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Up 38
From 69 to 31 31st Profile Image Monax
Next generation contract management. We make your contracts work for you. Create. Track. Prove.

Up 37
From 77 to 40 40th Profile Image Blockchain Foundry
We'll change the way your software is developed and your data is served.

Up 31
From 67 to 36 36th Profile Image MaidSafe
Privacy. Security. Freedom

Up 24
From 38 to 14 14th Profile Image Uphold
Digitizing money, providing instant & secure #financial services. Serving 184+ countries, 30+ currencies, $BTC, $ETH, $DASH, $LBA, $LTC, $BAT, $BCH, $BTG, $XRP

Up 22
From 87 to 65 65th Profile Image
A Blockchains company and a leader in IoT + blockchain solutions. Home of Incubed, the Universal Sharing Network & the Ethereum Computer

Up 21
From 72 to 51 51st Profile Image Humaniq
#Fintech startup using #blockchain & #biometrics to connect 2b unbanked people and deliver charity through Humaniq Care platform

Up 19
From 56 to 37 37th Profile Image TenX Wallet
We make cryptocurrencies spendable anytime, anywhere, with the TenX Wallet app and TenX Card.

Up 19
From 75 to 56 56th Profile Image BitGo
Delivering trust in digital currency with the industry’s most complete offering of security, compliance, and custody. Founded by @mikebelshe.

Up 18
From 61 to 43 43rd Profile Image Xapo
Xapo is your safest way to send, receive, store and spend bitcoins and traditional currencies globally.

Up 18
From 46 to 28 28th Profile Image Digital Asset

Slip sliding away...

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Down 38
From 24 to 62 62nd Bitt Profile Image Bitt
Bitt is a Financial Technology company that utilizes blockchain and distributed ledger technology to facilitate secure peer-to-peer transactions.

Down 36
From 42 to 78 78th Profile Image
The first regulated blockchain in the world to be connected to a RTGS system to provide for settlement finality.

Down 35
From 28 to 63 63rd Tendermint Profile Image Tendermint
The most advanced implementation of BFT consensus algorithm & PoS cryptoeconomics in the blockchain industry. Is your blockchain powered by Tendermint?

Down 31
From 59 to 90 90th elliptic Profile Image elliptic
Elliptic enables financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses to manage risk on the blockchain. We are the global standard in AML crypto compliance.

Down 28
From 47 to 75 75th Livecoin Profile Image Livecoin is a modern stock exchange

Down 26
From 18 to 44 44th Tether Profile Image Tether
Bringing real world currency to the blockchain.

Down 20
From 60 to 80 80th BitFlyer Profile Image BitFlyer
「ビットコインは、ビットフライヤー」 bitFlyerは国内最大の仮想通貨・ブロックチェーン企業です。 「bitFlyer」

Down 19
From 16 to 35 35th Bittrex Profile Image Bittrex
Bittrex is a global leader in the blockchain revolution. Follow us for all Bittrex product & service announcements. US: @BittrexUS International: @BittrexIntl

Down 16
From 13 to 29 29th BitFury Profile Image BitFury
The Bitfury Group is the leading full-service blockchain technology company. Our products: @ExonumPlatform @CrystalPlatform @BitfurySurround @Lightning_Peach

Down 16
From 17 to 33 33rd Profile Image
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