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From 53 to 5 5th Profile Image Blockstream
We believe in the potential of bitcoin and blockchain technology to have a significant, positive social impact.

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From 56 to 22 22nd Profile Image BitShares
BitShares - The Decentralised Exchange

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From 76 to 49 49th Profile Image BOScoin
#BOScoin is a Self-Evolving Blockchain Platform for Public Financing #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Fintech #Decentralized

Up 25
From 42 to 17 17th Profile Image Stratisplatform
Stratis is a powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world enterprise and financial services.

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From 85 to 62 62nd Profile Image KeeeX
Build a World of #Trust! Transform your #data into augmented data to protect, add value & better exploit your intangible heritage. #Blockchain #Cybersecurity

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From 64 to 43 43rd Profile Image Netki
Netki's Digital Identity Certificates allow Financial Institutions to build compliant #blockchain platforms & applications

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From 66 to 47 47th Profile Image Paymium
Money Over IP - Paymium, the European exchange since 2010 - Buy and sell #Bitcoins, Accept #Bitcoin payments. Sign-up:

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From 81 to 64 64th Profile Image
~Not giving away free ETH~ Home of the Universal Sharing Network & the Ethereum Computer

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From 54 to 37 37th Profile Image Uphold
Digitizing money, providing instant & secure #financial services. Serving 184 countries, 30+ currencies, $BTC, $ETH, $Dash, $LTC. $BAT, $BCH, $BTG, $XRP

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From 25 to 11 11th Profile Image Syscoin
The #fastest #asset #token creation platform and the world's first decentralized marketplace and so much more! #syscoin #blockmarket #masternodes #ZDAG

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Down 34
From 29 to 63 63rd bitwala Profile Image bitwala
Bitwala is the first blockchain bank. Manage everyday banking & trade crypto from one German bank account. #Blockchainbanking will be live in Nov 2018.

Down 33
From 21 to 54 54th Bitcoin Foundation Profile Image Bitcoin Foundation
The oldest and largest Bitcoin advocacy organization. We provide co-ordination & raise awareness of the benefits, uses & technology requirements of Bitcoin.

Down 26
From 46 to 72 72nd Coinscrum Profile Image Coinscrum
Educating, Debating, Connecting - bitcoin networking in the UK since 2012

Down 25
From 33 to 58 58th Tendermint Profile Image Tendermint
Official account of Tendermint - a Proof-of-Stake consensus engine powering the @Cosmos Network #BUIDL

Down 24
From 45 to 69 69th elliptic Profile Image elliptic
We identify illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain, for financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

Down 24
From 69 to 93 93rd Bitt Profile Image Bitt
Bitt is a Financial Technology company that utilizes blockchain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Down 23
From 13 to 36 36th Bittrex Profile Image Bittrex
Bittrex is a U.S.-based blockchain platform providing real-time trading and industry-leading security. For customer support visit:

Down 22
From 35 to 57 57th Boost VC Profile Image Boost VC
We are a Family of Founders making Sci-Fi a Reality! #VR/#AR #blockchain/#crypto #bots #space #AI #drones 200+ companies funded -

Down 19
From 4 to 23 23rd Ripple Profile Image Ripple
Global real-time settlement.

Down 19
From 40 to 59 59th Factom Profile Image Factom
Factom is a system for securing millions of realtime records using blockchain technology. *NOTE: We do not operate any Telegram groups or conduct giveaways.
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