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From 50 to 44 44th Profile Image Andrew Montlake
A Founder Director & The Spokesman @Coreco Monty's Blog: Mortgages, Economics, Property. Awards: Mortgage Personality, Strategist, Press Spokesperson, Marketeer

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From 67 to 63 63rd Profile Image Demberel Sambuu
Economist by profession,politician by circumstances.RT are not endorsements.

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From 32 to 29 29th Profile Image Dean Baker
I am an economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. I also run the blog Beat the Press (@beat_the_press)

Up 3
From 88 to 85 85th Profile Image John Kay
John Kay is one of Britain’s foremost economists. He is a journalist for the Financial Times, a successful author, an academic and a businessman.

Up 3
From 56 to 53 53rd Profile Image Dennis A V Dittrich
Professor of Economics at Touro College Berlin; research in Behavioral & Social Sciences, Experimental & #BehavioralEconomics, Applied Quantitative Methods.

Up 3
From 55 to 52 52nd Profile Image Ronan Lyons
Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin. Likes urban, housing & historical economics, beer. Dislikes policy-based evidence-making, mushrooms.

Up 3
From 51 to 48 48th Profile Image Austin Frakt
Health Economist with Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Boston Univ., and Harvard Univ. • Contributor to @nytimes

Up 2
From 38 to 36 36th Profile Image Nouriel Roubini
Professor at Stern School, NYU, Chairman of Roubini Macro Associates, blog at Author of Crisis Economics

Up 2
From 62 to 60 60th Profile Image Thomas O'Grady, PhD
Economist, Businessman, Advisor/Author/Speaker/Coach. Helping people breakthrough plateaus for personal and businesses growth, and brand.

Up 2
From 35 to 33 33rd Profile Image Duncan Duncanweldon
Head of Research, Resolution Group. Economics, finance, history, bit of politics, other stuff. Usual disclaimers apply.

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Rank chg Economist

Down 4
From 70 to 74 74th Alan B. Krueger Profile Image Alan B. Krueger
Econ Prof at Princeton, Former Chair of Pres. Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, Founder of Music Industry Research Assoc

Down 3
From 34 to 37 37th Ajit Ranade Profile Image Ajit Ranade
Economist. Tweets are personal views. RT ≠ endorsement. Lured into Tw. Now trapped. Can't find exit.

Down 3
From 61 to 64 64th Ben Bernanke Profile Image Ben Bernanke
Author of The Courage to Act, now available in paperback: Former Fed Chair; Distinguished Fellow in Residence, @BrookingsInst.

Down 3
From 64 to 67 67th Gillian Findlay Profile Image Gillian Findlay
Economist, data analyst, communicator, wordsmith and fascinated by the world around us. @cambial

Down 3
From 48 to 51 51st Jane Sarasohn-Kahn Profile Image Jane Sarasohn-Kahn
Health economist, advisor, communicator, and trend weaver. Find me at and

Down 2
From 54 to 56 56th John Van Reenen Profile Image John Van Reenen
Professor in MIT Economics & Sloan. Winner of Jansson Prize for Best European Economist under 45. Fellow of British Academy & Econometric Soc

Down 2
From 59 to 61 61st Megan Greene Profile Image Megan Greene
Chief economist at Manulife and John Hancock Asset Management, Senior Fellow with @gmfus and Sunday Business Post columnist. RT≠endorsement; opinions all mine.

Down 2
From 53 to 55 55th Dr. John   Rutledge Profile Image Dr. John Rutledge
Dad, Husband, Economist, Investor, Professor

Down 2
From 45 to 47 47th Jacques   Sapir Profile Image Jacques Sapir
Economiste, spécialiste de la #Russie et des questions monétaires #Euro | @EHESS_fr et @FondationMSH

Down 2
From 52 to 54 54th Robert J Shiller Profile Image Robert J Shiller
Economist at Yale University. Irrationally Exuberant.
3:17pm - 14th Nov 2017
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