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Up 59
From 94 to 35 35th Profile Image BOScoin
#BOScoin is a New Financing Methodology #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #Fintech #Decentralized

Up 56
From 73 to 17 17th Profile Image Blockchain Foundry
We'll change the way your software is developed and your data is served.

Up 35
From 46 to 11 11th Profile Image QtumOfficial
Qtum is a decentralized #Blockchain application platform capable of running Smart Contracts on multiple virtual machines, with Proof-of-Stake consensus.

Up 26
From 58 to 32 32nd Profile Image BitShares
BitShares - The Decentralised Exchange

Up 23
From 47 to 24 24th Profile Image Digix
The Smart Asset Tokenisation Company

Up 22
From 36 to 14 14th Profile Image Bitcoin Magazine
The original source of information, news & commentary about #Bitcoin. Weekly Newsletter:

Up 21
From 30 to 9 9th Profile Image Syscoin
The #fastest #asset #token creation platform and the world's first decentralized marketplace and so much more! #syscoin #blockmarket #masternodes #ZDAG

Up 18
From 64 to 46 46th Profile Image Augur
An open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer oracle and prediction market protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Up 17
From 60 to 43 43rd Profile Image Bitcoin Foundation
The oldest and largest Bitcoin advocacy organization. We provide co-ordination & raise awareness of the benefits, uses & technology requirements of Bitcoin.

Up 17
From 83 to 66 66th Profile Image BANKEX
BANKEX is a global fintech providing blockchain-based technologies and services for digitizing a wide range of asset classes in the digital economy for the development of a global tokenized ecosystem.

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Gemini Profile Image Gemini
Now @Gemini

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Down 69
From 18 to 87 87th Coincheck   Profile Image Coincheck  
The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency with ease.

Down 33
From 38 to 71 71st Tendermint Profile Image Tendermint
The most advanced implementation of BFT consensus algorithm & PoS cryptoeconomics in the blockchain industry. Is your blockchain powered by Tendermint?

Down 23
From 29 to 52 52nd Provenance Profile Image Provenance
We use tech to power transparent businesses & traceable products. The future of brand trust. #origin #impact #blockchain

Down 20
From 21 to 41 41st Blockstream Profile Image Blockstream
Blockstream is the global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Our technologies make financial markets more efficient by reducing reliance on trust.

Down 19
From 35 to 54 54th TenX Wallet Profile Image TenX Wallet
We make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere, with the TenX Wallet app and TenX Card.

Down 18
From 37 to 55 55th Circle Profile Image Circle
We're Circle. A global crypto finance company on a mission to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to help change the global economy. Tweet @askcircle for help

Down 18
From 13 to 31 31st BitPay Profile Image BitPay
The world leader in blockchain payment technology. Accept and send Bitcoin & cryptocurrency payments. Help: Press:

Down 16
From 7 to 23 23rd Bancor Profile Image Bancor
Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that provides users with a simple, low-cost way to convert tokens directly from their wallets. — Not giving away ETH

Down 15
From 41 to 56 56th Filament Profile Image Filament
Enabling the future of IoT. #Blocklet #BlockletChip

Down 14
From 34 to 48 48th BitFury Profile Image BitFury
The Bitfury Group is the leading full-service blockchain technology company. We are a global team of experts in technology, business, communications & security.
8:00am - 21st Feb 2019
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