svkgda

Up 186
From 210 to 24 24th Profile Image Alper Berber
Gamification Designer | Guitar Player | Camper

Up 174
From 243 to 69 69th Profile Image Scott Sinclair
I enjoy entrepreneurship, technology, digital, gamification and psychology. Views are my own.

Up 165
From 230 to 65 65th Profile Image Achint Nigam
Ph.D (Marketing) Fellow @ IIM Lucknow, #gym & #mooc rat, MBA, Hustler, Entrepreneur, Son, Cricketer, Biker, Cyclist, Runner, Gamer, Swimmer.. !!

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Rank Change Guru
Josep M Martinez    Profile Image Josep M Martinez 
Consultor #SEO y programador web freelance, dicen que es difícil llevar las dos cosas a la vez. Comparto contenido sobre marketing digital
Ebrahim Adam Profile Image Ebrahim Adam
Gamification and Educational Technology Expert
Valary Oleinik Profile Image Valary Oleinik
speaker | elearning enthusiast | gamifier | geek | writer | presentation designer and coach | communicator | querist
Thaynan Mariano Profile Image Thaynan Mariano
Entrepreneur, Consultant & Speaker | Head of Marketing | Gamification | Startup Grind | Junior Chamber International
Saurabh Gupta Profile Image Saurabh Gupta
Fabio Belsanti Profile Image Fabio Belsanti
I'm founder, CEO, Lead Designer and Game Writer of P.M. Studios (

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Down 266
From 36 to 302 302nd Ali Akhtari Profile Image Ali Akhtari
A 15 years old gamificationist from Iran. Working with, &

Down 245
From 25 to 270 270th Yuri Quintana Profile Image Yuri Quintana
Yuri Quintana, Harvard Medical School Prof @yuriquintana teaches courses on in Barcelona, Mexico & Boston

Down 228
From 33 to 261 261st John Adewole Profile Image John Adewole
Gamification consultant for higher education. ICT teacher. Game Studies and AgilePrince2 Project management.

Down 220
From 26 to 246 246th Jose Rodriguez Balda Profile Image Jose Rodriguez Balda
Emprendedor, gamificación por más de 10 años. Socio Ideasser S.C.

Down 198
From 21 to 219 219th Salvatore Mica Profile Image Salvatore Mica
Gamification designer, project manager for Creative industries and ICT companies

Down 191
From 87 to 278 278th Máté Farkas Profile Image Máté Farkas
an entrepreneurial minded gamification professional

Down 185
From 129 to 314 314th Wouter de Jong Profile Image Wouter de Jong
docent Engels | gameful designer | kritisch innoverend | eigenzinnig, eigenwijs & eigenaardig | "I criticize by creation - not by finding fault."

Down 181
From 142 to 323 323rd Keith Smith Profile Image Keith Smith

Down 178
From 17 to 195 195th Gal Rimon Profile Image Gal Rimon
Founder of GamEffective; the enterprise Gamification for sales and Service

Down 175
From 31 to 206 206th Jestin VanScoyoc Profile Image Jestin VanScoyoc
High School Science Teacher. Runner. Gamer
12:00am - 1st Jul 2018
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1st Jun - 1st Jul 2018
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