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From 90 to 76 76th Profile Image Olivier Blanchard

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From 79 to 71 71st Profile Image Rob Gill
Economist. Trader. Entrepreneur. Investor. Financial Adviser. Fintech & Blockchain Enthusiast. Husband, Father & Arsenal Fan.

Up 5
From 62 to 57 57th Profile Image Mohamed El Dahshan
Development economist and writer. I get held at gunpoint by police/army/militias a lot. Multiple affiliations,

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From 20 to 15 15th Profile Image Pippa Malmgren
Founder DRPM Group and H Robotics, Presidential Advisor, best-selling author, trendspotter, economist, public speaker & NED. @DrPippaM on Intragram, Twitter and facebook

Up 4
From 42 to 38 38th Profile Image Joseph E. Stiglitz
The official account of Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel laureate economist based at Columbia University.

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From 54 to 50 50th Profile Image Thomas Piketty
Compte officiel de Thomas Piketty, chroniqueur @lemondefr, directeur d’études @EHESS_fr et @PSEinfo. Co-directeur de (@WID_inequality).

Up 3
From 88 to 85 85th Profile Image Özlem Derici ŞEngül
Economist, Founder of Spinn Consulting and Training, University Lecturer and CEFIS Head of Research

Up 3
From 23 to 20 20th Profile Image Yanis Varoufakis
Economics professor, quietly writing obscure academic texts for years, until thrust onto the public scene by Europe's inane handling of an inevitable crisis

Up 3
From 71 to 68 68th Profile Image Jim Stanford
Economist & Director, Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute. Also Dept. of Economics, McMaster U.; advisor to Unifor; author Economics for Everyone.

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From 76 to 73 73rd Profile Image Adan Moctezuma
Economist | Marketing de Contenidos | Social Media Manager & Digital Content en @Potenttial Group | Socio en @ICP_LA | Blogger en @NeuronaDigital1

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Down 17
From 70 to 87 87th Halil   BUHUR Profile Image Halil BUHUR
Official Twitter Account of Halil BUHUR & Economist & Yüksek Lisans İşletme & Long Term Investor & #Temettü Yatırımcısı & #Temel Analiz #Teknik Analiz & #Stocks

Down 4
From 51 to 55 55th Austin   Frakt Profile Image Austin Frakt
Health Economist with Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Boston Univ., and Harvard Univ. • Contributor to @nytimes

Down 4
From 57 to 61 61st Andrew Montlake Profile Image Andrew Montlake
A Founder Director & The Spokesman @Coreco Monty's Blog: Mortgages, Economics, Property. Awards: Mortgage Personality, Strategist, Press Spokesperson, Marketeer

Down 4
From 74 to 78 78th Harry S Dent Profile Image Harry S Dent
A rogue economist using demographics to accurately predict major economic trends and events. A best selling author and a regular guest on network news.

Down 3
From 15 to 18 18th Juan Ramón Rallo Profile Image Juan Ramón Rallo
Doctor en Economía, director del @juandemariana, profesor en @OMMAYAU y @IEuniversity. Escribo en @ElConfidencial y @larazon_es

Down 3
From 19 to 22 22nd Steve Keen Profile Image Steve Keen
We need a new economics. Help me build it at Professor Economics @KingstonUni, Debunking Economics, Minsky.

Down 3
From 31 to 34 34th Jeffrey D. Sachs Profile Image Jeffrey D. Sachs
Director of the @CSD_Columbia and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (@unsdsn)

Down 2
From 63 to 65 65th Abdullah El-Kuwaiz Profile Image Abdullah El-Kuwaiz
MA,MBA,Ph.D. Economist,diplomat,and banker عبدالله القويز

Down 2
From 10 to 12 12th David McWilliams Profile Image David McWilliams
Economist, broadcaster and author

Down 2
From 64 to 66 66th Brian Wesbury Profile Image Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist, First Trust Portfolios LP. The Antidote to Conventional Wisdom. Northwestern MBA. Trout tremble at the mention of my name.
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