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Up 66
From 126 to 60 60th Profile Image José Carlos Cortizo
Co-founder and CMO at @brainsins_en Business Angel. Co-founder of @GamiWorldCon @eCommBeers. #techno DJ by night.

Up 64
From 126 to 62 62nd Profile Image Helen Routledge
Serious Games Designer, Author, Blogger and Psychologist, Gamification

Up 60
From 99 to 39 39th Profile Image Dominique Mangiatordi
Entrepreneur, Founder of ØPP - Gamification apps for businesses. Speaker, consultant, UX designer.

Up 55
From 126 to 71 71st Profile Image Natalie Denmeade
Interested in E-Learning (Moodle), Information Technology, Adobe, Theosophy, Theatre, Motherhood, Living life to the full.. I will inspire you!

Up 52
From 126 to 74 74th Profile Image Pedro Crespo
"The idea is to die young as late as possible"

Up 49
From 94 to 45 45th Profile Image Anders Tufvesson
Digital and gamification strategist. Manage Youtube channel

Up 37
From 126 to 89 89th Profile Image Magriet Mouton
Learn, apply, teach. That's how I create hero days. #Organdonar|#StrengthsFinder advocate. Searching for the pearls in people through their stories.

Up 34
From 126 to 92 92nd Profile Image Noemí Blanch
En Versión Beta permanente, aprenseño y trabaj(ueg)o.Gamificación como medio para mejorar.. Lifeaholica, knowmad, seriéfila i disfrutona ;)#Keepcalmandplay

Up 34
From 126 to 92 92nd Profile Image Jean-Yves Clic&Gain
Mettez du sourire dans votre communication ! #gamification

Up 31
From 126 to 95 95th Profile Image Michiel Van Eunen
Gamification Expert | Experience Designer

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Ali Cevat ÜNSAL Profile Image Ali Cevat ÜNSAL
game based learning, gamify learning, gamification, game based recruit, Toy based development
Drew Crecente Profile Image Drew Crecente
Founder of Jennifer Ann's Group, a nonprofit charity producing serious games.

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Down 57
From 47 to 104 104th Joshua Wong Profile Image Joshua Wong
Figuring out #Gamification with @Gamfed and #HRTech #VC #investments with #HRTechTank. Linkedin:

Down 57
From 65 to 122 122nd Victor Manrique Profile Image Victor Manrique

Down 42
From 38 to 80 80th Alireza Hosseini Profile Image Alireza Hosseini
Gamification designer | MBA, University of Tehran

Down 42
From 80 to 122 122nd Shashank Rai Profile Image Shashank Rai
HR Professional, Learning and Development, Gamification , Sprinting

Down 42
From 49 to 91 91st Michael Meder Profile Image Michael Meder
Ph.D. student at TU-Berlin, @CCIRML (Competence Center Information Retrieval and Machine Learning) #gamification

Down 36
From 86 to 122 122nd Dennis Crowley Profile Image Dennis Crowley
I like to build things (Founder @Foursquare, @StockadeFC , Dodgeball). Husband to @Chelsa & dad to

Down 36
From 86 to 122 122nd Thomas Power Profile Image Thomas Power
#AI #BigData #Bitcoin #Blockchain #CDO #Crypto #Ethereum #FinTech #ICO #PublicSpeaker #SaaS #SocialMedia #Tokenomics Board @9Spokes

Down 35
From 50 to 85 85th Andoni Sanz Profile Image Andoni Sanz
Computer Scientist + STEM Teacher + EdTechnologist + Google Educator + Moodle expert + Gamifier

Down 33
From 89 to 122 122nd Lluis Bueno Profile Image Lluis Bueno
Gamificación de negocios online y offline

Down 32
From 43 to 75 75th Szymon Machajewski Profile Image Szymon Machajewski
GVSU. Game On.
12:00am - 1st Oct 2017
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1st Sep - 1st Oct 2017
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