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Up 74
From 111 to 37 37th Profile Image Semin Ozmorali
Believer of #digital marketing, into #gamification, #UX & design trends, & coffee lover.

Up 67
From 116 to 49 49th Profile Image Jussi Mori
Office Server & Services MVP Veteran, Serial Entrepreneur, Gamification evangelist, Gamer, SciFi and Fantasy Geek. Looking for the Internet 3.0...

Up 62
From 116 to 54 54th Profile Image Darryn VDB
Crafting Purposeful Play - and making the learning count

Up 58
From 116 to 58 58th Profile Image Rob Hulsen
co-founder Hulan Studio. Serious games with a smile ;)

Up 48
From 90 to 42 42nd Profile Image Wouter de Jong
docent Engels | ICT&Onderwijs Coördinator | gameful designer

Up 45
From 101 to 56 56th Profile Image Rich Wallace
father of crazy twins. gamer, #ux believer and #gamification geek.

Up 43
From 86 to 43 43rd Profile Image John Adewole
Human geography and social science postgraduate. Re-defining what's possible through gaming, project management, and play spaces.

Up 43
From 116 to 73 73rd Profile Image Michiel Van Eunen
Gamification Expert | Experience Designer

Up 43
From 116 to 73 73rd Profile Image Javier Cuervo
Arriesgarse es lo más seguro

Up 41
From 116 to 75 75th Profile Image Marcio Rente
Business Analyst | Content Marketing | Big Data | Gamification | Business Models | Agile | Design Thinking | System Thinking

New arrivals...

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Place2Be Profile Image Place2Be
P2B is a #cloud based software that handles gamification part of a #UX - We provide #Gamification as a Service to improve #userengagement through our #API
Vijaykrishna Ramanathan Profile Image Vijaykrishna Ramanathan
Co-founder @ | End to end customer engagement toolkit for online businesses, includes referral, wallet, loyalty and gamification engine.
JenniferAnns Group Profile Image JenniferAnns Group
NGO preventing teen dating violence by producing serious games to help adolescents recognize and avoid dating abuse.

Slip sliding away...

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Down 98
From 25 to 123 123rd Ahmed Hossam Profile Image Ahmed Hossam
#Gamification Consultant | Behavioural & Experience Designer | Keynote speaker. Seeking to create impact through Engaging people & solving problems.

Down 90
From 28 to 118 118th Ruth S.   Contreras Profile Image Ruth S. Contreras
GameDesigner/Professor/Researcher. ★GAMES★ UX, Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Communication #personatgesenjoc

Down 76
From 34 to 110 110th Zac Fitz-Walter Profile Image Zac Fitz-Walter
Creative Director at Eat More Pixels. Gamification geek, keynote speaker and app developer.

Down 72
From 51 to 123 123rd Janaki Mythily   Kumar Profile Image Janaki Mythily Kumar
Head of Strategic Design Services. Check out my book Gamification at Work : Designing Engaging Business Software

Down 68
From 55 to 123 123rd Samantha Clarke Profile Image Samantha Clarke
A designer and researcher for game-based learning. Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator. Where's the cookies? blog here:

Down 57
From 66 to 123 123rd Natalie   Denmeade Profile Image Natalie Denmeade
Interested in E-Learning (Moodle), Information Technology, Adobe, Theosophy, Theatre, Motherhood, Living life to the full.. I will inspire you!

Down 55
From 68 to 123 123rd Lluis Bueno Profile Image Lluis Bueno
Gamificación de negocios online y offline

Down 50
From 73 to 123 123rd Dennis Crowley Profile Image Dennis Crowley
I like to build things (Founder @Foursquare, @StockadeFC , Dodgeball). Husband to @Chelsa & dad to

Down 44
From 53 to 97 97th Madhusudan   Rao Profile Image Madhusudan Rao
Gamifying the World! My book on Gamification in Learning and IT is out on sale-…. Opinions are my own.

Down 40
From 47 to 87 87th Helen Routledge Profile Image Helen Routledge
Serious Games Designer, Author, Blogger and Psychologist, Gamification
3:57pm - 1st Jun 2017
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1st May - 1st Jun 2017
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