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From 68 to 44 44th Profile Image Raoul Pal
Founder/CEO - Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Group, Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist, Economic Historian, Traveller and Rum Drinker..

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From 74 to 55 55th Profile Image Mohamed El Dahshan
Development economist, entrepreneur, writer. Managing Partner @OXCON. Grad @UniOfOxford @Harvard @SciencesPo. Nicer in real life. Visit

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From 71 to 56 56th Profile Image Ronan Lyons
Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin. Likes urban, housing & historical economics, beer. Dislikes policy-based evidence-making, mushrooms.

Up 11
From 43 to 32 32nd Profile Image Anders Aslund
Economist & author. Russia, Ukraine & Europe. Atlantic Council & Georgetown University. Latest book: "Europe's Growth Challenge"

Up 10
From 45 to 35 35th Profile Image Jane Sarasohn-Kahn
Health economist, advisor, communicator, and trend weaver. Find me at and

Up 9
From 37 to 28 28th Profile Image Chris Blattman
Political economist studying conflict, crime, and poverty, and @UChicago Professor @HarrisPolicy and @PearsonInst. I blog at

Up 7
From 52 to 45 45th Profile Image Christophe Barraud
Chief Economist & Strategist at Market Securities | PhD | Bloomberg Top Forecaster of the U.S. [2012-2017], Eurozone [2015-2017] and Chinese Economy [2017] | Forbes Contributor

Up 7
From 67 to 60 60th Profile Image Frederik Ducrozet
Market Economist, ECB Watcher - all opinions are mine and RT does not mean endorsement...

Up 7
From 55 to 48 48th Profile Image rupa subramanya
Economist. Pragmatic Libertarian. Tennis addict. Ideas not partisanship. Former columnist at WSJ, Globe and Mail and Foreign Policy. Co-author: Indianomix.

Up 6
From 36 to 30 30th Profile Image Ajit Ranade
Economist. Tweets are personal views. RT ≠ endorsement. Lured into Tw. Now trapped. Can't find exit.

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Down 19
From 73 to 92 92nd Paul Romer Profile Image Paul Romer
Chief Economist, World Bank

Down 17
From 61 to 78 78th Rob Gill Profile Image Rob Gill
Economist▪️Trader▪️Entrepreneur▪️Investor▪️Financial Adviser▪️Fintech & Blockchain Enthusiast▪️Volunteer▪️Pro EU▪️Husband, Father & Arsenal Fan

Down 14
From 38 to 52 52nd John Ashcroft Profile Image John Ashcroft
Economics Strategy and Social Media, experience worth sharing

Down 13
From 50 to 63 63rd Robert J Shiller Profile Image Robert J Shiller
Economist at Yale University. Irrationally Exuberant.

Down 8
From 25 to 33 33rd Lawrence H. Summers Profile Image Lawrence H. Summers
Charles W. Eliot Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the NEC for President Obama.

Down 8
From 85 to 93 93rd Edward Stringham Profile Image Edward Stringham
Davis Professor of Economic Organizations and Innovation at Trinity College, President of American Institute for Economic Research, and author of Private Governance from Oxford University Press.

Down 8
From 60 to 68 68th Halil   BUHUR Profile Image Halil BUHUR
Official Twitter Account of Halil BUHUR & Founder of & Ekonomist & MBA İşletme & Eğitimci & Investor & #Temel - #Teknik Analiz & #Buhur25®

Down 6
From 35 to 41 41st David Rothschild Profile Image David Rothschild
Economist (MSR-NYC) tweets reflect me only! Collects/analyzes: poll, market, social media/online data, to study: news, public opinion, adverts also @PredictWise

Down 6
From 32 to 38 38th Richard H Thaler Profile Image Richard H Thaler
Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics, @CDR_Booth, @ChicagoBooth @UChicago. Co-author of Nudge, author of Misbehaving, and won some prize in Sweden.

Down 6
From 18 to 24 24th Nouriel   Roubini Profile Image Nouriel Roubini
Professor at Stern School, NYU, Chairman of Roubini Macro Associates and Co-Founder of Rosa & Roubini (@RosaRoubini), Author of Crisis Economics
10:36pm - 11th Apr 2018
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