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Up 17
From 55 to 38 38th Profile Image Austin Frakt
Health Economist with Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Boston Univ., and Harvard Univ. • Contributor to @nytimes

Up 14
From 74 to 60 60th Profile Image Alan B. Krueger
Economics Professor at Princeton University, Former Chairman of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisers

Up 8
From 50 to 42 42nd Profile Image Christian Odendahl
Chief economist at the Centre for European Reform. Unrepentant anglophile, and still an empirical optimist. In German @OdendahlC.

Up 8
From 97 to 89 89th Profile Image Sylvia Ann Hewlett
Economist, author & founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation @TalentInnovate: 75+ global companies committed to realizing diverse talent streams

Up 7
From 95 to 88 88th Profile Image Özlem Derici ŞEngül

Up 6
From 34 to 28 28th Profile Image Mohamed El Dahshan
Development economist and writer. I get held at gunpoint by police/army/militias a lot. Multiple affiliations,

Up 5
From 27 to 22 22nd Profile Image Lawrence H. Summers
Charles W. Eliot Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard. Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the NEC for President Obama.

Up 5
From 59 to 54 54th Profile Image Megan Greene
Chief economist at Manulife and John Hancock Asset Management, Senior Fellow with @gmfus and Sunday Business Post columnist. RT≠endorsement; opinions mine.

Up 3
From 73 to 70 70th Profile Image Halil BUHUR
Official Twitter Account of Halil BUHUR & İktisatçı/Economist & Yüksek Lisans İşletme & Long Term Investor & #Temettü Yatırımcısı & #Temel Analiz #Teknik Analiz

Up 3
From 24 to 21 21st Profile Image Jeffrey D. Sachs
Director of the @CSD_Columbia and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (@unsdsn)

New arrivals...

Rank Change Economist
Dennis A V Dittrich Profile Image Dennis A V Dittrich
Professor of Economics at Touro College Berlin; research in Behavioral & Social Sciences, Experimental & #BehavioralEconomics, Applied Quantitative Methods.
Ronan Lyons Profile Image Ronan Lyons
Assistant Professor of Economics, Trinity College Dublin. Likes urban, housing & historical economics, beer. Dislikes policy-based evidence-making, mushrooms.

Slip sliding away...

Rank chg Economist

Down 8
From 53 to 61 61st Armine Yalnizyan Profile Image Armine Yalnizyan
Public economist. Commentary at @metromorning and @OnTheMoneyCBC.

Down 5
From 91 to 96 96th David Powell Profile Image David Powell
Chief Euro-Area Economist, Bloomberg Intelligence/Author of Trader's Guide to the Euro Area: Economic Indicators, the ECB and the Euro Crisis. Views are my own.

Down 5
From 63 to 68 68th Olivier Blanchard Profile Image Olivier Blanchard

Down 4
From 70 to 74 74th Demberel Sambuu Profile Image Demberel Sambuu
Economist by profession,politician by circumstances.RT are not endorsements.

Down 4
From 52 to 56 56th Ricardo   Hausmann Profile Image Ricardo Hausmann
I am Venezuelan. I teach economic development at Harvard's Kennedy School. I direct the Center for International Development at Harvard University.

Down 4
From 29 to 33 33rd Stephanie   Kelton Profile Image Stephanie Kelton
Speaker. Author. Prof. of Economics. University of Missouri, Kansas City. Was Chief Economist, U.S. Senate Budget Committee and Economic Advisor to Bernie 2016

Down 4
From 47 to 51 51st Raoul Pal Profile Image Raoul Pal
Founder - Global Macro Investor and Real Vision Television, Business Cycle Economist, Investment Strategist, Economic Historian, Traveller and Rum Drinker...

Down 4
From 44 to 48 48th Dr. John   Rutledge Profile Image Dr. John Rutledge
Dad, Husband, Economist, Investor, Professor

Down 4
From 71 to 75 75th Abdullah El-Kuwaiz Profile Image Abdullah El-Kuwaiz
MA,MBA,Ph.D. Economist,diplomat,and banker عبدالله القويز

Down 4
From 94 to 98 98th Merve Hande Akmehmet Profile Image Merve Hande Akmehmet
Economist. Global political economy analysis. Many multinationals, U.N., banks, finance and media. Views are my own. Her şey gider. İnsan kalır.
1:45pm - 28th Mar 2017
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