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From 110 to 58 58th Profile Image Patrick Bartl
Strategy Consultant @IBM - Digital Enthusiast, Speaker | Passion for #DigitalTransformation, #ChangeManagement, #Gamification, #DesignThinking

Up 42
From 110 to 68 68th Profile Image Juliette Denny
Founder and MD of @growthengineer, an award winning learning technologies company. #Gamification #LearningGames #SocialLearning #LoveLearning

Up 30
From 80 to 50 50th Profile Image John Adewole
Human geography and social science postgraduate. Re-defining what's possible through gaming, project management, and play spaces.

Up 27
From 47 to 20 20th Profile Image Isidro Rodrigo
Serious Gamer + HRer + Lifelong Learner + Shiny Happy People Searcher + Other Undiscovered Things = That's me!

Up 24
From 40 to 16 16th Profile Image Evgeni Kouris
Artist, entrepreneur and gamification expert. Founder of Gamewheel - SaaS platform helping enterprises to effectively communicate with power of gamification and mobile AR/VR.

Up 22
From 62 to 40 40th Profile Image Marigo Raftopoulos
Recreating the enterprise with human-centered design. Strategy Advisor, Systems Designer, recently minted PhD in enterprise games and gamification.

Up 22
From 86 to 64 64th Profile Image Michael Fergusson
Michael is a business poet. He composes his businesses in Vancouver BC.

Up 21
From 110 to 89 89th Profile Image José Luis Ramírez C.
CEO de @Grupo_RC2008 Cofundador de @quelibroleo @btwinbooks y @quaterni Profesor en @estudiosCEF y @Udima #Marketing #Gamification #Libros #eBooks...

Up 21
From 72 to 51 51st Profile Image Javier Espinosa Navegando por los mares de la educación muy bien acompañado

Up 20
From 74 to 54 54th Profile Image Nando Stoecklin
Educational Futurist (my vision: ), Cultural Anthropologist, Gamifier, Wikipedian

New arrivals...

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ehab abudayeh Profile Image ehab abudayeh
Online Course Manager @edraak #Arabic #MOOCs | Specialized in #Gamification, passionate about #human-centered design, #fun and #competition are in our DNA
Rob Hulsen Profile Image Rob Hulsen
co-founder Hulan Studio. Serious games with a smile ;)
Javier Velasquez Profile Image Javier Velasquez
Gamification Consultant and Game Designer. Designer of the BEM Gamification Framework.
Edward J. Moore III Profile Image Edward J. Moore III
We're a #UX and #VR / #AR design consultancy in Los Angeles, and we'll help you reach your global audience with #gamification and a great #UX! Run by @ejm3d
José Carlos Cortizo Profile Image José Carlos Cortizo
Co-founder and CMO at @brainsins_en Business Angel. Co-founder of @GamiWorldCon @eCommBeers. #techno DJ by night.
Zac Fitz-Walter Profile Image Zac Fitz-Walter
Creative Director at Eat More Pixels. Gamification geek, keynote speaker and app developer.
Manuel__esc Profile Image Manuel__esc
@healthybluebits #CEO, focus on: #ehealth. prevención y promoción de la #salud. Prevention and #health promotion activities. #HSEQ. Ingeniero de sueños #UNO
Helen Routledge Profile Image Helen Routledge
Serious Games Designer, Author, Blogger and Psychologist, Gamification
Christophe Benoit Profile Image Christophe Benoit
Sr. researcher at Erasmus University College Brussels dept. Design & Technology
Michael Wu Ph.D. Profile Image Michael Wu Ph.D.
Scientist: Big Data, Gamification, Influence, Predictive Social Analytic, Cyber Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Dynamics

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Down 71
From 44 to 115 115th Andoni Sanz Profile Image Andoni Sanz
Computer Scientist + STEM Teacher + EdTechnologist + Google Educator + Moodle expert + Gamifier

Down 66
From 21 to 87 87th emiliano   labrador Profile Image emiliano labrador
Director Máster en Multimedia y Serious Games (MCM) en La Salle-URL. Consultor, profesor, y desarrollador de pensamiento creativo y Gamificación.

Down 56
From 43 to 99 99th Cesc Garriga Pons Profile Image Cesc Garriga Pons
Gamification - Tech. Project Manager - eLearning 2.0

Down 50
From 51 to 101 101st Rich Wallace Profile Image Rich Wallace
father of crazy twins. gamer, #ux believer and #gamification geek.

Down 44
From 57 to 101 101st Ian Bogost Profile Image Ian Bogost
Writer and game designer. @GeorgiaTech Professor, @TheAtlantic Contributing Editor. My new book is Play Anything, out now:

Down 39
From 39 to 78 78th Michael Meder Profile Image Michael Meder
Ph.D. student at TU-Berlin, @CCIRML (Competence Center Information Retrieval and Machine Learning) #gamification

Down 35
From 64 to 99 99th Bo Armstrong Profile Image Bo Armstrong
#IOpsych grad student; #tech in #training & #selection

Down 31
From 24 to 55 55th Pau Yanez Profile Image Pau Yanez
E-learning innovation, Serious Games and Game Design, Gamification. Founder at City Nostra.

Down 30
From 85 to 115 115th Amirhossein Seghatoleslami Profile Image Amirhossein Seghatoleslami
Growth Hacker & Gamification Designer

Down 23
From 92 to 115 115th Gamifier Profile Image Gamifier
Gamifier and speaker. Make our environment more FUN by gamification. Take fun seriously! Check for more info. #gamification
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