The Accounting Top 100

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The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard ranks accounting professionals based on their overall presence, influence, and engagement on social media platforms. Each user’s rank is determined by that user’s Kred Influence and Outreach scores in addition to a list of custom metrics, and all updated rankings are displayed in new leaderboards generated every two weeks.

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Avalara’s Accounting Top 100 leaderboard (the “Leaderboard”) is assembled using a list of accounting professional users that’s curated by manual entry as well as by Rise.Global's internal Twitter search functionality. We reserve the right to change scoring metrics used for ranking and to exclude anyone from the list, in our sole discretion. The Leaderboard is not an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any of the accounting professionals on the Leaderboard, and we do not make any representation or guarantee of their ability or reliability. Assessments by different methods or based on different information may yield different results. The Leaderboard is only a starting point to gather information about accounting professionals, and you should not rely on it to decide whether to hire an accounting professional.

For feedback and/or questions please contact .

Joining us

Where do you stand? Sign up with your Twitter account to find out. Once you are added, your scores will be tracked and you'll find out where you stand at the release of each new leaderboard.

NOTE: Your Twitter account must reflect that you are a practicing accountant, bookkeeper, and/or an industry thought leader primarily focused on supporting and educating the accounting community.

Company Twitter accounts will not be approved. A company account is defined as an account that does not include any representation of an individual in the account’s handle, username, or profile picture.

Accounts that meet these criteria but are deemed to have offensive or inappropriate material will not be approved.

If your account is approved for inclusion on the leaderboard, you will be notified via Twitter within one week.

About the power score

Rise.Global uses Kred Influence and Outreach scores to rank influencers. Kred scores reflect influence, trust, and generosity as they relate to social media platforms.

A user’s rank is determined by way of an algorithm that takes into account the user’s Kred scores as well as a list of custom metrics based on the user’s Twitter activity. These two metrics combine to form the user’s “Power Score.”

To see how the algorithm works, check out the Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard algorithm breakdown.