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From 84 to 45 45th Profile Image BitFlyer
「ビットコインは、ビットフライヤー」 bitFlyerは国内最大の仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン企業です。 「bitFlyer」 「miyabi」

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From 54 to 22 22nd Profile Image BitShares
BitShares - The Decentralised Exchange

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From 60 to 32 32nd Profile Image TenX Wallet
We make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere with the TenX wallet app and debit card.

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From 40 to 17 17th Profile Image Bitcoin News
Breaking News: Bitcoin, Blockchain & Beyond #bitcoin #blockchain #ethereum #cryptocurrency #VC #crypto #trading #TA #charts #ico #altcoins $btc $eth

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From 48 to 31 31st Profile Image Blockchain Age
The Global Leader in #Blockchain #Research and #Consultancy. Powered by @Richtopia & @IntelligentHQ. Founded by @DerinCag & @DinisGuarda.

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From 61 to 47 47th Profile Image Paymium
Money Over IP - Paymium, the European exchange since 2010 - Buy and sell #Bitcoins, Accept #Bitcoin payments. Sign-up:

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From 72 to 58 58th Profile Image Tierion
Blockchain proof engine. Create a universally verifiable proof of any data, file, or business process.

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From 64 to 50 50th Profile Image bitwala
Manage everyday banking and trade cryptocurrencies with the safety and convenience of a German bank account. Sign up now!

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From 74 to 62 62nd Profile Image

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From 39 to 27 27th Profile Image Bitstamp
We support the exchange of currencies, information, ideas and trust. Help: @SupportBitstamp, media inquiries:

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From 46 to 73 73rd Digital Asset Profile Image Digital Asset

Down 26
From 12 to 38 38th Blockchain Foundry Profile Image Blockchain Foundry
We'll change the way your software is developed and your data is served.

Down 25
From 45 to 70 70th Provenance Profile Image Provenance
We use tech to power transparent businesses & traceable products. The future of brand trust. #origin #impact #blockchain

Down 23
From 56 to 79 79th KeeeX Profile Image KeeeX
The Next Generation Augmented File. Turn your #data into Augmented Data to protect, add value & better exploit your intangible heritage.

Down 22
From 41 to 63 63rd Storj Profile Image Storj
Decentralized cloud object storage that is affordable, easy to use, private and secure.

Down 21
From 28 to 49 49th OmiseGO Profile Image OmiseGO
Scaling Ethereum w/ the Plasma-on-Ethereum OMG network: a 100% public, PoS decentralized exchange. & building an open-source fiat/crypto wallet SDK to access it

Down 14
From 30 to 44 44th CryptoCompare Profile Image CryptoCompare
We are your entry point into the digital currency space. Live charts & prices, guides, mining, exchanges, wallets, portfolios and much more. #BTC #ETH #Crypto

Down 14
From 23 to 37 37th Digix Profile Image Digix
The Smart Asset Tokenisation Company

Down 13
From 81 to 94 94th Livecoin Profile Image Livecoin is a modern stock exchange

Down 12
From 27 to 39 39th Filament Profile Image Filament
Enabling the future of IoT. #Blocklet #BlockletChip
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