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Up 14
From 79 to 65 65th Profile Image Olivier Blanchard

Up 13
From 67 to 54 54th Profile Image Andrew Sentence
Business economist, now with PwC, formerly member of Bank of England MPC. Also a guitarist, organist and songwriter.

Up 8
From 44 to 36 36th Profile Image Ajit Ranade
Economist. Tweets are personal views. RT ≠ endorsement. Lured into Tw. Now trapped. Can't find exit.

Up 6
From 66 to 60 60th Profile Image Halil BUHUR
Official Twitter Account of Halil BUHUR & Founder & Ekonomist & MBA İşletme & Eğitimci & Investor & #Temel - #Teknik Analiz & #Stocks & #Buhur25®

Up 5
From 37 to 32 32nd Profile Image Richard H Thaler
Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics, @CDR_Booth, @ChicagoBooth @UChicago. Co-author of Nudge, author of Misbehaving, and won some prize in Sweden.

Up 5
From 77 to 72 72nd Profile Image Susan Athey

Up 5
From 93 to 88 88th Profile Image Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Economist, author, & founding CEO of the Center for Talent Innovation @TalentInnovate: 90+ global companies committed to realizing diverse talent streams.

Up 5
From 53 to 48 48th Profile Image Armine Yalnizyan
Economist. Commentary at @metromorning and @OnTheMoneyCBC

Up 4
From 38 to 34 34th Profile Image Bibek Debroy
Chairman-EAC-PM. Tweets personal. Economist, translation from Sanskrit (Penguin), columns (IE/FE), railway (BS), limericks (Mint). @EACtoPM handle of Council.

Up 4
From 55 to 51 51st Profile Image Dr. John Rutledge
Dad, Husband, Economist, Investor, Professor

New arrivals...

Rank Change Economist
Dany Bahar Profile Image Dany Bahar
Economist. Fellow @BrookingsInst, associate @HarvardCID. On economics & about nothing. Israeli+Venezuelan. Views personal.

Slip sliding away...

Rank chg Economist

Down 12
From 56 to 68 68th Raoul Pal Profile Image Raoul Pal
Founder/CEO - Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group, Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist, Economic Historian, Traveller and Rum Drinker..

Down 12
From 61 to 73 73rd Paul Romer Profile Image Paul Romer
Chief Economist, World Bank

Down 9
From 65 to 74 74th Mohamed El   Dahshan Profile Image Mohamed El Dahshan
Development economist, entrepreneur, writer. Managing Partner @OXCON. Grad @UniOfOxford @Harvard @SciencesPo. Nicer in real life. Visit

Down 8
From 83 to 91 91st Christian Odendahl Profile Image Christian Odendahl
Chief economist at the Centre for European Reform. Unrepentant anglophile, and still an empirical optimist. In German @OdendahlC.

Down 7
From 31 to 38 38th John Ashcroft Profile Image John Ashcroft
Economics Strategy and Social Media, experience worth sharing

Down 6
From 19 to 25 25th Lawrence H. Summers Profile Image Lawrence H. Summers
Charles W. Eliot Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the NEC for President Obama.

Down 6
From 70 to 76 76th Pierre Larrouturou Profile Image Pierre Larrouturou
"Toutes les grandes défaites se résument en 2 mots : trop tard." Pour signer l'Appel en faveur d'un Pacte Finance-Climat européen, pour vous engager avec nous..

Down 5
From 39 to 44 44th Stephen Moore Profile Image Stephen Moore
@Heritage Economist. @WSJ Economics Writer. @club4growth Founder. @FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor. Strategic partner @32Advisors.@cnn contributor

Down 5
From 88 to 93 93rd S Griffith-Jones Profile Image S Griffith-Jones
Economist specialising in financial crises, development finance and reform of the international financial system.Financial Markets Director at IPD, Columbia Uni

Down 5
From 58 to 63 63rd Megan Greene Profile Image Megan Greene
Chief economist at Manulife and John Hancock Asset Management, Senior Fellow with @gmfus and Sunday Business Post columnist. RT≠endorsement; opinions all mine.
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