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From 74 to 58 58th Profile Image Olivier Blanchard

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From 63 to 53 53rd Profile Image Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist, First Trust Portfolios LP. The Antidote to Conventional Wisdom. Northwestern MBA. Trout tremble at the mention of my name.

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From 39 to 31 31st Profile Image Bibek Debroy
भारतस्य नीत्यायोगस्य सदस्य:| परन्तु twitter मध्ये लिपय: वैयक्तिका:। Member, NITI Aayog. Tweets personal. Economist, author; Sanskrit /Indology interests.

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From 40 to 35 35th Profile Image Thomas Piketty
Compte officiel de Thomas Piketty, chroniqueur @lemondefr, directeur d’études @EHESS_fr et @PSEinfo. Co-directeur de (@WID_inequality).

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From 50 to 47 47th Profile Image Dr. John Rutledge
Dad, Husband, Economist, Investor, Professor

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From 24 to 22 22nd Profile Image Prof. Steve Hanke
Applied Economist @JohnsHopkins | Senior Fellow & Director of the #TroubledCurrencies Project @CatoInstitute | FX & Commodities Trader | Reagan White House Alum

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From 82 to 80 80th Profile Image Marc Faber Blog
Marc Faber is an investor and economist known for his spot-on assessment of the world economy. He also manages his own investment company, Marc Faber Limited.

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From 22 to 20 20th Profile Image Dean Baker
I am an economist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. I also run the blog Beat the Press (@beat_the_press)

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From 91 to 89 89th Profile Image Dr. Holger Schmieding
Berenberg economics team views - Holger Schmieding (Chief Economist) - Disclaimer:

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From 48 to 46 46th Profile Image Sanju Verma
Economist,MBA Finance,Ranked in Asiamoney,ex JP Morgan&HDFCSec, Entrepreneur,Columnist,Chief Spokesperson&Co-Convener,Intellectual Cell,BJPMumbai;Views,personal

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Daniel Lacalle Profile Image Daniel Lacalle
PhD #Economist, #Author. Global #Economy. #Professor @IEbusiness @IEB_Spain @UNED. #Advisory @frdelpino. Married, 3 Children.
Mohamed A. El-Erian Profile Image Mohamed A. El-Erian
Chief Economic Adviser, Allianz. Author of NYT bestsellers "When Markets Collide" and “The Only Game in Town.”

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From 59 to 69 69th Adan   Moctezuma Profile Image Adan Moctezuma
Economist, Blogger, Journalist. #Economy #Philosophy #BigData #SocialMedia #Jazz #Sabina. Live and Let Die.

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From 43 to 52 52nd Dr Ben-Ari (Emanuel) Profile Image Dr Ben-Ari (Emanuel)
Proud Jew,Economist(Ph.D) CompanyDirector. Top 100 Economists @Richtopia Offered a Verified account but declined. Do not debate about

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From 85 to 94 94th Sylvia Ann   Hewlett Profile Image Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Economist, author & founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation @TalentInnovate: 75+ global companies committed to realizing diverse talent streams

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From 33 to 40 40th Ricardo   Hausmann Profile Image Ricardo Hausmann
I am Venezuelan. I teach economic development at Harvard's Kennedy School. I direct the Center for International Development at Harvard University.

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From 52 to 57 57th Austin   Frakt Profile Image Austin Frakt
Health Economist with Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Boston Univ., and Harvard Univ. • Contributor to @nytimes

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From 77 to 81 81st Gerard Lyons Profile Image Gerard Lyons
Economist at Economic Advisor @policy_exchange & @p_f_g & @OMFIF Director Bank of China, Boards of @WarwickBSchool & @GRI_LSE @Grantham_IC

Down 4
From 21 to 25 25th Lawrence H. Summers Profile Image Lawrence H. Summers
Charles W. Eliot Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the NEC for President Obama.

Down 4
From 56 to 60 60th Ben Bernanke Profile Image Ben Bernanke
Author of The Courage to Act, available Oct 5., Former Chair @FederalReserve, Distinguished Fellow in Residence at @BrookingsInst.

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From 58 to 62 62nd Alan B. Krueger Profile Image Alan B. Krueger
Economics Professor at Princeton University, Former Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers

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From 69 to 73 73rd Alessandro Leipold Profile Image Alessandro Leipold
Chief Economist @LisbonCouncil, Brussels-based thinktank, Senior Fellow at @UniLUISS School of EU Political Economy, & ex IMF-er, now watching EU mainly from US
11:14am - 21st Feb 2017
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14th Feb - 21st Feb 2017
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